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Which massage places and/or spas have you gone to and would recommend for a male-to-male massage (I mean, they have male masseurs/therapists as an option)? I have been to the following: Wensha, City Lifestyle (both in Timog, Quezon City), Body Spec (in West Avenue, Quezon City), and Sanctuario (in Malate, Manila).

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57 Responses to “Male-to-Male Massage”

  1. mike harris monteverde Says:

    asian massage, davao city, 200 pesos lang po. ang tip is 50 to 100 pesos.

  2. buboy-boy Says:

    there’s a new wensha at the end of buendia near roxas blvd…huge, with flirty male therapists and the place is open 24 hours. 580 pesos. no privacy though, even the exclusive rooms kasi glass yung doors so malabo ang happy ending…the steam rooms and sauna have huge glass windows, parang window display kayo, so again malabo ang action…;-)

    sanctuario is a hit or miss…medyo mahal at nakakainis yung bading sa harap na naka toupee. pa-legit sila kunwari, lahat naman ng male therapist instructed to turn you on. wala namang privacy so you get horny and then the troll friends of the owners try to hit on you in the steam room. once in a while you get some good looking guys, but generally, the place is kinda skanky.

  3. Leo Says:

    It must be SANCTUARIO. Nice facilities, friendly masseurs.

  4. Jerome aka Bridget Jones Says:

    migz, oh my god! i have been away for awhile (i’m sure you havent noticed with you having so many readers). i missed you, dearest. sincerely. :-) hugs!

  5. Miks Says:

    Yup, I agree with buboy boy regarding his observations on Sanctuario. Their facilties aren’t that nice anymore plus too many gays are getting it on in the steam area without consideration to those who simply want peace and quiet. Masseurs are insistent too in giving “extra service”. This masseur named Marthie is one of them and it really pissed me off. P1,000 for a j*** off? I’d rather do it myself!

    By the way, Migs, medyo repetitive yata: male masseur. Hehe.

  6. smoothshaver Says:

    I am once in a while visiting MNL and would appreciate to know good places for male massage. I would love to get a masseur with shaved head (kalbo) if possible. But never mind, I enjoy any wonderful Filipino kalbo or not kalbo.

  7. eric Says:

    matagal kong pinag isipan to…finally,
    ang kamukha ni jericho ay si bruce cabral!!!
    si jericho ang fave masseur ko sa sanctuario..

  8. fred bonilla Says:

    Hi Migz,

    Feature mo naman si Sid Lucero preferably in briefs or bikinis. Naisip ko rin yung dad nya si Mark Gil, meron ka retro photos nya. Crush ko sya ever since.

  9. Tita Glo Says:

    ok ba sa body spec?

  10. chocolate sin Says:

    Try City Bay Spa along Coastal Paranaque. They have nice clean facilities and friendly attendants. I think they’ve increased their number of male therpists, pero still legit place. Don’t expect to get hanky panky with anyone. If you’d want to relax, this is the place. Pero un lang, there are some days when the place would be crawling with old gay guys who would sit at each corners eyeing ones going tot he sauna and small bubble pool (I can’t call it a jacuzzi, just not enough bubbles).

  11. leo Says:

    To Eric -

    Bakit mo favorite si Jericho? Hehehehe

  12. wildfire Says:

    anyone here knows the exact addresses of the said massage parlors?

  13. Gene Says:

    touch haven sa cebu, ramos st. ang gwapo ng mga lalaki. ang laki pa ng nota

  14. meynard Says:

    gosh! did you see the m2m dvd already? whoa! lot’s of frontal shots! of course it pales in comparison to the real gay porn industry but this is a milestone for an m2m film. that alone makes it interesting

  15. Leo Says:

    Oh well. Most Cebuanos have big wangs!

  16. jason Says:

    san yung asian massage sa davao? taga davao kasi ako.. i wanna try =)

  17. Leo Says:

    To Eric -

    Who’s BRUCE CABRAL? You mean BRUCE QUEBRAL of Pinoy Big Brother, Season 2?

    Hehehe! Mas pogi si Echo kaysa kay Bruce!

  18. pepot Says:

    sorry to change the subject, but can anyone suggest the best beach resort in the Philippines, not necessarily gay but gay friendly. I’m visiting in January with my American boyfriend and 2 straight friends.

  19. cherryripe69 Says:

    any good and decent masseur to recommend for outcall service? at hotel.

  20. jerry Says:

    ok ba sa Body Spec? Legit spa ba yun o massage parlor? Heterosexual spa ba ito with wet area na naka-fully nude ang mga tao? Is it like wensha and city lifestyle?

  21. jerry Says:

    May extra service ba sa Body Spec? Any recommendd masseurs?

  22. erik Says:

    hi, miks!
    just wanna ask something. is the marthie (of sanctuario)that ur talking about the same marthie whos working at city lifestyle spa?

  23. eric Says:

    ay totoo quebral pala hindi cabral…hmmmm fave ko si jericho ng sanctuario kasi…un na!!! hahahahaha

    shet, naa na diay male to male massage sa cebu?? i miss cebu tuloy…but honestly speaking, cebu is not gay friendly…wala masyadong place kung saan puede rumampa!!!
    but then again, in those case you just have to be very creative davah!!!

  24. eric Says:

    gay friendly beach resort? ano pa nga ba kundi puerto galera!!!

  25. leo Says:

    To Eric - (On Jericho)


  26. michael Says:

    male to male massage is fun

  27. eric Says:

    yes my dear!!!
    my experience with jericho…pure bliss….ahihihihi

  28. leo Says:

    To Eric -


  29. vince Says:

    i was surprised that the M2M:Masahe video was approved by the MTRCB. andro morgan and paolo serrano (photo above) were HOT!! especially andro, who just let “it” all hang out. actually, the main portion of the video (the whole massage shebang) was
    so-so. it was the behind-the-scenes photo shoot that sizzled!

