Migs is Officially In Love

Today we took a walk — up the street, and picked a flower and climbed the hill — above the lake. And secret thoughts, were said aloud. We watched the faces in the clouds, til the clouds had blown away –and were we ever some where else you know — it’s hard to say.

And I never saw blue like that before. Across the sky, around the world. You’re giving me all you have and more. And no one else has ever shown me how — to see the world the way I see it now, oh why, I never saw blue like that.

I can’t believe — a month ago, I was alone — I didn’t know you, I hadn’t seen, or heard your name. And even now, I’m so amazed it’s like a dream. it’s like a rainbow, it’s like the rain. And some things are the way they are and words just can’t explain.

And I never saw blue like that before — across the sky, around the world. You’re giving me all you have and more. And no one else has ever shown me how — to see the world the way I see it now, oh why, I never saw blue like that before.

And it feels like now, and it feels always, and it feels like coming home.

I never saw blue like that before. Across the sky, around the world

You’re giving me all you have and more. And no one else has ever shown me how — to see the world the way I see it now, oh why, I never saw blue like that before

Oh why — I never saw blue like that.

(Text: Never Saw Blue Like That, song by Shawn Colvin)

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Believe me dear readers, it took a humongous amount of courage to admit this. Yes, the overly cerebral Migs has just admitted in his blog that he’s transformed into 101% mush. No brains, just a throbbing reddish heart, with glitters all around. Yes love is that powerful. And while I think I will really look stupid later when all these is done, that’s okay with me. I am a normal human being. I fall. So watch me. Hear the thud. But before that, please, wish me well. And so I let go. Yes, go kung go. Move forward with all gusto. Soar kung soar. Wish me luck, guys!

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56 Responses to “Migs is Officially In Love”

  1. eponine Says:

    That’s great! But instead falling, shouldn’t love bring you to greater heights? At sino yan? Hehe

  2. tnoi Says:

    are u in love with the basketball player?

  3. daemoneyes Says:

    good on you migs… =)

    about time…

    * sigh *

    love… tis such a wonderfull thing… =)

  4. Little Fish Says:

    You can fly!
    Fly high!
    If you are falling…
    Then, fall.

    But, with great momentum!
    You are Migz…
    Be happy and gay!

  5. wrestler Says:

    wishing you the BEST! God bless! :-)

  6. rico Says:

    wow! nice to hear you’re in love!

    we are all happy for you! cheers! :D

  7. titit Says:


  8. blue_harajuku Says:

    wish you well??? migs, di mo na ko hinintay!!! huhuhuhuuuuu



  9. zev7n Says:

    congrats migs… hayley westenra version is better

  10. jimg29 Says:

    Don’t sweat GLITTERS and don’t be BLUE becoz BRYANBOY shows the world how the way they are’ TOO!

  11. anton maton Says:

    sigurado ka?!

    ever the doubtful & skeptic,

    anton maton

  12. girard Says:

    sigh. :-) i’m happy for you dear.

  13. pepron Says:

    I wish you well!

  14. raymund gerard Says:

    hahaha. if you we were will and grace, and I was grace, then im gonna have to do the “i told you so ” dance grace loves to do whenever she’s proven right and will’s wrong on many things.

    but this early, dont think of it as falling in love. dont think of thuds. dont put yourself in that self-deprecating mode.

    i agree with the guy who said that love really is about reaching new heights. stay up there my dear sister!

  15. dowell Says:

    all the best migs!

    anton maton, all the best to you too!

  16. eric Says:

    why do you always blog about your lovelife?
    as if your love life is interesting. only people who are close to you finds it cute but really, its disgusting. dont you have other things to write about?

  17. jimg29 Says:

    eric don’t be so mean, you’re too harsh, actually this is my most favorite blog of migs’ because of the music podcast. I luv’
    luv’ the song. I “Never Saw Blue LIke That” before, I must have played it 100 times, shed tears to my eyes!

  18. Doro Says:

    spill the beans migs. let us learn and get inspiration from the good things that are happening between you and your love

  19. chuchucaracas Says:

    hay nako… walang pagibig.

  20. Joshua Says:

    Hey, I love the song because it reminds me of Dawson’s Creek, way back when I am still deeply glued with that TV series. Hehe, TV geek.

    What else can I say but to Wish you all the best, Migs. :)

  21. yuriki-kun Says:

    you deserve this anyway.
    so so happy for you!

    your turning all mushy and shit.
    but it’s all good…

  22. Rye Says:


  23. Baklang AJ Says:

    Congrats naman! I’m happy for you. They may be right when they said that if you blog it, HE will come. Sana ako rin. Wehehehe

  24. yoruosu12 Says:

    OMFG! That’s a great news!!!

    Am so happy for you Migs! Wishing you all the best….from here in DR. Take the rocky road to the love journey, it’s well worth it.

  25. fioux Says:

    Awww that is nice, di mo na kelangan ng Olay Total Effects, dahil you would naturally blooming with your status.

  26. alfonso Says:

    disperada na yata. one date lang, in love na. ang babaw mo pala.

  27. empress maruja Says:

    Mare, dalaga ka na! APIR!

  28. george Says:

    eric, engot mo! ano ba problema mo? :)

    migs, am not really defending you (at nagpapalakas hehehe) — am defending people’s right to be in love and say to all the world that cares to listen…para kang lumulutang sa sinulat mo migs hehehe

    enjoy the flight, migs, and be with the clouds of love :)

  29. Leo Says:

    For all it’s worth - seize the moment.

