Do you already have your Dodong?

ada-dodong-didi.jpg Those who are familiar with Zaturnnah’s Dodong — via the comic book, the musical, or the movie — will understand the title and what exactly this post is about. In those days I was away from this blog, one striking conversation I had was with this friend of mine, let’s call him Gary. In that conversation I thought Gary is the friend who I can say is an Ada/Zaturnnah in the flesh,… an Ada/Zaturnnah looking for a Dodong,… a real Dodong in the flesh.

Gary is a Zaturnnah-like superhero in so many ways. He is:

(1) the family’s breadwinner;
(2) the magic glue of his family. His parents have separated, and he stands as the unifying factor that keeps the broken pieces still somehow together. I can only imagine the stress his family setup puts on this dear friend of mine.
(3) a super worker; Gary’s job requires so much of his time and effort. He is most passionate in his work, he enjoys it thoroughly so no wonder his work is most passionate in him too — thus he normally spend long hours in his job.

… to add to this, Gary is a gay guy who hasn’t had a real relationship the past 6 years. As I was talking to him, while he was relating the various struggles in his life with so much candor yet so much cheerfulness too, I felt he is really a superhero — so strong, smiling, laughing outside yet… somehow needy of someone who will be the one to take care of him. During that conversation, a sudden rush of feelings overwhelmed me, a big wish for my friend: may he find his Dodong. For this year, I wish for a Dodong for Gary, who will sing this following song for him.

Ikaw Ang Superhero Ng Buhay Ko, Ikaw

Ano ba ang sukatan ng pagkalalaki
Sa lalim ba ng boses o sa tibay ng tindig?
Nasusukat ba ito sa dami ng pinangakuan ng pag-ibig?

Sa lahat nang nakilala sa ‘yo lamang humanga
Sa tapang at lambot ng iyong puso
Ang kaligtasan ng lahat ay tinanganan mo sa palad mo

Ikaw ang superhero ng buhay ko, ikaw…
Hindi ka man lumilipad, napakalayo ng iyong narating
Nais kong sumama saan ka man magpunta
Hawakan mo ako
Maglalakbay tayo

Pinakita mo sa aking mayroon pang hihigit
Sa katahimikang nakasanayan ko
Tulad mo’y nagsimula akong managinip
Ang bugnot kong mundo binuhay mo

Ikaw ang superhero ng buhay kong, ikaw…
Pagod ka man ngayon, ako naman ang papasan sa iyo
Halika na sa piling ko, kita’y iuuwi
Dito sa bisig ko
Ika’y mahimbing

Ikaw ang superhero ng buhay ko

(Acknowledgement due to Vince de Jesus for the song above. Zaturnnah ze Muzical is going to have its fourth rerun on Jan. 19-28, 2007 at CCP’s Tanghalang Huseng Batute. Call 8323661 for tickets. I’m watching it on the 19th!!! See you there!)

* * *

Now, for some interaction, you strong and superhero-like gays out there, do you already have your Dodong? How did you find him? Or, if not yet, how do you intend to find him? you already have your Dodong?  digg:Do you already have your Dodong?  spurl:Do you already have your Dodong?  newsvine:Do you already have your Dodong?  furl:Do you already have your Dodong?  reddit:Do you already have your Dodong?  fark:Do you already have your Dodong?  Y!:Do you already have your Dodong?


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15 Responses to “Do you already have your Dodong?”

  1. mandayamoore Says:

    i already have my dodong. ayoko na ring maghanap. wishing gary the best. sana makita na nya ang kanyang dodong sa mas madaling panahon.

  2. vincedejesus Says:

    Lucky is the person who finds his Dodong. But luckier is the person who finds himself… and loves himself.

  3. jo Says:

    Dodong is truly a selfless GUY! Martyr ang dating- breadwinner, bond of the family, loyal sa trabaho. Kung sino ang makahanap kay Dodong, tiyak, as always seen in telenovelas, aapihin siya dahil sa kanyang kabutihan ng puso. Ingat ka Dodong at hwag pa-loko. Mwah!!!!

