How Popular is this Blog?

It’s this blog’s 4th monthsary… so I wonder — how has this blog performed in terms of popularity? Numbers don’t lie (supposedly) so let’s see…

According to says Manila Gay Guy (MGG) is the top blog that has been tagged “Philippines”.

According to

Metrics from show that as of writing, MGG has had 55,899 unique hits in December, putting it at rank #6 in its list; MGG also has accumulated 482,104 pageloads this month, higher than any other blog in the list. I just wonder why Yuga (owner of has decided not to include MGG in the list (he classifies MGG as “suspended” — maybe he is homophobic? Hehehe. Peace!).


According to Traffic Statistics

Even with MGG just celebrating its 4th month, the blog has crawled out considerably to pretty much a good number of blog readers.


The graph above shows how the traffic has grown from August 28 to December 27, 2006. You can see a more than 1,000% growth from the September monthly hits to December monthly hits — not bad at all!

Your Comments Make This Blog Click

Well, honestly speaking, while this may seem trivial, I feel quite happy knowing that more people are reading MGG. I feel very much honored to be part of your consciousness. I’m especially indebted to those people who take time and effort to comment and share their thoughts here, those comments are what make this blog really interesting in my opinion. Also, I am very much edified by the many emails I receive, all of which encourage me to further improve the site for your viewing and reading pleasure.

So on this 4th monthsary of this blog, I give back to you the appreciation — dear readers of MGG, mabuhay kayong lahat! And don’t forget, all of you are my allies — please continue to help me even through very small, minute steps, in bringing World Peace to every nook and cranny that are within each our reach. I, thank you! Popular is this Blog?  digg:How Popular is this Blog?  spurl:How Popular is this Blog?  newsvine:How Popular is this Blog?  furl:How Popular is this Blog?  reddit:How Popular is this Blog?  fark:How Popular is this Blog?  Y!:How Popular is this Blog?


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24 Responses to “How Popular is this Blog?”

  1. shikamaru914 Says:

    galing talaga…first post ko ito but i’ve been reading this blog for a while na…more power…..

  2. BR Says:

    I totally agree! This site is like an online hang out bar, where gossips, relevant information and issues are being obtained. Its part of my online chores to check this blog, everyday, sometimes even every hour. Thanks to the creator of this site, I finally found a gay blog which suited my style and taste.

  3. mandayamoore Says:

    migs, the honor is ours. salamat sa blog mo

  4. vvhoemi Says:

    can i ask ur honest opinion miggs? “what do you think of bryanboy?”

  5. shikamaru914 Says:

    That is also a coll site but i seldom visit that compared to this one

  6. Ghel Says:

    Sabi ko sa iyo migs. Sisikat ka.
    Umpisa pa lang yan.

  7. kanto_TEEN Says:

    what can i say, bongga ka talaga migs… mas sisikat ka pa kay nora aunor sa mga susunod na araw…

  8. argo Says:

    well, what can i say.. dis blog is totally HOT… migs is a genius… and no one can stop MGG from growing…

  9. neon Says:

    naka-usap ko si yuga. may mga bata daw kasi. sort of censorship.

    joke… peace.

  10. Jerome aka Bridget Jones Says:

    aba. ang lola ko may recognition chuva na! congratulations, dahlin! hugs and kisses!

  11. dats07 Says:

    more popwer!!!! my office day wouldnt be complete if i dont begin it by reading your post!!! KEEP US UPDATED!!!!! more power!!!

  12. chuvanesss Says:

    congrats! you deserve it!

    wag mo na asahan yung Yuga, may favoritism ata yun,bakit yung bryanboy nasa top 2…mukhang mas mataas pa traffic mo.

    di naman accurate yung ranking nya dun e…saka hello, top blogs ng pinoy, dapat kasali ka,pinoy ka e.

  13. eric Says:

    ds s my 1st post…congrats!!!i enjoyed reading this blog…lets get together…sort of a party!!!chige na!!!

  14. BR Says:

    Let’s have a party!!!

  15. wonderer Says:

    gratz migs! and thanks for the companeeeeyy everyime I feel cold..! chaar!

  16. Migs Says:

    a party for Manila Gay Guy readers? hmmm…. why not? those who want, please raise your hands! hehehe!

  17. jo Says:

    Migs, Reading through the replies generated by your cite, the PARTY will surely be a ‘coming-out’ party for most of your readers. Lumabas ang matatapang!!! (Rizal Day pa naman ngayon).

    Happy New Year!

  18. wagner76 Says:

    I just find the ads very annoying but nonetheless, a very good website. I like the frequent updates and good pictures. Congratulations

  19. vin Says:

    just curious…. just how much are you earning in advertising here on this blog? In a year’s time, you just might give Yuga a run for his money. :D

  20. Migs Says:

    Hey guys thanks for all the kind comments! All the best to all of us this 2007! Kisses to all of you, and world peace!!!

  21. your_guy Says:

    mabuhay gay guys!

  22. erick Says:

    go girl!!!!

  23. Spydey Says:

    haaayyyy….. this is my first time to read this site and i have already fallen in love with pwamise!

  24. br0wn_c0w Says:

    Wow!!! More power, Migs!! Keep those boys cummin’ hehehhe!

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