A Question for All

If you find yourself, dear MGG reader, in a pageant Question-and-Answer portion, how will you answer this critical question?

What is your purpose in life? And how come you say it is so?

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26 Responses to “A Question for All”

  1. kulbogs Says:

    mine would be to live it! not many people can do this. I for one is still new to this. It’s a very harsh world and by living it and embracing life you get to see the little and beautiful things in life! i thank you! -inday sumali ng beaty pageant. q=)

  2. jimg29 Says:

    2b da best kaksaker in hulwaydworld bcoz its a nobol duty ay kud pasibli serve my hung fellowmen…consider it as agift 2 mankind…migs pwede pong bumate?

  3. fattyacid Says:

    high tide or low tide?

    either to inspire others or make people feel miserable in things that they do.

    that’s my purpose in life.

  4. fattyacid Says:

    oops nakalimutan ko…why nga ba?

    well, let’s admit it…no matter how good your intentions are, there will always be people who will never fail to see bad things in you.

    kung si Jesus Christ nga di nila pinatawad sa paninira at kakitiran ng utak nila…tayo pa kaya na tao lamang…at bading pa?

    gosh ang hirap talaga ng buhay ng isang gay…kaya nga dapat maging proud tayo sa sarili natin kung may mga tao tayong napapaligaya sa mundong ito.

  5. dowell Says:

    Even if I opt not to know, I will know. So instead I let my time be consumed by experience, not really to know, but just to have my time shared with people, things, and events. Reasons, they make my life more complicated. I don’t predict reasons, I infer them after the experience.

    Ten years after my death who will remember what the purpose of my life was. So I discount the probability of me not knowing things and to waste time filling the gaps in my mind. Else, I wander the bounds of this limitless nature of human, and focus on my body, where I am, what I feel, and walk somewhere white-ish when I want to become white-ish, and there dark-ish when I feel to become dark-ish.

    I don’t treat life as a school, where I procedural-ly learn, because to know is not a task, it is co-existent with breathing, it comes without anticipating. I treat life as a show, I the actor, I the director, and I the lone audience looking straight into my character. I can make it boring, I can make it fun, and I have all the right to direct points at issue.

    At present, I chose being with street kids to be my quotidian. Not a mission, because I don’t stick to reasons, regardless how enticing they may be. But an experience, a very happy experience.


  6. JC Says:

    Who knows nothing is permanent in this world except change, just like the ancient philospher Heraclitus once said ” You cannot cross the same river twice”, what is important is Migs is back, and Migs is here to stay…..

  7. Sarahdine Says:

    Well my purpose in life is just to go to the world and multiply because God said so. World Peace!! Mwaahh!!

  8. Iseria Queen Says:

    Mine is to live a very fulfilling life without the cares of having to deal with the shallow perspective of the society.
    I should live the way any other person would want to…live a life full of inner radiant beauty and to serve, protect and uplift people who are downtrodded and oppressed i thank you!

  9. Lee Says:

    In our very short sojourn in this world, we tend to venture out on things that spell out “happiness” - either for one’s self or for the happiness of others. Most of us would find ourselves doing different things in each phase/ stage in our lives. Some never really stay long in an endeavor, though some would find settlement in a particular cause - where they’d complete life’s travel (living and dying as a father/ mother to his/ her kids, or for others, as a volunteer in an NGO fighting for a cause.

    As for me, as I haven’t even reached half of my journey, I’d have to settle with what I can do for the meantime - for others and for myself… may it be as a volunteer in an orphanage, or currently as a sign language translator for church songs for the deaf. In the end, what I all have is time… and I make the best out of it… wasting nothing of it to see precious smiles from others and from me as I look in the mirror before I sleep (hindi para magpaka vain no, mag smile lang tlga, promise).

    Omnia aliena sunt, tempus tantum nostrum est - “Nothing is ours except time”

    :) Ay basta… “World Peace” nalang!

