Derek Ramsey’s Unguarded Moments


Have you seen pictures of yourself during unguarded moments? Those moments when you didn’t know someone was watching and immortalizing your moves in pictures… If you have, I bet, you noticed something a little different in those pics than in those where you actually posed. Perhaps those things you notice are the ones other people actually see but you are not aware of. Go ahead and rummage your albums — look for pictures that immortalize your unguarded moments, it will be fun discovering yourself in a different way! Meanwhile, here are photos of Derek Ramsey’s unguarded moments. Hunk pa din! Hehehe!






img_5454.jpg Ramsey's Unguarded Moments  digg:Derek Ramsey's Unguarded Moments  spurl:Derek Ramsey's Unguarded Moments  newsvine:Derek Ramsey's Unguarded Moments  furl:Derek Ramsey's Unguarded Moments  reddit:Derek Ramsey's Unguarded Moments  fark:Derek Ramsey's Unguarded Moments  Y!:Derek Ramsey's Unguarded Moments


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19 Responses to “Derek Ramsey’s Unguarded Moments”

  1. Daizuke Says:

    Hmm.. he looks cuter in stolen shots! :-)

  2. Q Says:

    O_O was he gonna unzip in the last pic? hahaha. Ang hot/cute niya. :D

  3. Tita Glo Says:

    bungisngis pala

  4. josh Says:

    I’m updating myself with heroes episode in Youtube and the son of the indian professor reminds me so much of derek ramsey, sayang bitin ang mga shots nya sa male confession..tsk!

  5. my yellow shirt shredded Says:

    talking about heroes, what about greg grunberg?

  6. phillippe Says:

    ay, parang ma-kiyawthi lang…

  7. unknown Says:


  8. eric Says:

    hey migs!!!
    ever heard of fredrick lundberg? the guy from calvin klein ads? please feature him!!!everytime i pass by calvin klein shops i would turn my head towards his poster…ang sarap sarap nya!!!!!

  9. londoner Says:

    I have actually met Fredrick in Selfridges when he promoted calvin Klein collections. He’s HOT!

  10. john Says:

    l, i hope u can help me i wish i can be an actor someday pls email me and im willing to train tnx po

  11. Kris Aquino Says:

    punyeta..ang aarte ng mga comments..chu!

  12. eric Says:

    i sit true that fredrick lundberg is gay? diba me balitang gay un? at diba nagka aids scare sya?

  13. Kris Aquino Says:

    punyeta talaga! pa sosyal effect when in reality ang mga bobo nila! syet!

  14. aeriol Says:

    hes os cute ever since crush ko na sya h nanananana nakakainlove sya

  15. rej Says:

    unguarded? i’d rather … undressed. or is that too risque for this site…? mwah.

  16. margs Says:

    i think i saw him at a frisbee tournament in alabang. he plays, right? if that was him, he’s real sexy in person. i never thought i’d say that about frisbee playing… ;D

  17. krRistine Says:

    …hmmm, kahit anoNg angolo ng picture his really handsome talaga….hmmmm crush ko siya as in…hahay..hoping that i will meet you in person….

  18. lanz Says:

    unguarded moments…

    another nickname for “STOLEN SHOTS OF blablabla-person”

    hay naku…friend ko kaya RSS…

    Reyna ng


  19. bhuds Says:

    so hot and sexy soooobra!!..wafo pa!

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