  30. Isaribi Says:

    Like they said… its not like everyday that we fall for someone.

    Loving someone is an opportunity for us to show the same love that God has given us. :) I Wish you well Migs…

  31. Fernando IX Says:

    Migs, it might be simply an infatuation. It might be after you sweat it out on bed that’s all gone and you realize it’s the thing most common in all gay men — l.u.s.t.

    Savor the moment coz sometimes it is fleeting like the blue skies that could turn into stormy skies.

    Still wishing you the best of luck, love and lust sistah.

  32. Isaribi Says:


    Tongeks ka! Read first before you complain. I suggest to read the previous posts prior to this post. I mean all of them if you don’t mind.

  33. lee Says:

    Kinikilig ako!!!

    Imagine me in my office, just trying to start my day right, checking out migs’ blog before I go serious on my work. TApos as in literal I was shivering with much happiness as in kilig when I read this post. haaaaay, how I wish I can feel the same way… soooo much in love…

    To you migs, I wish you all the best… all the happiness and mushiness you oh so deserve.

  34. margaux Says:

    omg. that’s so sweet :) i need details though!!!! man it hasn’t been THAT long since we lost talked for all this to happen! lol

  35. margaux Says:

    er, last not lost. sowwie

  36. lee Says:

    Shocks! Hindi ako makapagtrabaho, kinikilig parin ako!

    I’m so happy for you migs, eto para sayo:

    Migs’ Hearbeat

    You’ve search so long, for Mr. Right,
    You’ve travelled long, for a love at sight,
    Falling here and there for the wrong ones,
    You’ve seen all the stars and the setting of the suns,

    But somehow along the way, cupid’s bow stikes,
    To the unexpecting one and to the one he likes,
    And suddenly all things become beautiful,
    All things on earth becomes heavenly wonderful,

    Suddenly I feel your hearbeat from afar,
    Finally, you’ve left your heart’s door ajar,
    Bask in this feeling, of love and happiness,
    Let go and embrace this moment of amorous oneness.

    For you migs, we wish you well,
    Your friends in MGG, trying to foretell,
    Basta whatever happens, we are here for you,
    With love and support, we’d wish you’d have all too.

    Best regards,

    Your MGG friends…. :)

  37. gay blogger in the closet Says:

    hmpf! i’m sure this does not bode well for us regular readers. either migs will be so in love that he will not be able to post for days at a time, or he’ll be posting about “bibitin ko na naman kayo” 1, 2, 3…

    but don’t mind me. inggit lang ako!!! =)

  38. Gripen Says:

    nyeh! ano ba ito? “national having a boyfriend week” para hindi malamig ang pasko?

    I just had a new boyfriend also…hahaha

    taena naman, kung kelan pa ako nag give up saka naman may sumulpot haha

  39. akoito Says:

    Hi Migs. Congrats.

    Here the chorus of a song that suits you now:

    “Fly with me to the sky,
    let us fly
    Open up your wings
    And we shall go up high!
    Just believe that you and I
    Will fly together if we are one
    We can fly beyond the sky.”

    Di ba feeling mo kayong dalawa lang ang lumilipad sa kaligayahan.

    Wish you all the best.

  40. poli Says:

    di talga nabibili ang kilig, enjoy it till it lasts! hehe

  41. mark erik Says:

    pagbigyan n natn c kuya migs! We ol nid a break, dnt we? Seize the moment, kuya!

  42. Raymond Says:

    Continue to believe in love, despite all the naysayers. Good luck, Migs!

  43. Jef Says:

    I dig you blog site, Migs! U rock!! Who’s the lucky guy?! Love each other like you have never loved before! With admiration, Jef XO

  44. jays Says:

    huli man daw…huli pa rin. enuwey, late man ito: i really am happy for you migs…sana everyone in love tulad mo para the wrold lives in peace! (sigh)

  45. marvz Says:

    hayyy pag in love k nga ung mali lhat tama.

    i love dis song migs…i have a compilation cd of this(dawson creek volume 2)

  46. rodier Says:

    basta basketbolista walang mintis ang buslo. Hay! ang swerte mo naman. Im so happy for you!

  47. closet case Says:

    i am so happy for you, my dear friend… truly…

  48. shikamaru914 Says:

    Congrats Migs ako din in love ngaun eh….halos sabay tayo ha….

  49. Clark Can't Says:

    Wishing you well, Miggs.
    Am happy for u.

  50. Migs Says:

    Thanks for all the support and well wishes, dear friends here in MGG! May your kindness come back to you a millionfold!

  51. cast Says:

    my congratulations Migs…. just enjoy the moments with your special one…. haay… sarap ma-inlove

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  53. jazzie Says:

    wow naman migs….
    akalain mo sabay pa ata taung nag fall in love…. :)
    best wishes for both of us…

    may god shower you and your partner with blessings… whoever HE is… sana forever happy kayo… :)

    and sana…. mag reflect ang pagiging in-love mo dito sa blog site moh…

    i mean more GUYS to CUM!!!!


  54. "It went too fast, my friend." | manila gay guy Says:

    […] were talking about how drastic the change was in my so-called lovelife. The week before I was all ecstatic and rainbow. Yesterday I was muted and almost gloomy. Being a very good friend, she was trying to be very […]

  55. rex Says:

    how is it true that man who was born in oct.1-13is absolutely gay?

  56. chester Says:

    its also my song to my “the one!” hehehe…

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