Forbidden Fruit, gay documentary

Are not these painfully familiar lines?

“Being at the bottom of the sexual hierarchy, I had to develop intellectually, and my personality too… you know those things that had to matter.”


“I started going to the gym seriously 5 or 6 years ago, and I think it is all tied with low self esteem, wanting to be bigger, wanting to be the ideal body.”


Here’s “Forbidden Fruit,” an Australian-produced documentary tackling the difficulties of Asian gay guys in dating and perception. It’s a pretty interesting and honest look into the subculture of Asian (specifically Chinese) gay men in Australia.

Forbidden Fruit — Part 1 of 2

Forbidden Fruit — Part 2 of 2 Fruit, gay documentary  digg:Forbidden Fruit, gay documentary  spurl:Forbidden Fruit, gay documentary  newsvine:Forbidden Fruit, gay documentary  furl:Forbidden Fruit, gay documentary  reddit:Forbidden Fruit, gay documentary  fark:Forbidden Fruit, gay documentary  Y!:Forbidden Fruit, gay documentary


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8 Responses to “Forbidden Fruit, gay documentary”

  1. ocar Says:

    hi congrats on your 100 days. hope you can feature some photos of raffy ruiz. i just saw him today on venta5, that show on channel 5 that sells stuff. he is adorable! what a smile. how old is he? his voice sends shivers down my spine.

  2. BF Says:

    it painful to watch because it’s even true here in good ol’ USA but i’m glad you posted it so we become more aware of ourselves. Acceptance will set you free!

  3. Joey Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS on your 1st 100 days! Could you please post some photos of or features on Daniel Smith, Chad Carpenter(?) and the rest of Nicole’s alleged rapists? Honestly, I do fantasize being gang banged by those beautiful guys. I wont cry foul, promise! :-)

  4. Ghel Says:

    Di ba considered crime ang GAY sa China?

  5. Ang-ang Says:

    Daniel smith anna nicole smith’s son, already past away

  6. coco-loco Says:

    very enlightening! thanx for sharing!

  7. MAC_afr0 Says:

    migs meron pa akong mga short film like boyslife 2 and 3. incase gusto mo ng copy alam mo na kung san ako mahahanap hehe..

    congrats !

  8. Ian Says:

    Sorry, but the correct title of the documentary is China Dolls - Forbidden Fruit is merely the title of one of the segments. Secondly this is only two thirds of the documentary 18 mins has opposed to 27min running time — the first and last segments are missing. First segment is called Banana, the last Fruit Salad.

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