Connecting with a Cutie Cabbie


“Uy, may kuwento ako sa iyo!” my friend blurted out one evening we were in Greenbelt. I featured this same friend in my post entitled “Seducing the straight ‘-er’ types” And just I suspected, the “kuwento” was about another “-er” escapade. Last time I witnessed him work on a “wait-er,” this time the accomplice was a “taxi driv-er.”

After regaling me with all the gory details of how he ended up being invited by the taxi driver to have a taste of him (haha!), he was generous enough to disclose some tips of the trade.

Connecting with a cutie cabbie

1. Never do it when you have a fellow passenger — this is common sense. The taxi driver would be most comfortable flirting with you if it were just the two of you.

2. Take the front passenger seat. This will give him a chance be more intimate with you, both with stories, and if you get lucky, with some tender (tender daw o!) touches here and there.

3. Start off with good, casual conversation. Ask open ended questions to make him talk — and this is the trick, let him talk more. He who has the questions control the conversation — and it should be you driving it instead of the driver! Example: “Paano ka nag-start mag-taxi?”

4. Veer the conversation towards the topic of his source of carnal satisfaction — like, when was the last time he saw his wife/girlfriend (especially if she lives in the province), or if he has experiences with wild city girls. Start with straight escapades. This is the trick here. Then when he is primed, the conversation pretty lubricated enough, you can shift to, “eh sa bading may experience ka na?” - or something to that effect.

5. Be very mindful about his body language. If he is showing any sign of resentment, or does not really talk much, then you should know what to do: STOP! I don’t want you getting mauled. Remember, our objective is to connect, and not get a big, sore blackeye.

Lastly, common sense ha! Always keep safety in mind. And enjoy! Hehehe!

(P.S. Pasensya with the photo included here, yan lang nakita kong pic na medyo cute na cab driver on the net, hehehe!) with a Cutie Cabbie  digg:Connecting with a Cutie Cabbie  spurl:Connecting with a Cutie Cabbie  newsvine:Connecting with a Cutie Cabbie  furl:Connecting with a Cutie Cabbie  reddit:Connecting with a Cutie Cabbie  fark:Connecting with a Cutie Cabbie  Y!:Connecting with a Cutie Cabbie


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10 Responses to “Connecting with a Cutie Cabbie”

  1. tonskie Says:

    hi migs.. i am an addict with your site… though there’s still a website that i could give you that would interest all the other gay, bi and those curious guys in here.. i wanted you to feature the greatness of has a lot of cutie cute guys



  2. Lyka Bergen Says:

    Gosh…. meron bang Taxi Driver na ka-gwapo ni Victor Basa?…. at sasakay ako everyday!

  3. br0wn_c0w Says:

    May experience na ako with 2 cute cab drivers hihihiih!

  4. migs Says:

    brown_cow: kuwento mo naman! hehehe!

  5. zidro Says:

    My first time was with a taxi driver. He started the conversation by saying how he likes them young (I was already 26, he was 30) and how he wants to do it with me. Since I was curious, I gave it a try. First time memories never dies, lol.

  6. jag Says:

    once, i was riding a cab on coastal road around 3 a.m. the cabbie (he’s 26 daw) was real cute and hot! kaya lang he was so, so sleepy (despite me beside him ‘interviewing’ him and telling stories) that i was afraid we’d have an accident. out of the blue, i said, “sabi nila pag tinitigasan ka, mahirap ka raw makatulog.” “talaga, subukan mo nga,” he replied & i eagerly put my hand on his crotch. needless to say, i did not directly home that early morning.

  7. jag Says:

    oops, d last sentence should read, “needless to say, i did not go straight home that early morning.” btw, we din’t to it sa cab but in a motel & i told him to leave his meter running so i can pay him for his ‘trouble’ at maka-boundary naman. tnx, manilagayguy for our interesting topix.

  8. jerome Says:

    nowadays my dear nymphets, taxi drivers are very much aware of how gay guys snare them. do be careful my little lolitas. kahit provinciano marami na ring alam after spending 1wk here in manila. minsan all too innocent, as in “talaga? masarap ba yon?”, and afterwards, biglang “kailangan ko ng 1000 bilis”. ingat lang nymphets, ingat. ang pagsisisi at pag labas ng pera ay laging nasa huliiiiiiiiii……

  9. bitchy_bachelor Says:

    haha.. meron akong friend na sinubukan isahan ang taxi driver… nabugbog tska pinapulis… nasa province naxa ngayon, on exile….

  10. chuchu caracas Says:


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