Drama of Sunset

I look out the window, and this drama I see:

Drama of Sunset

(Click to see larger version)

Sometimes when I am at my lowest, I get surprised by such serendipitous discovery of beauty. In silence, I take in this fleeting moment of overwhelming allurement, the sun painting such intense colors on the sky to backdrop the silhouette of buildings. I recollect myself, and whisper… “may guwapo kaya diyan sa kabilang condo?”

Hehehe! Photo credit: myself — seriously, I took this photo in my veranda, looking out to the neighboring condos. So nice, noh!

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6 Responses to “Drama of Sunset”

  1. Mark Says:

    Wow, that’s an amazing shot.

  2. b Says:

    witness it while in NAI airport waiting lounge. the sky just burst into flames… and i thought alas! no cam!

    but here i see it again.


  3. b Says:

    can i put that up in my blog?

  4. Migs Says:

    as long as you put the appropriate credits, no prob.

  5. br0wn_c0w Says:


  6. b Says:

    Okie THANKS!

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