In email groups built for our kind as target recipients — and yes they abound in Yahoo Groups — one would frequently encounter messages such as this particular one:

140/atletic built..5′8 20.. fr samploc,manila 4 serious takers only.. (masseur here) rate..1500 pluss fare etc.. masahe and extra service.. mobile number..09166140*** name..ken just call me not txting me i igoner txting me.. i dht have place..i accept home and hotel/motel service. ..for more info just call me….

The title of this post, “A GOODLOKING GUYS IS HIRE” is actually a verbatim copy of the spammed email’s subject.

This guy also gives a link to a “Guys4Men” profile, which shows his pics:


In his profile, he says the following:

i am jm 21 fr manila 5′8 meduim built white complexion. funny person ,unterstanding,cool, adventures, independent, simple person, honest gawpo daw, down to earth , i am not big pretender.. i dnt care the gender the person as long we understand each other if she or he …. there only one rules ‘ BE YUR SELF no matter what you are as long u happy… and i am not judge mental person for me we all deserve equlality for ever individual…. i am happy what i am rigth now.and a figther person because no matter situation or tradegy in life i always keep smiling because life is short and dnt lose yur faith in god remeber ‘ GOD LOVE US ‘ even we are sinner and ‘.just keep cool guys…

Now, what do I think of this? Let me share my thoughts:

  1. Poor, poor kid — it is obvious the guy is uneducated, with the way his sentences are composed. He sorely needs some help — can somebody support him in his education? I think his parents should.
  2. Quick Money – even with the risk of sounding like a social commentary, let me say this. That we’re suckers for quick money. I hope we develop our sense of dignity in living via hard work. Sabi nga ni lolo, kapag may tiyaga may nilaga. (Hmmm… is prostitution not hard work? He!)
  3. His clients should beware – this boy being used by one too many, he is a prime carrier of whatever virus it is.
  4. He is looking for love too — the way his G4M profile is written, it seems there in that site, he is more of a person looking for love, and not a sex trader. There, another multidimensional online character.

I am not here to judge. However let me just say there is a certain feeling of pity in my heart as I see his ads. A certain thought that wishes him, and everyone like him, a better life. We all, them included, deserve a dignified one.

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6 Responses to ““A GOODLOKING GUYS IS HIRE””

  1. mcvie Says:

    Mahal magpaaral; pang long-term solution yun. For the short-term solution, he should just use spell-check, libre lang yun sa Word. Oh, and he should–like most Pinoys–really stop writing in txt mode if he’s not SMS-ing.

  2. manila gay guy Says:

    korek… nahihilo din ako kakabasa ng text speak, kahit sa text!

  3. Cornelius Kyr Says:

    that’s soo true :3

  4. manila gay guy Says:

    hello cornelius! thanks for dropping by…

  5. Talanos Says:

    aaah got one to say. my head is aching from reading his profile. sana tagalog nalang di ko na maintindihan yung message.

  6. mambo Says:

    This gent is like a dead duck in bed. No massage should be expected. Lastly, he will ask for more money once you’re both in bed.

    He looks dirty and comes in very late for the appointed time.

    Got him 2 years ago during my kakatihan days. Not worth the money.

    Lastly, if my memory serves me right, he looked sabog when I got his services.

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