Rafael Rossel Licking What?

Rafael Rossel

Born to Filipino parents in Norway, his dad is Cebuano and her mom is Bicolana. I’m wondering, Raffy, what were you licking here?

If you remember, some years back Rafael already tried showbiz and even had a movie with, was that Jolina? However, there was this rumor that he turned down a network executive’s sexual advances that resulted in his being a “frozen delight.” Rafael made a sexy come back with Bench, but I still feel he is a flash in the pan. Maybe the network exec is still at his back, fuming mad and all? Well, blame my bubwit for the rumors. Anyway, the truth remains, I wanna be licked by Raffy baby. Hahahaha!

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9 Responses to “Rafael Rossel Licking What?”

  1. Ang-ang Says:

    I love his Bench commercial

  2. Jase Says:

    Yeahh… he looks sooo hot!

  3. neil Says:

    i love his recent short film directed by mark meily entitled “sugar”.

  4. migs Says:

    hey neil… where can i get a copy of that short film, “sugar”?

  5. one Says:

    I love this site. It does not only give you pleasure, it also gives you education. Good job, guys.

  6. migs Says:

    thanks ONE! thanks for dropping by and commenting in your appreciation.

  7. Jonathan Zamora Says:

    Gusto ko this site. Maraming kang nakikita na guapo. Information at pwede kapang mag advise. More power

  8. monsour abraham Says:

    Hi Papa Rafael ! como estas ? Bien ? wish ako na yang dinidilaan mwoooo… you’re so adorable…

  9. niki de los reyes-torres Says:

    wala akong masabi kay rafael, he has impeccable manners… way back in 2001 when we were on tour for tanghalang ateneo’s Mirandolina -we were being typical ateneans na di pinapansin ang mga artists for theatre training ng abs-cbn- but he just went ahead and impressed us memorizing both the english and tagalog (e his filipino was really konti back then)in less than 3 weeks.

    i was the lone costume master travelling with them back then and i couldn’t forget that incident when he slid his mic lapel box inside his briefs…hahahaha!!! the rest of the story is left to common decency… bait niya grabe.

    years later, at abs-cbn di pa rin siya nakakalimot. he and alfred vargas alternated in the same role, and they have never let their celeb status get to their heads…

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