Friday Gay Sightings at Promenade


What a feast for our gay eyes! If you appreciate youngsters, those hunky high school boys who are not men just yet, then be at the Promenade in Greenhills, San Juan on a Friday early evening. I was just there today to have a business meeting with a researcher. While we were going through our meeting, I just couldn’t fix my eyes — my gay eyes were wandering all around! Inside Starbucks, and in the areas outside, guaping boys abound, grabe! (Warning: sight lang ha, no touch ok!)

After my meeting I went up to the Promenade cinema level and checked out the Apple Center there to lust over my dream Mac Book Pro laptop. After I got my fill of that laptop lust, I proceeded to sashay down from the cinema level. I sensed something fishy which became stronger and stronger as the escalator slowly brought me down… something fishy… in other words, malansa. Was I smelling myself? No!

And then, as I disembarked from the escalator I found the source of that smell. Uma Khouny, that dalahira guyin Pinoy Big Brother Season 1, sitting at the Xocalat Bar right across the escalator. Ching! Hahaha! Gay Sightings at Promenade  digg:Friday Gay Sightings at Promenade  spurl:Friday Gay Sightings at Promenade  newsvine:Friday Gay Sightings at Promenade  furl:Friday Gay Sightings at Promenade  reddit:Friday Gay Sightings at Promenade  fark:Friday Gay Sightings at Promenade  Y!:Friday Gay Sightings at Promenade


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3 Responses to “Friday Gay Sightings at Promenade”

  1. vodoy Says:

    do you know what khouny means in hindi? it means bading, vaklush talaga mga ineng, what a coincedence nga naman…..what’s in a name di vah!

  2. huge derossa Says:

    sua ahh pagbigyan at karapatan ng mga kafatid ang lumigaya maski sa tingin lng

  3. GLENN Says:

    Try Zamboanga City too.

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