Shrine to Channing Tatum

Channing first entered my consciosness when I saw him in the movie trailer of Step Up. While I almost always prefer the Pinoy/Chinoy look, I must admit this Channing Tatum is one huge and exciting exception.

Channing Bryan Isaac Tatum Anderson (born April 26, 1980) is an American actor and former male fashion model. He is professionally known as, Channing Tatum. After beginning his career as a male fashion model, he has branched out into acting roles, and has appeared in the films Coach Carter (2005), She’s the Man and Step Up (both 2006). from

Now, let this shrine of photos continue the talking.

Channing Tatum-9.jpg

Channing Tatum-8.jpg

Channing Tatum-7.jpg

Channing Tatum-5.jpg

Channing Tatum-4.jpg

Channing Tatum-3.jpg

Channing Tatum-6.jpg

Channing Tatum-2.jpg

Channing Tatum-1.jpg

Channing Tatum.jpg





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19 Responses to “Shrine to Channing Tatum”

  1. mendoza robert Says:

    yes you”re absolutely right. he is every inch of a hunk, and with so much of sex appeal. more pictures of him. tnx

  2. manila gay guy Says:

    i will be one of the first to watch step up! wooohoooo!

    @robert mendoza: there’s a gallery i believe at - but let me search for more pics of this hunky papa! :) thanks for visiting!

  3. manila gay guy is your manila gay guide » Blog Archive » Know What You Want Says:

    […] In the late evening I caught the showing of “Step Up.” I should tell you that Channing Tatum is a real hottie. The story was okay, entertainment value was average, but… Channing? He is smoldering. Uh-oh… I deviate… so, one of the premises of the story was that people who know what they want have a direction, and thus find more passion in what they are doing. In fact this was the realization of Tyler, Channing’s character, as he started to rehabilitate into a less chaotic kind of life. […]

  4. Ang-ang Says:

    saw him on shes the man

  5. argo_trillo Says:

    channing tatum is so hot…and its freaking me out!

  6. Curioius Says:

    I don’t think he’s gay… That would be disappointing, for a good looking guy like him… hmmmm

  7. Bogs Says:

    Love ko sya..

  8. summer Says:


  9. chad Says:

    yummy lips, yummy ass!

  10. carla Says:

    hi!!! your so cute
    i love ur body spacially ur face
    1st i saw u in shes a man and i have a crush on u

  11. nick Says:

    In some of the websites from abroad, they say he confessed to being bi.

  12. Gerry Says:

    hmm refer me to that website nga? wag na mag insitgate…mapapahiya ka lang . He is totally STRAIGHT. and sorry to disappoint ya …

  13. nick Says:

    Try There are threads mentioning him being BI.

  14. forpaulo Says:

    if that’s true, then we need to celebrate peeps!! hooray!! haha! may the best gay wins!

  15. monsour abraham Says:

    Shalom & Hi ! I love your body … wow ! you got a nice cute face too … Perfect beauty …

  16. jvonne Says:

    is he really Gay & if he is he has to be Bisexual Because he is going out w/ that girl from step up?

  17. Pravilno Says:

    awww… hes so cute… how much is that doggie in the window?

  18. Ken chu... Says:


  19. got milk Says:

    i luv the way he talks.. and he’s very sexy when he dances… yumyum

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