It’s in his eyes


It’s in his eyes that I see if the words I hear from his mouth actually came from the heart.

It’s in his eyes that I see if that magical moment of our togetherness can wonderfully stretch to years of growing old together.

It’s in his eyes that I see, as I pierce it with my own gaze in the rapture of pleasure, that the unity of our flesh is indeed a unity of our souls.



Model: Paolo Cabalfin's in his eyes  digg:It's in his eyes  spurl:It's in his eyes  newsvine:It's in his eyes  furl:It's in his eyes  reddit:It's in his eyes  fark:It's in his eyes  Y!:It's in his eyes


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29 Responses to “It’s in his eyes”

  1. margs Says:

    are those YOUR words? whether they are or not.. they’re beautiful. annnnd now i shall go catch up on my reading cuz you’re probably thinkin “margs, get off the internet and read the little prince”.. ahaha

  2. Misterhubs Says:

    And judging from the photos, it’s in his lips, chin, shoulders, chest, and arms too. Yum.

  3. fioux Says:

    Kamukha nya BF ko, 100% Serious. Hi John I.!!!! Love you baby hehe

  4. josh Says:

    this guy i have seen often in glossy mags. The hair all over his face & pits fit him perfect! and yeah, those asian eyes… hmmmnn i think i’l copy his looks ;)

  5. gerry Says:

    Migs, are you saying na through his eyes, bakla rin siya? Am I reading too much into the words above? hehehe

  6. riffraff2000 Says:

    (rolling my tongue up off the floor)

  7. Migs Says:

    Yes Margs — go read… The Little Prince! Hehehe! and yes those were my own words.

    Gerry — no, I’m not saying Paolo is gay. In fact I don’t know him much. I just like his pics! Those eyes! Whew!

    Misterhubs — may I just say I’m a fan of your blog?

  8. gerry Says:

    Migs, ewan ko kasi your words the way I understand them, parang nagkakaintindihan kayo eh hahaha Kasi naman “the unity of our flesh is indeed a unity of our souls” seems like a statement of mutual understanding!!!

    Anyway, ‘reader’s response’ lang po… “peace!”

  9. nell Says:

    May hawig kay Antonio Aquitania. Looking at the last pic.

  10. juan Says:

    antonio aquitania has become more hot now that he’s 31(?)

  11. Boyd Says:

    Paolo, sad to say, is straight. Hu hu hu. Has a girlfriend. I personally asked his sister if there are any chances that Paolo could be gay and she said, no. Hu hu hu.

  12. Baklang AJ Says:

    the moles… they make him even hotter!

  13. Misterhubs Says:

    Thanks Migs. Like many, I’ve been an ardent follower of Manila Gay Guy. This website actually inspired me to create and maintain a blog. May it continue to inspire, entertain, tickle and arouse others. :)

  14. monsour abraham Says:

    Tnx my Angel Migs.More power to you … well, this guy is just nice compare to Israeli guys here.But still i love pinoy big bro. este ; pinoy ,huh ! kc pinoy/or pinay fa rin ako eh.He’s nice ! And speaking of one of the casts of pinoy big bro.;”Omar/or Uma” is from here in Israel.Living nearby our place… am in Jerusalem & he’s in Tel-aviv.Somewhere in jaffa st.;tel-aviv Israel near “shok carmel/palengke”.Father is a palestinian arab,& mother is a pinay.Well,he’s absolutely a gayman !bakla talaga yan sya d2 at nagulat lang kami nang malaman namin na artista na sya,huh!kafatid talaga !pero mabait syang bakla at napaka-prangka yan … tactliza lorena magsalita,nuh!

  15. smoothshaver Says:

    Again sexy semi kalbo. Hey guys, shave your heads, it looks so COOL on Filipinos!!

  16. bench2000 Says:

    sobra……….. ang gwapo…. hai!

  17. eponine Says:

    Yes the eyes are amazing. I thought in some pics that he looked like Antonio Acquitana. Only he doesn’t look stupid.

  18. isitla Says:

    who is this paolo? he’s sooooo sexy! any info bout him?

  19. Linus Says:

    Hi migs, baki t crop naman yung isang pic? (Wink)May kasunod ba? Cabalfin is from Iloilo. Ilonggo bala cia? Tagadiin or taga pala, hehehe. Enjoy ako sa MGG

  20. yori Says:

    But I can no longer see his eyes, I forgot to view them before I left which now creates darkness in my sight. Hoping, one of these days, I will have a chance to view them again and will have peace in mind . It is hard, it is painful. This makes me nocturnal to think about the happy days, yet worried of the things that will and might happen between now and then. Most importantly in the future. Right now, I am holding on, but there is no guarantee with the things I have, which makes me wonder, if there was really love, or if it was due to lust. In my heart, I have felt the warmest touch, the caress of someone who once cared. Now, I feel empty, scared and left in the dark. I have loved … but still longing to see the glow… in his eyes…

  21. my yellow shirt shredded Says:

    Hasn’t anybody heard of ligaw tingin halik hangin?

    To have an image you kiss before sleeping?

    Hay, play it again migs.

  22. KittyQT Says:

    Purr, my cat’s eye tells it all.

    The first thing I look at a person is the eye. Without saying a word, I can see through the person whether his sincere, happy or lonely, pilyo, sutil. The moment I see piercing and sadistic eyes, iniiwasan ko na and I don’t even want to know his name. Truly, yung taong iniwasan ko na kinilala ng friends ko, tumpak ang aking negative vibes sa kanya. Even in artist, the eyes tell you if the actor is good or not. Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, kahit hindi magsalita, alam mo ano gusto i-portray. Sorry na lang Kris Aquino, your eyes don’t speak of a good actress. As host- excellent.
    So, be wary, the eyes say it all. Meowww

  23. Gonzo Says:

    Hi migs, great blog! been a follower for a few months now but ngayon lang ako na compel mag comment since paolo has been my long-time crush! May i know where you got his pics? Are they from a mag. Wanna get a copy. Thanks!

  24. Gina Cole Says:

    grabe….kilikili pa lang ulam na….anyway..commercial break lang muna…vote for ms. philippines as ms. photogenic for the ms. U pageant….website is: or — i’m longing to see a filipina being called not just for the special awards, but as semi-finalist too….matagal-tagal na rin since 1999 when miriam quiambao won as 1st runner-up

  25. ian Says:

    ang gwapo!!!! gustong gusto ko sya sa 2nd pic.. hehehe…. migs, can you also feature the guy dun sa mcRice burger commercial ng mcdo? thanks!:)

  26. onai Says:

    OMG I love this guy! He is the Anonymous guy right way way wayyy back then? Thanks mwah =)))

  27. marlowemarlowe Says:

    Linus, wats taga-diin o tagapala? nice! hehe… magbubukas na iloilo int’l airport diba? nyc! go iloilo!! ;p

  28. jel Says:

    i thought he’s antonio aquitania, equally sexy and very manly

  29. paa Says:

    one of my all time crushes. looks so sweet

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