Cinema One Originals Awards 2006

cinemaone2006.JPG I was able to catch only one of the entries in the 2nd Cinema One Originals Digital Movie Festival, and it was the slightly entertaining “Metlogs, Metrosexual Jologs.” Here are the festival’s awardees, announced in a ceremony held at Teatrino in Greenhills, San Juan on Sunday, November 26, 2006.

“Huling Balyan ng Buhi” won the Best Picture and Best Screenplay awards. This drama film produced by Creative Programs, Inc. tells the tale of a tribal princess as she deals with conflicts arising from war between communist insurgents and the military. The film was written and directed by Davao-based Sherad Anthony Sanchez, who got the Best Director plum.

Mario Magallona, meanwhile, won the Best Actor award for “Rekados.” Character actress Mylene Dizon was named Best Actress for her role in “Rome and Juliet,” which won the Best Production Design award.

Other films acknowledged were “Seroks” (Best Cinematography) and “Raket ni Nanay” (Best Sound). “Metlogs,” which was produced by Grupong Sinehan, was given the Audience Award for Best Digital Movie.

The board of jurors included film producer Robbie Tan, movie critic Dr. Miguel Rapatan, Teddy Co and actress-director Gina Alajar.

Cinema One Originals is a project by ABS-CBN’s movie channel commissioned to encourage the creation of original, full-length films. The Cinema One funds the production of chosen works and brings the films to a vast audience by airing them nationwide and worldwide under the “Cinema One Originals” banner.

Cinema One Originals aims to add quality titles in the spectrum of Philippine movies, and thus contribute in pulling the local film industry out of its slump. Celebrating the Filipinos’ talent, creativity, and ingenuity, the project welcomes unconventional story-telling as well as an independent touch. One Originals Awards 2006  digg:Cinema One Originals Awards 2006  spurl:Cinema One Originals Awards 2006  newsvine:Cinema One Originals Awards 2006  furl:Cinema One Originals Awards 2006  reddit:Cinema One Originals Awards 2006  fark:Cinema One Originals Awards 2006  Y!:Cinema One Originals Awards 2006


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  1. br0wn_c0w Says:

    Awwwww!! Was hoping for Chinchin to win, but deadma na, I also like Mylene!

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