Want to watch Roxxxanne?


Roxxxanne premiere showing at the UP Film Center on October 10, 2007, 7:00 PM. Watch the premiere and see Janvier Daily in person! Woooo!

From Jun Lana, director, writer, and producer of Roxxxanne:

TO RESERVE TICKETS TO THE SNEAK PREVIEW OF ROXXXANNE, PLS TEXT 09184076342. 100 pesos per tix. Text nyo lang name saka kung ilan ang kailangan nyo. Pakiclaim ang tickets bago mag 6:30 sa UP Film Center. Yung matitira, at hindi makiclaim by 6:30, yun na lang ang ibebenta namin sa araw ng premiere night. Pls reserve your tix early. Kalahati ng capacity ng UP Film Center committed na sa sponsors and guests, so di ganun karami ang available tix. Sorry.

Watch the trailer here…

See you on Wednesday, October 10! (For loyal MGG readers, do you want free tickets? I am distributing a few free tickets. Just register by clicking here.)

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21 Responses to “Want to watch Roxxxanne?”

  1. Luo lan Says:

    I already reserved my ticket. What is the time of screening? Is it whole day? 6:30PM?

  2. ernesto Says:

    It will be shown in Rob. Galle???

  3. sire lee Says:

    hi migs kakaregister ko lang. thanks po for the free ticket.hehe. when sya dalhn ng lbc. im so excited. this is so cool….cant wait to see janvier… haay

  4. L.A Says:

    Just signed for the free tickets! See yah! Tnx Migs!

  5. rodier Says:

    kylan kaya lalabas dito sa Zamboanga?

  6. David Says:

    i need 4 tickets but since i can only get 1 free ticket i decided to just send a message to the number and reserve 4 tickets and leave the extra free ticket to one other reader.. XDDD

    anyway.. would there be a confirmation text saying that the tickets have indeed been reserved under my name??

  7. jun lana Says:

    hi david. my staff says we already sent you a text message confirming your reservation under your name (david genesis ____, right?). sorry guys, all the free tix were gone almost as soon as they were offered. pls do come early on oct 10. any remaining tix and those not claimed by 630pm will be sold at the door.=D migs, again, thank you for all the help!

  8. Rj Pascual Says:

    di pa sya ipapalabas sa iba..?

  9. yohann Says:

    Hi papalabas ba toh sa Iloilo….

  10. simpleng _BI Says:

    waaaaa…. naubusan na ko ng tickets….
    but this will not stop me….I’m so excited
    na…imagine makikita ko na si janvier makikita ko pa si Migs… sana lahat ng MGG readers pumunta at manood para mapasalamatan naman natin si Migs ng personal… Love you Migs… and janvier hehe

  11. David Says:

    sir jun.. thanks, i received the confirmation text.. i guess i was just too impatient.. XDD

    looking forward to watching it..

    by the way, i was wondering if it had english subtitles since i was thinking of bringing some non-filipino friends along..

  12. neon Says:

    naunahan akooo kuya sa free ticketsss…. waaaahhh!!!

  13. eponine Says:

    this is an interesting story. i thought this will be just some cheap sex flick. after seeing the trailer, i’d like to watch the movie.

  14. ian Says:

    sayang ubos na pala free tix… but good thing i was able to reserve tickets! :) yihee… kita-kits!

  15. sire_lee Says:

    ei migs…panu nmn malaman kung confirmed ang pagregister namin sa free tikets, thanks po!

  16. blue_harajuku Says:

    sana naman dito ipapalabas din… *cagayan de oro

  17. Blonde_skinny_bitch Says:

    …oh my buddha, is this a film about pinoy menage-a-trois? sounds tempting hmmm…butt???onsikantot no such thing as bisexuality coz we americans likes it with mustard or ketchup butt not with “patis” like yyyYUKS!!! am I right? Oops! hehehe…am not vegan at all, like raw meat preferably with a pulse! :lol:
    btw gggo indie! 8)

  18. Lionheart Says:

    Nice :) Ang ganda ng trailer…

    This time manonood na ako :) Medyo busy lang talaga ako this past few weeks.. haha!

    Anyone pwedeng maka adventure watching Roxxxane?


  19. dazedblu Says:

    i think i have to watch this one, the trailer wuz actually good. i just hope it’s nutjust in spoiler but rather the film does well too! :)

  20. Asyano Says:

    Ganda ni Sheree.Gwapo ni Jay

  21. im a fan Says:

    waaaaah! sobrang ganda! galing ng lahat.. pinoy culture, social issues, sex and drugs all wrapped in one! kakaiba to! waaah! kaso badtrip ndi ku narinig mabuti ung last words ni jonas when he was dying.. paki email naman ung last words nya.. parang awa mu na.. halos isang araw ku na un iniicp.. huhu

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