My girlfriend’s guy friend

(This post is part of the Tiburcio Series. Below is part of a letter from Tibs, a reader of this blog.)


My girlfriend’s guy friend’s name was Al. He had just arrived from the US that time, a new officemate of my girlfriend; he’s Filipino, studied there in the US but decided he wanted to try out coming back here. He was not very tall, maybe 5′7″ (I’m 5′9″) but he looked mestizo with aquiline nose, a real good looking profile, and wore eyeglasses that made him look more serious than he actually was.

I met Al when I accompanied my girlfriend during a night out in Street Life (that was across TGI Fridays and Hard Rock Cafe at the 2nd floor of Glorietta that time.) At first he was silent, at I was okay with that. The night out was a non-event. The next day, I was surprised to get a text message from him.

It was such a coincidence that he lived nearby, just a couple of blocks away from my place. He called soon after the text, saying he was pissed off in the house and wanted to go out. “I’ll tell you all about it later,” he said.

He fetched me in his brand new Honda Civic, but requested that I be the one to drive. I had to get used to driving the new car, but was happy anyway — mahilig ako sa kotse eh. We went to Glorietta and watched what I eventually learned was a trash movie. He was silent most of the time. After the movie, I said I wanted to go home already. So we did. On the drive back home, he started to tell me about why he was pissed off that morning. Apparently his ex-girlfriend was there, and was lounging around in their house. I bought it, and that was the and of that topic. As we approached my house, he said he still did not want to go home. I invited him in, agreed to have a couple of drinks. I brought out an unfinished bottle of tequila.

We had a drinking session, and I thought it was the best part of that day. Both of us were happily exchanging stories, and with the alcohol, it seemed that the conversation flowed really well. Then he started telling stories of how he gets a lot of indecent proposals from gays. Then something about how girls in that massage parlor he regularly visits would call his thing “bariles” because of its girth. Then something about how great it feels to get head. All through these stories I was adamant about not having any interest in gay sex — because it was wrong, in the religious sense of wrong. There was quite a discussion on this topic but it was great, as we both enjoyed it. We enjoyed it too much that even till 2 AM we were still up. Before the clock struck 3, we called it a night, and since we were both tipsy we decided to share my single bed that night.

We shared the bed, and while during the drinking session I was adamant about gay sex being wrong, it happened. Who made the first move? I tell you it was him. But there is no denying I enjoyed it. And I didn’t just lie there like a log — I was actively participating in that first taste of man-to-man action. I cannot say it was better than sex with my girlfriend - it was different.

It was my first real gay sex with Al, because the one with my cousin Amboy was so full of uncertainties and we clearly both did not know what we were doing. After Al I had similar encounters with other guys, but that one with Al was my first and last with him. I did not hear from him ever again since that evening.

~ Tibs

P.S. Al was indeed a “bariles”


For some of us, it took someone more daring, more adventurous to open us up to something which we ourselves wanted in the first place. Many influences may have initially impeded us from being who we really are, or what we really wanted. Tibs here shared with us how he got started, but more importantly he shared how he hid it, and struggled against it at first. To those who are also in a confused or curious stage of their sexuality, be steadfast yet open, and really think it through. Knowledge of self is critical in living a happy life. girlfriend's guy friend  digg:My girlfriend's guy friend  spurl:My girlfriend's guy friend  newsvine:My girlfriend's guy friend  furl:My girlfriend's guy friend  reddit:My girlfriend's guy friend  fark:My girlfriend's guy friend  Y!:My girlfriend's guy friend


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