Eventually we need silence.
However happy, lively,
and energetic our life gets to be,
we need silence.

To listen to those subtle yearnings
of our very core,
To feel a little a bit more,
we need silence.  digg:Silence  spurl:Silence  newsvine:Silence  furl:Silence  reddit:Silence  fark:Silence  Y!:Silence


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12 Responses to “Silence”

  1. eric Says:

    where is that picture taken? doesnt look like third world? but in fernez maganda…napaka serene ng dating…lemme guess burnham park ba to mga ateng????

  2. oblation Says:

    ain’t that a cemetery?
    oddly, it seems calming to the eyes. ^o^

  3. Phoenix Says:

    hmm the acacia trees reminds me of upd.. i always loved walking under its canopy ; )

  4. rommel Says:

    Taray ni bakla ..ano nangyayari sa site na ito nauubos na ba mga picture ng boys mo ateng

  5. Nadriamez Says:


    we all need serenity in life

    men are probably hiding behind the trees..

    teehee! lapit na sabado..

  6. jo Says:

    Well, sometimes, it pays to JUST SHUT UP AND LISTEN.

  7. jholou Says:

    naks ndi ata yan acacia i bet un yang namumulaklak ng orange na ung bunga nya parang sampalok ang form pero ang bantot!!!

    kung acacia yan…gusto ko na umuwi ng dumaguete!!!!!weeeeeeeeeeeeee

  8. Migs Says:

    Guys, I took that pic at the La Mesa Ecopark. Dito lang yan sa may Fairview.

  9. my yellow shirt ironed Says:

    Dear Migs,
    I and a friend (can’t call him mine yet) were just there in the Ecopark last saturday.

    It was wonderful.

    They have this Petron thing.

    Its a sight for sore eyes indeed.

    Thanks for showing this pix.

  10. josh Says:

    yup, dat place is awesome. I tried rowing one of those boats with 2 girl passengers, tuloy pawis kili-kili ko (ngehehheehe!)

  11. vincent Says:

    i guess yan yung place na dinala ni big brother ang mga housemates nya..

  12. wrestler Says:

    silence and peace. :-)

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