Corporate Fashion: Interviewing

Gays are known for great fashion taste. Number one rule in corporate fashion is NOT to stand out by being too loud. In interviewing, a good set of rules is in order.


1. Know the company you will be interviewing with, and research the industry that it’s a part of to familiarize yourself with the universal dress code. Ask a friend at the company or stake out the front door to find out what current employees wear on the job.

2. Go in a suit and tie to any company that’s part of a more formal industry, such as banking or law. Choose a basic black, dark gray or dark navy suit, a matching tie and black leather lace-up shoes. Borrow anything that you may be leery of investing in well in advance to ensure that it’s clean and fits well.

3. Opt for dressy casual attire for a company that you know doesn’t expect suits. Pressed khakis or slacks, a clean, ironed button-down shirt, a belt and a leather loafer will serve you well.

4. Match the belt to the color of your shoes. Choose black if your outfit consists of dark grays, navys, browns or black. Opt for dark brown if you’ll be wearing tans, muted pastels or medium toned colors.

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