Are You Top, Bottom, or Versa?

“Top, Bottom, Versa?” — every gay guy who has ever hooked up with a fellow gay guy knows this line by heart. For the uninitiated, top means the penetrator (in an@l sex), bottom means the penetrated, and versa means either (thus versatile), depending on the person’s partner or mood.

You can think of these terms as labels that, at a certain perspective, can be helpful. Some people think labeling is evil (exag!) but I do think it can be helpful too. If for instance you are indeed hooking up with a fellow gay guy, how can it be easier to find out if you two are compatible in bed? In just three words you can sum up, somehow, the role you prefer to play in the next possibly exciting moments to come: top, bottom, versa?

Of course not all hook ups end up in one’s top-ping or bottom-ing. Sometimes it can be just mutual JO, or oral, etc. (Wow this post is getting to be really for mature audience ha!) Sometimes, the “top, bottom, versa” concept gets unnecessarily extended here too (not that I agree with it). Some people associate being top as the dominant one, the “Laila Dee” kind of guy (he’ll just lie there and enjoy getting sucked); being bottom as the giving, more feminine one, the one who enjoys singing with a meaty microphone. I don’t really subscribe to these stereotypes/caricatures but for some people these labels and concepts work, and it makes their hooking up conversations more efficient. As long as people acknowledge that such labels can change (I believe our preferences can be dynamic), then all is well and good.

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For some exciting exchange, let’s see how MGG readers fare — nothing official, just a fun survey. Do answer honestly so we can get a glimpse of the group’s preference:

What's your preference?

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36 Responses to “Are You Top, Bottom, or Versa?”

  1. eric Says:

    i met this guy in puerto galera..
    hes from singapore..
    he shared this trivia to me…hope it will be followed here in the philippines.
    in singapore, if youre in a sauna (i.e. hadahan) and if your top you put your towel around your waist. if your bottom you carry your towel together with an array of (carry at array daw oh!!)condoms, lube etc…

    if youre in a bar there is a hand signal…
    if your were asked and you want to say your top just stick 1 finger up (not fuck you ha!!!)
    if you bottom do the peace sign. o divah!!! informative!!!

  2. jholou Says:

    ai teka lang ha at sa 229 visiotrs ni isang salita wala….hmmmmmmmmmmmm…

    hahhahahahhah,.,.,.,., dinadagadagadagadaga ba kayo?!?!?!hahahhahahahah

    o sya bottom ako

  3. chad Says:

    Top here. Parating top. I don’t even give oral. Sabi nga ng mga naging partners ko medyo selfish ako kaso di ko talaga gusto/di ko pa kaya.

  4. L.A Says:

    Bottom! 4 Life! :)

  5. drew Says:

    100% bottom

  6. Misterhubs Says:

    None of the above.

  7. josh Says:

    no experience yet. may mga coach ba dyan? ;P

  8. bleiz Says:

    versa but i prefer top.. i don’t do oral as well.. not now!

  9. peak fantasy Says:

    i’m top but don’t penetrate, just allowing friction, lengua y lengua, sword over sword….never been a bottom….

  10. ciao Says:

    actually am neither both. am more into oral sex, tho i have experienced before na nagdare ako magpabottom and the experience was quite uncomfortable buti na lang very gentle yung partner ko in penetrating my anus. he told me na half lang daw ang napasok but he cum inside of me. sa susunod daw eh talagang ipapasok niya na talaga. ang problema nga lang talagang masakit. is there anyway to lessen to the pain? sorry for the word, but parang ma-eebak talaga while he was inserting his dick. normal ba ang ganoon?

  11. eric Says:

    sa mga bottom jan:
    hindi ba masakit? (yeah i know i sound sooo cliche) but i cannot imagine enjoying gaysex if i am a bottom ( which means i’m top)
    then again kung walang mga nag eenjoy as bottom hindi rin ako mag eenjoy as top o divah!!!!

  12. Jhed Says:

    Versa with preference to be bottom.

    @Eric: It is painful at first, pero magiging tolerable and pleasurable din sa huli. Haha!

