Friend comes out through his blog

gibbs.jpg Gibbs Cadiz, Inquirer editor and resident theater critic responsible for the wobbly knees of theater actors and actresses before a show, comes out in his blog — and tells everyone why for six long years he’s been single. Go read his coming out post, and maybe some of you can identify. And don’t forget to drop him a comment, and make him feel the love from all MGG readers! Gibbs is a dear friend, and a great, great companion. Love you, Gibbs!

(Migs thinks to himself: “Ako kaya, mag-come out na rin kaya ako sa blog ko?” Hahaha! Happy Valentine’s day everyone! Spread the love and cheer! World Peace!) comes out through his blog  digg:Friend comes out through his blog  spurl:Friend comes out through his blog  newsvine:Friend comes out through his blog  furl:Friend comes out through his blog  reddit:Friend comes out through his blog  fark:Friend comes out through his blog  Y!:Friend comes out through his blog


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9 Responses to “Friend comes out through his blog”

  1. mcvie Says:

    Outing na pala yun ni Gibbs? I thought it was all those Dreamgirls, Lea Salonga, musical theater, Barbra Streisand-in-YouTube, and ZsaZsa Zaturnnah postings that did it. :-)

  2. querida Says:

    hey i came out through my blog, too. :) then news spread fast. next thing you know, my whole family knows already. pero siyempre they didn’t confront me. they waited until i told them. accepting naman silang lahat, at least.

  3. jase Says:

    ay ang taray ng ate !!!

  4. Rico from AGAPE Says:

    When was the last time i saw you?, matagal na, sa National Bookstore Megamall yata yun, and i never thought until now that you are still single, gosh!!!!! sayang ang ganda mo ate, anyway hope you can find “The One”. God bless.

  5. eric Says:

    migs, sori but puede ako mag advertise dito? gays, if you want a copy of men magazine(back issues 2006) email me. 250/each. thanks!!!1

  6. marcohos Says:

    i need someone to be with
    im so loveless and in fall back

  7. armand Says:

    @marcohos, ako rin loveless tsaka i also need someone to be with.

  8. walter Says:

    hi migs, i don’t think gibbs was in the closet naman? = )

    he’s a nice guy. he’s a virgo.

    hope you can publish photos of raffy ruiz, i think he is so cute.

  9. Little Fish Says:

    Gibbs Cadiz…you are a good looking person and I am sure you got character and personality too, that is amazingly awesome!
    Perhaps, guys who like and love you keep their distance because you are in a pedestal at saka, ikaw ay isang “critique”.
    If and only if, given the chance to know you better….I will hold my admiration on Janvier and focus my attention on you. You’ve got “kissable lips”.

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