Edward Mendez - more pictures!

With the season of fasting and abstinence all behind us now, let’s feast on one of the most viewed hunks here in MGG! Here are more pictures of Edward Mendez!




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21 Responses to “Edward Mendez - more pictures!”

  1. josh Says:

    Happy Easter to all! gud thing this monday s a holiday. :) go ahead cowboy make my day!

  2. nell Says:

    Kelan kaya ulit ako makakakilala ng ganyan? hehe. Haay.

  3. baklang AJ Says:

    Oh wow! VEry nice Easter “eggs” youve got here, Migs! lol.

  4. neon Says:

    happy easter migz and to all! edward, pwede ba tayo mag brokeback?

  5. sushi77 Says:

    to you migs and all the readers of MGG, HAPPY EASTER!

    hay eddie, you’re both my mcdreamy and mcsteamy rolled into one! bumalik ka na nga dito sa pinas! :D

  6. john_aspen Says:

    Like the guy on the third pic isn’t the same person in the first two pics.


  7. drew Says:

    how can i get deltoids like his? yummy!!!

  8. L.A Says:

    Wow! Super Buff is Edward graba uber yummy!!!

  9. rude boy Says:

    the guy in the first two pics doesn’t look like edward mendez at all. his nose looks somewhat different from the guy in the 3rd pic (who is undoubtably edward mendez). the guy in the first two pics also has a cleft chin whereas edward mendez in the 3rd pic doesn’t.

    am just not certain the guy in the first 2 pics is, in fact, edward mendez. he’s not as good-looking.

  10. peterpic Says:

    pak shet sarap!!!

  11. myk2ts Says:

    third pic isn’t eddie

  12. nick Says:

    It’s all him. He just got fat in the first 2.

  13. darkzx Says:

    tumaba na xa dun sa unang pics.. wala na masyadong pandesal…

  14. chon mendez Says:

    hah!!! s n edward mendez?, i cnt beliv ds,r we ralated 2 each other,,promise mendez dn ako,,,im so proud of u..

  15. chon mendez Says:

    go!!!!itaas mo ang bandila ng mga Mendez!!!ur so cool Edward….

  16. za Says:

    hay.. they’re all eddie. the first two were taken when he 1st came into the world of modelling so he hasnt worked much on his body yet and was still pretty young. 19 i think. and the last picture was when he was i think in his 22 or something. he just matured thats all. but they’re all eddie!

  17. jel Says:


  18. fattyacid Says:

    weeee yummy…

  19. mingjun Says:

    hi i am chinese my mother phlippino father chinese so I will back to ph . and i am your fans ~ haha

  20. Calvin Says:

    i really like the third picture very, VERY much! :D gwapo eh… :)

  21. gelly Says:

    who is this cute guy…..
    where did he came from……?

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