Halo-halo Hunks

As you can see, these hunk ingredients are all of different colors and sizes… the same variety make the halo-halo exciting and DELICIOUS! More yummy hunks coming up!






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8 Responses to “Halo-halo Hunks”

  1. toshiro Says:


  2. irwan Says:

    hi i knew picture number 1 his name is framle he is a the winner of l-men contest ini indonesia. if i’m not mistake he is gay and you could see him at friendster using

  3. myk Says:

    Si JC de Vera naman pliz…..thanks

  4. dax Says:

    the last photo is jose perico… he won 1st runner up on that contest.. body shot i think… i forgot the year… he’s hot!

  5. eumaxx Says:

    cno ung second to last pic? anu ung name nia?,.

  6. eumaxx Says:

    sino ba tlga ung nkasuot ng bench undies. second-to-the-last pic ng page two? sino? can somebody help me?

  7. Prince Monsour Abraham Says:

    hmn,hermoso!wow!que ricura rico cuerpo que angelito mas bello.estas de chupete gostava de te comer isso.Adios!

  8. prex Says:

    i like it…. ahahaha

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