  30. jason Says:

    san makukuha ung video na un? ung m2m masahe video?

  31. eric Says:

    mali ang tanong mo jason, dapat ang tanong saan makakuha ng behind-the-scenes photo!!!

  32. paul Says:

    may extras ba yung recently released dvd version?

  33. boy Says:

    ive never tried any m2m massage in the phils but tried here in Malaysia. any recommendations / websites will be highly appreciated. next month po uwi ko.

  34. Miks Says:

    @Eric - nope. Marthie of Citylifestyle is different from Marthie of Sanctuario. I tried both of them and they’re okay but not really recommended.

    Perhaps the ones who tried masseurs here from Wensha in Pasay can recommend someone who gives sensual massage.

  35. Nicolo Says:

    To PEPOT: Boracay is the best mag eenjoy ang mga str8 friends mo dyan saka kayo ng dyowa mo. Never been to galera eh pero sabi ng mga bading ok daw especially holy wk.

    To PAUL: Yes meron bonus yung DVD copy nakakaloka.

    I go to SCENTS & TOUCH for massage & body scrub in filmore st. b4 vito cruz extension very legit galing sila sa body scrub and massage may male & female masseur, check nyo.

  36. Robbie Says:

    to Nicolo:
    Ano ang bonus dun sa DVD version nung M2M Masahe? May frontal na ba si Paolo Serrano? Dun kasi sa VCD, yung tatlong guys lang ang all the way nudity. Thanks!

  37. DENNIS Says:

    Hello to BUNSOY!!! Howdy?

  38. leo Says:

    Is the M2M movie you guys are talking about out in the market? Where can we buy it? Pasensya na at huli yata kami sa balita. Hehehe.

  39. giu Says:

    Hey guys, just wanted to get some advice regarding Sanctuario. Who can you recommend for a first timer there and does the no hanky panky rule always apply there? Hope someone here could help. email me at or respond to this post. Thank you so much in advance for the help! ;-)

  40. leo Says:

    Hi Eric! When are you going back to SANCTUARIO?

  41. JM Says:

    where and how can i get a copy of Masahe vid and behind the scene footage?… pa advise nmn… thx!

  42. mike Says:

    ive been in wensha,the place is cool pero legit nga,they have food,nice ambience,their was no hanky panky,pero yung nagmamasage sakin tinataman member ko hiya nga ako kc dlwa kmi ng bf ko dlwng masseur xmpre,tpus ngkkhard on ako kya nung humarap..twink*.sarap magmassage i think the guy is discreet he looks good,sabi nya skin after ng massage sir nktulog ka ah,pero ilang beses nyang intentional n tntmaan si manoy,kaya asawa ko sobrang selos,my vip room din kaso wlang vacant dt time,after the shower,jacuzi,then steam,pero its up to you,the steam have wet and dry,their are buffet upstairs,at dun din yung massage,its very affordable,thinking it has the buffet,and sarap massage tpus change cloth ka sila din provide ng pajama etc….

  43. arnel Says:

    to mike: what is the exact address of wensha? is it its real name?

  44. Andrew Says:


    any male-to-male massage in tagaytay? how about escorts? tnx..

  45. ayell Says:

    guys sino may copy ng dvd o vcd nito pls share nyo namn thrue multiply o yahoo groups pls

  46. ritchie Says:

    si marthie of citylifestyle na try ko na ,extra service nya is ok but last i heard he no longer worked there, hey guys any recommendation sa poging masseur na provide extra service

  47. jay Says:

    try BOYS of BORA sa kamias…

  48. mark Says:

    any1 can recommend any good masseurs at wensha spa in roxas blvd..

  49. mark Says:

    with extra servic?

  50. mark Says:

    hey mike sino ung masseur sa wensha spa that u have???

  51. hayden Says:

    Been to Wensha Timog recently. I availed their Php580 sauna-massage-buffet promo. Sulit!
    Sarap ng massage. Whole body un. Legit nga ang place kaya di ganun ka-goodlooking mga masseurs. :-)
    Ok lang ang place. Medyo lum na pero ok lang.
    Daming Chinese clients. Meron din Korean.

  52. grimgreen Says:

    hey pips pasali sa usapan :-)

    i use to frequent wensha tomog. action usuali starts after midnight till wee hour. massage is good plus the inclusive food. sa body scrub before may j.o. session. hehehe may tip nga lang na malaki hehehe

    i also tried their (wensha) new branch in pasay. benjie, cris, and denis(?) are great. i think kikilatisin ka muna nila b4 magparamdam, though wala mangyayari coz very visible ang massage rooms.

    sa sanctuario madami goodluking masseurs. i tried a couple of them with wink wink na. hehehe

    i think in these legit spa places, the general rule for the masseurs is kikilatisin ka muna nila b4 cla magparamdam or mag-offer ng u know wat. kelangan safe din cla s ofer bka makaofend cla ng client na kilos at mukha lang badz pero di pala.

  53. hotmole3 Says:

    BLUE HERO… wlang kwenta…

    nkuha ko si Russel …

    ang liit ng …

    at parang bumigay ng makita ako… tigas n tigas n habang minamasahe ako…


  54. Impulsive Anger Says:

    anyone knows the support hours or home service sana? ayoko kasi ng umaalis pa ng bahay para diretsong tulog na ako wahehehe…

    mas mraming gwapo at may sextra service for the massage mas maganda…

    may alam b kayong mga y! groups?

  55. hotpop Says:

    can anyone recommend a great massage in manila

  56. hotpop Says:

    i need a masseur

  57. the advocate Says:

    anybody in cagayan de oro who can recommend a masseur na magaling na guwapo pa?

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