Boom Antonio, silent bomb


When he was with “That’s Entertainment,” he used his real name: Anthony Labrusca. After “That’s” he joined Star Circle and used the more cinematic name Miguel dela Rosa. He didn’t stay long though as he decided to finish his Business Management studies at the College of St. Benilde. On the side, Anthony/Miguel did ramp modeling and commercials, the most popular of which were KFC, PLDT, and Skyflakes (the guy on the car with Marian Rivera). After college, he tried office work (account executive in an advertising firm), but he realized soon enough that a 9-to-5 job was not for him.

Now he is back in showbiz, this time ditching “Miguel dela Rosa” with the new screenname “Boom Antonio”. Boom because it is his real nickname; Antonio from his real name Anthony. He was once in a late night TV show (TXTube Live Out Loud, as Miguel “Boom” Labrusca), and then more recently (now as Boom Antonio) he appeared as Katrina Halili’s gay boyfriend in the movie “Gigil.”

Truth to tell his seems to be a career that never really took off. Looking at his pics, he is one hell of a bomb, but this time… still a silent bomb. When will he finally explode? Hehehe.



boomx.JPG Antonio, silent bomb  digg:Boom Antonio, silent bomb  spurl:Boom Antonio, silent bomb  newsvine:Boom Antonio, silent bomb  furl:Boom Antonio, silent bomb  reddit:Boom Antonio, silent bomb  fark:Boom Antonio, silent bomb  Y!:Boom Antonio, silent bomb


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39 Responses to “Boom Antonio, silent bomb”

  1. kurara_chibana Says:

    ang dami naman niyang screen names! i am keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that he’ll finally have a more fruitful showbiz career. :)

  2. mandayamoore Says:

    i want him to explode. as in explode sa akin ha.

  3. Dave Montero Says:

    Ung Luk4Help na TVC nya ok. Sayang ala sa YouTube.

    He also appeared sa commercil na meron models in swimwear na nakapila. It also features Will Devoughn. Nestea ata ‘yun.

    I have a huge crush on him dati pa. I also have the rest of the set (pic with a girl in swimsuit above) let me know if you want it to be posted.

  4. reliablesource Says:

    sorry guys, but he is a kept man.

    and who is the lucky gay?

    ask kris aquino. she knows the gay very, very, very well. in fact, he is kris’ favorite designer.

    his initials: JCB

  5. Marco Says:

    WTF?! My buddy Anthony’s gay??? NO!!!

  6. astroboi Says:

    being a kept man doesn’t make you automatically gay. ive seen them out together but it also doesn’t mean he’s his kept man…

  7. Marco Says:

    I was just messing…we’re good friends waaaay back in Letran College.

    I’m trying to see if I can get a hold of everybody since I’m here in California…

  8. jay Says:

    who could blame JCB? he’s one hot guy. just hearing his voice make me melt

  9. anton Says:

    Have you seen his print-ad com with sper ferry?, try to observe his nose there compared to his latest pix. Does he went on a nose job?….sobrang galing ng doctor.

  10. rye Says:

    he is just hot… one of the sexiest guys around.

  11. neon Says:

    magagalit si j.c. buendia niyan!

  12. watduh Says:

    he’s improved a lot as compared to his star circle days…he used to be chubby the, job well done..

  13. ano Says:

    Where’d you get the pictures?

  14. Mark Says:

    Kita ko sila sa Greenbelt, sweet sa isa’t isa!

  15. Mark Says:

    He’s untouchable in Fitness First because we know he’s taken.

  16. andrew Says:

    Some things are just not meant to be… like his career. It always soars… down.

  17. David Says:

    I saw him in Cinema One the other night, he was still chubby and dorky. Look at his body now! So hot! Wheeeew!

  18. labrusca Says:

    i have to speak in behalf of my brother, he never had a nose job, the fact that he loose and still loosing weight may add why his facial feature is changing.

  19. Sonny Says:

    Sa Letran pa lang nung high school mahal na kita! Tapos nakita uli kita after so many years sa Text Tube, napuyat ako gabi gabi!

  20. cb3 Says:

    who is JCB?

  21. Tita Glo Says:

    he’s cute ha. i like him na.

  22. carlough Says:

    makalaglag panty.. piskat!!

  23. iloveBOOM Says:

    Grabe! He is my ultimate crush..sana makilala ko man lang sya…GO BOOM!

  24. Bam Says:

    Saw him in Bora last year, he was so damn sexy! You can grate cheese on his abs!

  25. Rico Says:

    I often see him in Fitness First Fort. Hottie talaga sya. Swerte naman ni JCB.. hehe.. sana ako na lang! :)

  26. sharon bading Says:

    i slept with him and jcb na. threesome. with jcb on a burning melange of coal. suckling pig ang drama nya while i and boom were playing boom tarattarat.

    what a life. boom made my night bloom.


  27. varga Says:

    my friend saw him at the airport with a foreigner constantly touching his cheeks. then giivng him a wad of dollars. maybe it’s his real dad.

    my other friend says he’s been open to alternative arrangements ever since his younger days. it’s been a financial situation thing ever since his dad left the family. forced breadwinner, looks going for him. thogh he didn’t like it at first, he’s grown accustomed to the ‘arrangement’.

    who knows …maybe he’s really decent guy

  28. John Paul Muscat Says:

    I know both Boom and JC, and I could attest they’re really just the best of friends. And both are really decent men.
    Boom came from a rich (but broken) family, I don’t think he needs JC for financial reasons.
    JC I’m told never had a boyfriend except for rumors that he and singer/tv host used to be a couple before the latter got married to an ex-princess from an oil rich country.

  29. Valerie Says:

    He’s so cute in his new JUFRAN tv commercial! Haaaay! Ako na lang mahalin mo Boom!

  30. Queen Latifah Says:

    Kita ko sya sa gym.. Ang laki ng katawan nya ngayon, big muscles! Tsalap tsalap!

  31. Vanessa Says:

    I want you to ROCK MY ADOBO!!!

  32. Alino Says:

    I always see him in Fitness Fort, he’s packed more muscle now. Really nice and friendly guy
    Hope you’ll have newer photos of him.

  33. Khalil Carlos Says:

    He was also an image model of SALT clothing in Rustan’s.

  34. southdude Says:

    oh. so this is the jufran guy…
    ehehe natawa ako dun sa “explode sa akin”! lolz!

  35. iloveboom Says:

    yes new picture of BOOM..i wish him all the best of luck! love you BOOM

  36. Bravo Says:

    I see him every Sunday hearing 6pm Mass in Sanctuario de San Antonio, now I’m a regular church goer too. he he :)

  37. ian Says:

    yahoo! i love this guy! i was so happy when i saw his jufran commercial. tagal ko na kasi syang di nakita on TV!:) mwah!

  38. Bernie Says:

    Yes, I always see him in Fitness First, he’s really cool.
    Here’s cheeez… He has a gym buddy who we smell is gay and Boom doesn’t know. This gym buddy of his labeled us gays in Fitness “Spartans”! maybe to alienate us from Boom and not make him buko! AAAAAAHHHUUUU!

  39. More Boom Antonio pics | manila gay guy Says:

    […] an addendum to the previous feature on Boom Antonio (or Boom Labrusca), here’s another set of boom-ilicious photos. I heard […]

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