  13. anton maton Says:

    i dont do sex … im a querida therefore i shop - for shoes, clothes, bags, isama na ang condo at carumba but never sex!

    haba yata ng buhok ko!

    ps. hindi ako frigid. nandidiri lang talaga ako sa amoy ng puwet na may … pardon the word … ‘ebak’. i cant imagine my dick napapahiran ng ‘ebak’ kahit pa may condom! TURN-OFF kaya!

  14. effie Says:

    giver :)

  15. fried_ika Says:

    the last two choices have a.k.a.’s

    So you’re a versa…
    Are you a versatop or a versabot?


  16. hustlingmind Says:

    I’m top. Para namang OA kung married ako eh bottom. hehehe.

  17. Celebrity Endorser Says:

    Fucking feels good, but being bottom is also pleasurable esp if ur partner knows how to do it right. Well, of course there are routines and procedures para malinis ng husto ang inyong behind; and veterans know how to do that perfectly. And as I have said. “kapag may partner ka na, dapat PH Care”.

  18. David Says:

    i’m versatile.. but i’ve only bottomed so far.. so i wouldn’t know which i’d really prefer.. pero feeling ko di naman magiging ganung kalaki yung difference.. para sa akin moderation is best.. XDDD

    versatop at versabot.. ok yun ah.. (n_n)

  19. mickey Says:

    versa with preference to top.
    however, I prefer oral, pinaka gusto kong position 69, lalo na pag L na L kayong dalawa.

  20. sushi77 Says:

    100% bottom! :D

  21. antonsg Says:

    versa. leaning… depende sa mood and/or personality ng partner. pag passive sya, well top na ako. pag aggressive sya, wish ko lang versatile sya. heheh… nothing’s sexier than an agressive versatile guy. imagine the combinations!

  22. cuterecruiter Says:

    100% top…pero wish ng bf na magpabottom din ako

  23. Baklang AJ Says:

    uhm… uhm… uhm… Versatop? Bottom by request? hahahahaha

  24. ian Says:

    i don’t really know yet… hehehe.

  25. vinvin Says:

    versabottom! hahaha!

  26. leo Says:

    bottom… but i won’t mind being a top if my partner insists on being the bottom…

  27. robbie Says:

    im versatile, pero more into top..

  28. Q Says:

    hehe bottom (pero never been penetrated). I just like giving head. natuturnoff nga ako if my partner sucks me (weird).

  29. josh-denver Says:

    looks like a lot of my kababayans in the island are still “uninformed” about anal sex. First hygiene and cleanliness are #1. Douching is vital prior to penetration. Once cleaned, the ass provides a pleasurable experience to the top guy. Properly douched-ass is cleaner than a vagina. Penetration if done slowly and w/ proper lubrication in the initial stage can be extremely pleasurable. The ass slowly adjusts to the cock size. But when it finally adjusts to it, the top guy can start rocking the bottom’s world. And everything feels like heaven. Good luck!!!

  30. kinkon Says:

    share nyo naman guys your best practices.

  31. jazzie Says:

    ako versa pero mas preferred ko maging bottom… naging top ako just once or twice…

  32. elfisthunter Says:

    i have really handsome arab guys which i had relation with and ull be surprise how far their knowledge are in terms of this topic…their great in both top or bottom i enjoy’em too…miss those guys no pretentions if they like u, they will come forward and tell you and better, will really took time to court you. here our brothers are still u know like in grade 1.

  33. jay Says:

    amen for the versabottom!

    really, being bottom does not equate to being feminine/effeminate

    and being a top does not mean you’re a bisexual already…


  34. harley Says:

    versatile…i enjoy being bottom as much as being top!

    cleaning is really a must! it would be alot pleasurable since both wont have any hesitations on whatever on their minds…got it? grrrrr….

  35. xyz Says:

    i’m versa..

    personally, i don’t understand the point people are trying to prove by being a top or a bottom.. several guys i’ve had sex with say they’re top, and by the time we get at it, they ask me to fuck them..
    what the hell?!

  36. andrace Says:

    versatile here…

    well it really depends on your partner, but hey some guys really likes to pretend that theyre top, yeah right! but just as i am they wanna get fucked…lately ive been a top, and my boyfriend’s enjoying the way i am fucking his brains out hehe

    u dont have to pretend that ur a top or bot. doesnt matter really, as long as you and your partner are having fun…


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