Friday Night Banquet


I think I’m getting older and older… instead of partying the night away in Malate or wherever, I chose to spend my Friday night watching a movie (ay, how 40ish the age ha!). What movie? First I thought of watching “Till I Met You” but chose “The Banquet” instead. And what a great choice it was!

The Banquet has been described as a loose adaptation of “Hamlet”, featuring royal conflicts and revenge set in 10th century China. The new Emperor (Ge You) has usurped the throne by murdering the previous Emperor. He marries the Empress (Zhang Ziyi), wife of the previous Emperor and stepmother to the Crown Prince (Daniel Wu).

At first, the Empress seeks only to protect herself, but as the new Emperor grows suspicious of all those around him, she realizes that only by helping the Crown Prince kill him can she hope to survive. Together with the Chief Minister (Ma Jingwu) she tries to carry out this plot, but when the Prince is wracked by indecision she devises a new plan and seeks the throne for herself.
As the plot move towards its climax, the Emperor calls for a lavish royal banquet, where each will seek the end of their enemies.

Why do I like this movie?

1. Zhang Ziyi is sooooo beautiful here. So beautiful, she gets me to switch to lesbianism! And the gowns she wore as Empress Wan? My gosh - now I’m back to being gay!


2. Daniel Wu is my husband. He’s papable, that’s all.



3. The cinematography is excellent. Almost every frame is a great photograph.


4. Production value is high up there. Nothing is spared to make the movie visually engaging. The 10th century, Chinese feel… the costumes,… you’ll love it.

5. The story is unpredictable. Unlike so many movies nowadays, this one gets you thinking from start to end.

So, go watch. If only to see Daniel Wu.


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4 Responses to “Friday Night Banquet”

  1. gari Says:

    hehehe from makati, my friend and i mistakenly took the wrong bus and we end up in SM San Lazaro and watched the film around 9PM yesterday. agree, it was fun. but don’t you find the chief minister son cuter than the crown prince?

  2. Migs Says:

    hahaha gari! my companion said the same thing — he likes the chief minister’s son better!

  3. Gabz Says:

    I look forward to watching this film. Another Zhang Ziyi’s great martial arts film after my ever-fave House of Flying Daggers.

  4. onicotto Says:

    Korak! Walang away. General Yin (Huang Xiaoming) gives the Crown Prince a run for his money.

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