How to spot gays or bisexuals

You’re in a new place, new office, or new class… and the most exciting challenge is finding people like us (PLUs). Here are some thoughts from Pinoy gay and bisexual men on how to spot PLUs:

i think the best way to spot a bi is by deep eye contact… sounds creepy but true… sa campus namin andami kong naiispatan na bi… ung iba nga frat members ba… ung mga astigin ba ang dating… gulat ko na lang yung guy na naispatan ko kala ko str8 talaga… i guess the guys with the same blood feels some sort of “lukso ng dugo” when they see one… har har har…

1. bulging muscles
2. too tight shirts
3. has a ring on some finger
4. has trinkets
5. too curved a back

if you ask me… parang walang reliable way to spot a bi…. iba’t iba yan eh

kaya nga daw RAINBOW ang symbol ng queer folks

dahil walang iisang kulay

1. The Hair.. Str8 guys don’t care a damn with their hairs.

2. If the guy is too neat!

3. Owns more perfume than girls

4. Owns more pair of shoes than their mom.

5. Love high pitch Divas like Mariah, Regine V, Madonna and the likes.

6. Wearing body fit shirts to show their muscles.

I saw an episode in Oprah where they discussed “DL”– Down Low.. About black guys who were into girls and guys. At the same time ha. Malas nung mga babae kasi di nila alam na yung bf/asawa nila e nakikipagsx sa ibang lalake din.. unprotected pa. Kaya nagka HIV sila.
Nakaka-alarm yung episode kasi marami rin palang ganun at parang helpless na ang babae. Kaya kailangan mo talgang malaman kung BI nga ang bf mo. Wala namang sign na bi sila e. Lalakeng-lalake ang mga kilos at hitsura nila. Sabi nung isang DL guy dun, it takes one to know one daw. And the most common pick up places daw was the church. With a single look in the eye, they knew who was BI. Tsk tsk.. I dunno if that can be applied in the Phils but it kinda makes you think, noh?

one key is, while walking in the mall, on campus, wherever, if you spot this guy that you think is bi/gay/whatever, what you do is, look him in the eye. if you looks you back in the eye. definately there is somehting up with him. no str8 guy would look at another guy in the eye unless hes gonna beat the crap out of the other guy.

it happend to me many times… sa lrt, sa sidewalk, sa mall, sa jeep at kahit saang cr… basta kung may masasalubong kang mejo may dating… try mong titigan pre… kapag tumagal ng mga 5 secs, bigla mong iiwas ang tingin mo then after a few seconds tignan mo ulit siya and chek kung nakatingin siya sayo… kapg nagkatitigan ulit kayo ng ganung katagal… presto! game siya pre! to spot gays or bisexuals  digg:How to spot gays or bisexuals  spurl:How to spot gays or bisexuals  newsvine:How to spot gays or bisexuals  furl:How to spot gays or bisexuals  reddit:How to spot gays or bisexuals  fark:How to spot gays or bisexuals  Y!:How to spot gays or bisexuals


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11 Responses to “How to spot gays or bisexuals”

  1. mcvie Says:

    I wonder if that “titigan for 5 seconds” technique has resulted in the other guy going up to you and saying, “Pucha pare, ano’ng problema mo, ha?! Ano’ng tinititigan mo, ha? ‘Tangina ka, pare, bakla ka ba?!”

    Just wondering. ;-)

  2. Migs Says:

    yes, mcvie, i’m pretty sure it has happened many, many times already. hehehe. not to me though. ako nilalapitan ng mga straight. para umutang! chika lang! hahaha!

  3. Jhed Says:

    Oh god. I tried that stare thing before, but it always scare the shit out of me. Baka kasi, straight pala siya, bigla niya akong upakan. Haha!

    Pero yeah, sometimes, when I stare, the guy stares as well. Haha! I just don’t have the courage to approach him or whatever.

    By the way, thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve answered your question that you posted there, balik ka ha! Thanks! :P

  4. jax Says:

    you said na pati ung ibang taga frat eh tumititig din?? u know why? coz mahilig silang makipagtitigan coz naghahanap ung iba ng away!!! most of my friends are like that! kaya i doubt it kung bi ba ung “mga may frat” na nakatitigan mo! suerte mo d ka inupakan.!

    and dun sa “it takes one to know one” sa mga bi eh halos lahat sa kanila eh bi din basta cute! kaya d accurate yan! alam mo naman ngaun! lahat ata ng artista ayon sa mga bi and gays eh bi din! except si Erap, FPJ, Willie Revillame and si Bernard Palanca. hahaha..!

  5. gennady Says:

    Eyes or do look has it. Kung may handsome and hot na dumadaan o dumadating kung napalingon o pa sulyap sulyap na tumingin doon sa guwapo ayon na iyon. Certified FBI - fully bading inside. :)

  6. howard Says:

    well about the frat members, hindi imposible na may makapasok na bi, h*ll im in a frat and damn, i found a few (and there’s probably more) who are just like us. Though its very risky pagnalaman tulad nung nangyari sa isang brad (or should i say sis ba? hehehe). Anyway about The eye thing,well it works..sometimes, not all the time.Clothes wont tell it either, so what if someguy wears this body fit, showing muscle. Some straight buffed guys do it to attract women too. Hair, accesories, clothing i can go forever, point is you can never really tell minsan akala mo “one of us” baka ikaw lng mapahiya.. masapak ka pa.. hehe

  7. ghel Says:

    actually mahirap magdetermine.

    kasi pwedeng straight na KALA nila babayaran mo sila if….

  8. drake Says:

    i don’t agree, migs. senxa na. don’t over-generalize. not all things can be applied to everything. you toss a coin, it lands differently, at different places, everytime. think about that metaphor. there are just so many possibilities.

  9. Migs Says:

    @drake - no problem! i appreciate your candor. thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  10. manay_bakekangMD Says:

    look for the poca shells necklace…..

  11. xxxriainxxx Says:

    all of the above doesnt apply to me plus the fact that i like rough sports, i dont stare at other guys, and yet I am gay. so there is no generic way of saying who’s a fag or who’s not. ive met so many straight guys but has feminine sides but still completely straight.

    Filipinos however can be too obvious sometimes, most of the gay guys are too queeny.

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