The Rainbow Project

Have you been to The Rainbow Project in Malate?

Well if not yet, this post may be helpful either in helping you decide whether to go or not, or just give you advance information in case you are already planning to drop by sometime soon.

Rainbow Project The Rainbow Project is located in the so-called Courtyard, at the corner of Maria Orosa and Julio Nakpil Streets in Malate, Manila. It is located beside Bed. The Rainbow Project has two floors.

At the ground floor, you will first see an outdoor, al fresco area, very much in the Courtyard proper. They have small square tables scattered all around, maybe 10 of those cramped in a small space. Each table can accommodate maybe 4 to 5 people, so if your group is more than 5, you may want to piece together 2 or more tables (wow, just like a family reunion!) There are guapo waiters on hand so it should be no problem! This outdoor area is perfect for rubber necking, you will have the best vantage point for cuties streaming into the Courtyard.

The Rainbow Project does not have a door; so still in the ground floor, after passing the outdoor area you may just step into the indoor area. It has mood lighting and all, with (some) upholstered seats pa and (relatively) fixed tables. The first row of tables may also qualify as among the best vantage points for guy watching, but the other tables further inward may not be. However they are perfect for group-focused fun as inkuwentuhan (conversations and exchange of stories among friends, as opposed to guy watching).

The second floor is where they have a DJ spinning dance music, a largish, darkish area (with slightly elevated platform) for dancing, and some biggish cozy sala sets where you can lounge and be found beautiful. The last time I was there, after downing 2 bottles of San Mig Light, my friends and I trooped up to the second floor for some wild but wholesome dancing. The DJ (he looked like that gay Quezon City councilor, maybe that’s him) was playing some really good dance music, not the type played in Bed. It was more pop dance, even included some 80s dance music.

The second floor is also the location of the establishment’s restroom.

I really cannot comment on the food they serve because I did not go there to eat… I heard however that they have a decent menu, and since they are open till wee hours of the morning you can even have breakfast there after your Malate clubbing night! And have I not mentioned the guapo waiters? He-he-he!

The Rainbow Project is gay-owned and operated (I heard, same owners as Bed) so if you want your pink peso to go to pink hands, then why not try this place? It is open from Wednesdays through Saturdays, as early as 8:00 PM. Best time to go though is midnight to 2:00 AM — lots of cuties! Rainbow Project  digg:The Rainbow Project  spurl:The Rainbow Project  newsvine:The Rainbow Project  furl:The Rainbow Project  reddit:The Rainbow Project  fark:The Rainbow Project  Y!:The Rainbow Project


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6 Responses to “The Rainbow Project”

  1. toniq Says:

    i’ve been there only once and i already liked the place… its like a hidden meeting place for guys (and gays…hehehe)… however, my friends and I were surprised when we went to the second floor when two guys kissed right in front of us… it was no biggy but we just found it very awkward… but what the heck… i’d still go there when I’d have the chance…

  2. Ryan Says:

    Um does anyone have any idea how to get there? I haven’t partied for more than a year now…

  3. manila gay guy Says:

    Hi Ryan! It’s easy to get there - i assume you’ll take a cab, right? anyway, proceed to the corner of Maria Orosa and Nakpil Streets in Malate, Manila. That is the same location as the “Top and Bottom Shop” so you can use this map here. Once you get to that corner, look for the restaurant across top& bottom, i believe the name is gilligan’s island. rainbow project is just BEHIND this resto. good luck!

  4. dirtychemicals Says:

    i’ve been there. i even remember the date. hell why wouldn’t i remember it was my birthday and i was with this guy i met (huge dissapointment). didn’t really got to see it much cuz it was rainging and all, but it was nice.

  5. nica Says:

    hey. well…are you also friendly with gay girls?? hahaha. :) just a thought.

  6. Migs Says:

    NICA - of course! WOrld Peace!

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