Shirtless Atom Araullo


When Beauty and Brains Atom Araullo was featured in this blog, some readers said it was an open secret in U.P. (where he graduated) that Atom is gay. Well, seems everyone in showbiz has been rumored gay so that is not so surprising. I remember one American visitor I met some years back — yes he’s openly gay — he facilitated a discussion in a corporate team of which I was a member of. During the break, I told him in such a hush-hush way that I was gay, and he said “I figured you’re too cute and too smart not to be gay!” That gave me a good laugh! I echo the same: Atom is so perfect, beauty, brains — he must be one of us! Hehehe! Well, so much for this, let’s just get on with shirtless photos of this guy.




atom03-1.jpg Atom Araullo  digg:Shirtless Atom Araullo  spurl:Shirtless Atom Araullo  newsvine:Shirtless Atom Araullo  furl:Shirtless Atom Araullo  reddit:Shirtless Atom Araullo  fark:Shirtless Atom Araullo  Y!:Shirtless Atom Araullo


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25 Responses to “Shirtless Atom Araullo”

  1. tito arms Says:

    ewan ko, di ko naman sya naamoy noong nag tataping kami ng sta.zita at mary rose sa channel 21. sabagy bata pa sya noon. cute!!!!

  2. cas Says:

    My friend claims that he has had sex with Atom. Sarap daw si atom in bed kasi he’s athletic and cute. Ayaw nga lang nya ibigay # ni Atom saken. Ang damot nung friend ko e nasa US na sya. ;)

  3. what_boys_want Says:

    Hi again! His hair grows in the right places :D

  4. Ang-ang Says:


  5. giodude Says:

    he didn’t register in my gaydar (maybe it’s broken?) when he came to my school before for a conference about children and women..

  6. jan Says:

    sabi ng isa kong kaibigan na kapartido niya sa UP. hindi siya exactly gay, fluid kumbaga. kung sino ang gusto, edi siya. at nung time na yun, nililigawan siya ng isang girl.

    pero ngayon, sila na ni patty laurel.

  7. Pipes dela Cruz Says:

    ang balbon ni atom!!! i like his pits… i think he’s not gay,, bke effeminated guy xa,,, soft spoken kc eh

  8. kanto_TEEN Says:

    ofcourse ATOM is NOT gay! what’s wrong with you people!???! pati ba naman si ATOM pagbintangan nyo ng jokla? pwede ba ibalato nyo nalang sya sa akin for the sake of WORLD PEACE! migs, more pics of atom please!?!

  9. Philo Classmate Says:

    He is gay. I know him personally. We were classmates sa Philo 101 sa UP and my friend tried to hit on him, with my help of course. But dahil may boyfriend siya then, it didn’t work out.

  10. br0wn_c0w Says:

    Crush ko si Atom!!!! Pero natawa ako sa comment ni tito arms. Sta. Rita at Mary Rose talaga hahahahhaa!! Antagal na nun a hahahha!

  11. atomicgirl Says:

    gay or not, i don’t care. he looks okay in these pics, btw. hindi na siya yung mukhang lampayatot during those days in college. may bilbil siya. haha. wala lang.

  12. raprap Says:

    you’re kidding me, right?

    i like atom, but please…

  13. Da_Brat Says:


  14. georgena_oz Says:

    bakit ba palaging gay ako gay siya gay sila gay din lahat….. im so pissed off with this issue…. i am gay but i am happy happy about it… my boyfriend here in aussie is gay as well and we are running smoothly for several years now….. Sometimes we need to understand ourselves to know understand things and diversity…. U can never be happy with a straight guy…

  15. thibauld Says:

    that is so true. you can never be happy with a straight guy. wrong market. para kang nainlab sa baka. the cow can never love you back. pede mo ren lang shang gatasan. hehe

  16. burat Says:

    Atom is not gay! Period! Kaya nga nagiging homophobic ang mga tao dahil na rin sa mga bakla! To each his own mga kapatid! Tantanan na ang pakikialam sa buhy ng may buhay!

  17. manay_bakekangMD Says:

    he’s a pretty hot gay kung nagkaganoon! sarap nyang ulamin…is he from UP rural high o Ateneo HS?

  18. myk2ts Says:

    gay or not,let’s leave him alone.he’s entitled to his own preference.respect that.


  19. atomic Says:

    pisay siya

  20. Gina Cole Says:

    since you have already covered atom..why not include robert alejandro….yummy rin iyon and he’s a closet gay.

  21. close daw kami _thesis Says:

    close daw kami.. pero sana naman bumisita siya… wala kayong pake kung bakla man siya o hindi, sexual preference is a choice.. love is a choice.. un sa akin lang sana nagpaalam man lang siya at hindi nakalimot.. there’s no such thing as neutrality even if ur a reporter..

  22. trist_cum Says:

    atom is one of the hand-some guys in the news world right now.he’s like hot hot hotty!hati nga ba talaga xa?

  23. carrotcake20 Says:

    lahat na yata ng cute guys… labelled as gay….. i may not know atom personally but i felt that he is a smart kind of a man….. and please lang po huwag niyo nang isali si kuya robert alejandro sa mga hindi magagandang sinasabi ninyo…. mr. robert alejandro is a good man as well as mr. atom araullo…… !
    i just can’t take reading comments na nambabastos ng mga matitinong tao… kung sasabihin ninyo ay ” ano ba pakialam ko” well as a human being may pakialam ako sa mga kalaswaan at pambabastos na ginagawa ng iba…… simply because it’s wrong…. at sana naman magbago na kayo …. sa mga kabastusan ……. people who simply waste your life on thinking and doing lustful things……. hey that’s not what life is all about…… we ain’t gonna live forever…. to keep on thinking those kabastusan….!

  24. rodier Says:

    kay janvier na lang kau straight pa. Lipat na.

  25. hannah Says:

    he’s a certified hunk!!hehe

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