  10. webster Says:

    My purpose is the purpose my Creator has for creating me. I live to eat.

  11. Nadriamez Says:

    Can you repeat the question?

    Haha! :-)

    Seriously? To tell everyone to share everything while they can until their last breath, because everything is not permanent.

  12. Isaribi Says:

    ay parang mahirap… maliit lang kasi utak ko eh.. hehe… let me see…

    My purpose in life is to find and fulfill the purpose bestowed upon me. It’s simple. Nobody ever told us, since we were born, what is our purpose in life. What ever things that people want us to be are nothing but expectations. We must remember that we are all children of God, Christians, Muslims or Jew alike. And since we are all children of God, it means that we are all part of the grand design of life. All of us fulfill our role or purpose, be it bad or good. Because in the eye of the Lord, there is no rotten apple among us.

  13. Raymond Says:

    My purpose in this life is to leave the world a better place than when I found it. All of us have that capacity to make this world a better place, whether gay or straight, and to help make our own corners of the world a little brighter, happier, more kind, more loving. If I can find someone to stand by me as I fulfill my purpose, and he fulfills his, then I will be all the more blessed. I thank you.

  14. anton maton Says:

    leche! ang pla-plastic ng sagot niyo … aminin niyo na lang kasi na ganyan ang mga sagot niyo para kunyari ma-impress ang mga readers when in reality gusto niyo lang naman nota!!! especially kung ang nag-ma-may-ari ng nota ay any of the following: papa piolo; mga cosmo bachelors chorva chorva; at kahit pati mga sholbam keri na rin! aminin! huwag mag deny ….

    nota lover,
    anton maton

  15. argo Says:

    well,as 4d most common 1st-liner byukon-spil.. “I beliv..” ,that my purpose in life is to embody d beauty of feminity in this country where people often treat us as minor being,which for me is not..GAys can do, whatever others can, much better and could also be d best”.

  16. blue_harajuku Says:

    My purpose in life is to live life my way, without putting anyone and/or anything down.. period.

  17. chester Says:

    My purpose in life is to live a life of service… be it at home, at work, in church or in the community… i believe that my simple talents are God’s instruments for me to reach out to those in need of my help.

  18. [email protected] Says:

    Be of service to others and and a catalyst of change in building a just and humane society, where everybody is treated with equality and respect. Where love is tolerated without regards to gender.

    My purpose therefore is not just to exist but to be with the people who believes that there is a hope in the future and actively doing things in trying to achieve this.

  19. Fernando IX Says:


    short answer:

    maging bakla.

    yun na

  20. iloveboom Says:

    purpose in life is not to have a purpose so that I’ll have a purpose…hehehehe

  21. Homie Says:

    Like flour - I’m all-purpose c”,)

  22. dowell Says:

    Grabe Homie, I like your purpose. Can you be of purpose to me? lol ^^

  23. chuchucaracas Says:

    answer: good evening ladies and gentlemen. before i give my answer i would like to thank the judges for a very thought provoking question. and to answer the question “What is your purpose in life? And how come you say it is so?” i believe that my purpose in life aside from achieving the goals that i have set for myself is to be able to support the aspirations of others in the best way that i can. this is so because i believe that living doesn’t only revolve around our individual wants but on how we share our dreams and learnings with those around us and at the same time respond to their own hopes and dreams. and i end my answer with a line from our dear barbara streisand… people who needs people are the luckiest people in the world…

  24. randy Says:

    my purpose is to make everyman’s dream a reality. he he!

  25. donn Says:

    I think it’s to make life easier for others. kasi i’m 31 and i still dont know what to do with my life, so i guess the best i can do it to help others fulfill their own destinies.

  26. mike Says:

    My purpose in life would be to contribute positively to other people. I know I can not please everyone but I’ll try.
    A good deed comes from one act of random kindness.. quote unquote.hehe.. ;)

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