Guide to Gay Men Wearing Jewelry

How much jewelry do you wear? We gay men have traditionally been known for being a little bit different in terms of our fashion sense. That’s okay, however, when it comes to wearing jewelry I have some manly suggestions to make. Here are some bejeweling thoughts from the Manila Gay Guy.

I admit, I am a little bit on the conservative side when it comes to this topic. In my sincere opinion, for us gay men, just like for straight men, less is more. Putting it in numbers, a combination of 2 or 3 of the following would be the limit IMHO for a stylishly bejeweled gay guy:

Finger ring – one is enough, and please no overly ornate, gargantuan gem-encrusted rings. Ensigna rings and signature rings are okay. If you have a wedding band and are handsome, don’t finish reading this, give me a call and meet me ASAP (hahaha! Just kidding!)

Necklace – discreet necklaces are preferred, if with pendants — make it small and light please. No large chains and shouting bling-blings unless you are set to be launched as the next rap star following Francis M and Andrew E.

Wristwatch – Watches are the most utilitarian jewelry – so you better have one. Just make sure it matches your getup. For more formal occasions, dressier, thinner watches are best. Large-faced, wide-band watches became fashionable recently – those still have a place in your ensemble, just make sure it matches the other pieces of your getup. I have a preference for classy sportswatches.

Bracelets – in moderation please. Please follow the golden rule – less is more. The more understated, the better.

Cufflinks, tie clips, shirt studs – yes, go ahead and match your more formal getup with these, as long as they are not too obtrusive. A combination of 2 of these would be the max for me, maybe plus a wristwatch. If you choose to wear these, please do away with the necklace, finger ring and bracelets – unless you are an alahera.

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