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Are you a movie buff?

Well, aside from World Peace, Migs the Manila Gay Guy also champions the arts and culture (o di ba!) especially Pinoy arts and culture. And it’s Cinemalaya time once again, kaya excited na naman ako!

CINEMALAYA is not about creating a new movie cult. It’s about opening wide the door of opportunity so that new filmmakers with new stories to tell can make their films and show them to an audience. It’s about creating a level playing field for new filmmakers to write, produce and direct, compete and exhibit their films irregardless of who they know in the film industry and how much money they have to produce the work. It is about affirming the faith of the intrepid Filipino filmmaker who sees - beyond the threats and uncertainties in the horizon - an opportunity for discovery and endless possibilities.

And for bloggers out there, gay or not, there’s this Cinemalaya Critique Contest that my dear friend Gibbs Cadiz is organizing. It’s simple! Just watch one (or more) of the Cinemalaya films in competition (troop to CCP now!), then blog a critique about it. A panel of judges will review all Cinemalaya critiques and announce the winning post by August 1, 2007. By the way, yours truly will be one of the judges! Winner takes home Robinson’s Gift Cheques worth Php2,000 — and will have a chance to meet me in person (chos! hahaha!).

More details on this contest at Gibbs’ Cadiz site. What are you waiting for? Rachel Ann GO!

The podcast version of this post here: (2 min 35 sec)

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6 Responses to “Cinemalaya Critique Contest”

  1. Fernando IX Says:

    basta bakla into culture talaga.. i wonder what the world would be without the queer.. pretty boring i suppose.. no culture.. no arts.. nothing

    that’s why im into aqua culture — culture na mapagkikitaan but i also dabble in hair culture basta may culture..

  2. Sa_totoo_lang_ako _day Says:

    Halos lahat yata ng mga bading based on survey and scientific studies ay talagang ipinanganak na may cultural and artistic acumen noh!!!!

    Kaya nga “MAKULAY ANG BUHAY PAG MAY SINABAWANG GULAY”…..Oh anong say nyo….

    Ha ha ha!!!

  3. blueharajuku Says:

    haaay hirap pag malayo ka sa manila.. hehe

  4. Boyd Says:

    may-i-critique ko lang ang quotation:

    “It’s about creating a level playing field for new filmmakers to write, produce and direct, compete and exhibit their films irregardless of who they know in the film industry and how much money they have to produce the work.”

    no such word as irregardless. regardless is enough. irregardless is, well, a “double redundancy”. LOL.

    oha, cultured kung cultured!

  5. Pravilno Says:

    I’ve been to Cinemalaya 2006 last year. Nagmovie marathon talaga ako with my friends (nahila lang ako actually, my bestfriend is the one who is a movie buff. as in from 8am to 1am na kami natatapos kasi yung last 2 days nalang ang inatenand namin kaya hinabol talaga namin mga movies na pwede naming panoorin.) I expected nothing from the movies thats being presented there but my views change after “our movie marathon”. Filipinos are still one of the best play makers in the industry, its just too bad kasi hindi natin sila gaanong nabibigyan ng gaanong pansin (patama sa mga taong hindi sumusuporta sa mga filipino films - i think we should pay more attention to what we have.) Filipinos has a vast culture that needs to be explored and nurtured. These movies are full of depth kasi madalas ang tema ng movies eh parang napagdaanan mo na. Its just too bad that i wouldn’t be able to watch any indi movies of cinemalaya this year kasi i have work to do. I think Cinemalaya will run from july21 until july29 at the CCP complex… Hahabol nalang ako akong manood ng mga movies kung tapos na work ko… hehehe… Last years ticket price is PHP100 for regular patrons and PHP50 for students… i just don’t know kung nagpalit sila ng pricing this year. Yun lang.

  6. Indoy Garutay Says:

    I tried to post my comments here about a week ago pero it did not make the grade. Mukhang na censor yata. It said that it was awaiting the moderator’s approval. Alas, the approval never came…. Huwaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

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