  4. deaqon Says:

    i want to say that i have found my “dodong” already… physically, he’s there… but emotionally, we’re still working on it… im kind of saddened by the fact that he cant be “with” me when we’re out in public… todo distansya from me…

    im not afraid to show to the whole world that im with a guy… but apparently he is…

    how i wish my boy would turn into a “dodong”…

  5. vincedejesus Says:

    Jo, I think Migs friend is an ADA :)

    DODONG is the ideal man. Pero just the same, I wish the friend all the best.

    Mag-ingat kayo sa mga LESTER! (Ito yung ex ni ADA na sinaktan lang siya.)

  6. Migs Says:

    Hi VINCE! let me invite the readers to buy your upcoming Zaturnnah Soundtrack!… from your comment at Gibbs’ site:

    Za wakaaaz! For those who missed the chance to grab a copy of it’s limited edition soundtrack, the phenomenal ZSAZSA ZATURNNAH ZE MUZIKAL Double-CD is now available nationwide and online! Released through Ballyhoo Records, this original cast recording of CCP-Tanghalang Pilipino’s rousingly funny musical hit of 2006 features 2006 Aliw Awards’ Best Actress (Musical) Eula Valdes as Zsazsa Zaturnnah, Agot Isidro and Kalila Aguilos as Queen Femina Suarestellar Baroux, Arnold Reyes as Dodong, Joey Paras as Didi and Tuxqs Rutaquio as Ada with the Tanghalang Pilipino Actor’s Company.

    This Original Filipino Musical features 22 rip-roaring, soul-inspired, hip-bopping tunes composed by award-winning composer/musical director Vincent DeJesus. The double-disc set also includes 3 bonus tracks and complete lyrics of the muzikal. If you want to know more about ZSAZSA ZATURNNAH ZE MUZIKAL DOUBLE-CD visit our websites at, and or email us at

  7. vincedejesus Says:

    Thanks migs! Sana maging platinum ang album! Ha ha ha!

    By the way, our website will be ready in a week or two so please be patient.

  8. aggie daproza Says:

    the musical was sooooo good!!!!!alll gays could identify. applause for vince. btw, bout dodong?… i still yet to find him. a terribly hard task to do i guess.

  9. Little Fish Says:

    I have found my Dodong and I thought life will be then easier and happier but no….not all fairytales ends, “they live happily ever after” No…no….no! They forgot to tell what happens afterward.

  10. ptrpol Says:

    jesuschrist, no. i still haven’t found The Dodong yet. right after i watched the movie, i fled to the nearest internet cafe and searched for alfred vargas’s pictures and posted them in my blog (with the sources, of course). few days later, my high school classmate told me she’d been bumping–unintentionally (?)–into alfred when she was still at the ateneo eating test tubes and petri dishes. tsk, i should’ve gone to admu. huhuhu.

  11. Spydey Says:

    hey.. i’m new here. good Lord i got bored tonight.. nakita ko tuloy itong site na ito. this site is great!

    anyway, to answer your question.. yes i already found my dodong. and hey, very interesting ang story namin.. as in very unexpected. let me know if you wanna know the story. medyo mahaba sya pero i guess worth reading, and might give hope to those hopeless discreet gays who has not found their dodong yet!

  12. br0wn_c0w Says:

    Sobrang love ko ‘yang song na ‘yan! Arnold Reyes is the best Dodong for me.

  13. illuminati Says:

    I love to hear your story, Spydey.

  14. sire lee Says:

    hehe, still lookin for that dodong, pero sa kasamaang palad mas marami ang mga lester… kazar…

  15. rem Says:

    kami din!!arnold reyes ang dodong ng buhay namin!!!we are going to watch him again!!!kaya pls,can anyone post the show sked of arnold reyes!!!we want to make sure sys ang mapapanuod namin!!!

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