Tragic Coming Out Story

Here is an email I received from Q, an MGG reader. What a tragic way of coming out! Read and learn a lesson or two… and leave Q a message too — he’s just so kind to share his story for all of us to learn from. Love you all and world peace!

- o -

Dear Migs,

This is the first time I’m emailing a complete stranger and the first time I’m sharing events of my life, but I feel this is something every gay guy (closeted or not) should know and be warned about.

Call me Q. I am 18 years old, studying at one of the top universities in the Phils, chinese features, and not that attractive (except to chasers) coz I’m overweight. As such, the only sexual release with other males I usually get is either through chasers or through prostitutes. I’ve never really had a boyfriend (although I had two pseudo-boyfriends, they’re not quiet the real thing coz there was no commitment and such), primarily because when it comes to things like that, I’m too picky for the limited pool. Anyway, now that you have my background

SM North

Yesterday (Friday, March 30) was a very bad day for me. I went to SM North to watch TMNT (I usually go to SM because its just one jeepney ride away from home). After I left the movie, I realized that my cellphone was gone, probably slid off my pockets or something, because I had lots of stuff in it. After checking with the watcher the places where I sat, and hindi pa rin namin nakita, he said for me to come back when the movie is over, mga 5:30, para i-check niya with the sweepers and all. It was still quarter to 5 then, and I didn’t want to watch it again na, so I left the cinema and was browsing through some magazines.

The guy

Then I saw this guy, about 5′8-5′10, moreno, slim, trying to get my attention by being as slutty as possible without the normal passersby noticing (you know it, pakagat-kagat ng labi, raising his shirt to show stomach innocently, etc etc), and he was looking at my direction. This is probably the second time I saw him, the first time, lumapit rin siya, pero la ako pera then so di ako pumatol. During this time, sobrang down ako because I lost my cellphone, so ayun, pumatol ako.

I passed by him, glanced at him, then siya naman, sunod (the usual modus-operandi). Then we stopped by the comic booth, and he started asking kung pwede ba ako ngayon “gumimik”, I asked him straightforward: magkano? He said P500. Sabi niya “hotel tayo, kasi mahirap dito,” then I said, “OK magkano ba ang hotel?”. He then replied that it was below 500, mga 200-300. I then told him that I wasn’t sure kung pwede ako then and there because I was waiting for my cellphone. Sinasabi pa niya na “malaki to,” sabay rub. After I talked to the guards and watcher, then pumayag na ako.

The “gimik”

We went off to the hotel naka-taxi pa kami, inside the taxi he was asking me all kinds of things about my life: where my family is, where I live, what my parents do, where I study, etc, etc. I thought this was normal, coz I already hired about three guys before, and some were equally curious. Anyway, we got to the hotel (it was in Caloocan, beside Victoria Court), an area I’m unfamiliar with, but which he apparently knew well.

We were given our room (pay later), and went inside. Then he started becoming weirdly reluctant, and we both took our pre-sex showers. After this was done, he just stretched on the bed and wanted to get off already, his reason: because his tita texted him daw and wanted him to watch their computer shop (usually those I hired before were willing to give me foreplay at least, since my ass is still virgin and will remain so). He then told me to just suck him off …(details deleted by Migs)… Then he came in my mouth. He asked me if I got off already (I did, jacking off as he came in me). Then promptly went off to get his shower, after which I did as well. Paglabas ko, I gave him the P500 that was our deal. He pocketed it, then we went to pay the hotel bill. When we left, medyo chummy-chummy pa kami, we boarded a trike, and were told to wait kasi baka daw may missing pa sa room, sobrang atat na atat na siya umalis. He told the trike driver dun sa bus, but when the trike driver went straight, he told the driver to go left. Then we ended up on EDSA, right beside a mobile police station.


He told the police standing outside na binayaran siya, and that I was trying to cheat him off, by paying kulang. Of course the police dragged both of us in, I dont think they were in on this scum-of-the-earth’s scheme to fleece money, but I think they just wanted it settled para wala nang problema. He then threw the 500 i gave him back on the table and said I had to get P15000 to pay him off right then (nagyabang pa siya that German Moreno sucked him off for 20k), para masettle na. The police made it clear na both of us yung masasampahan ng kaso (me for paying him, him for being a prostitute). So well, I asked I then told him to wait muna, coz I was going to call some friends, who I hoped to God had money, to pay him off. Normally, in situations like this, my relatives could take care of it (may tito ako na lawyer, and lolo na judge). But then I wasn’t out to them or my family so I was panicking out of my wits. I made about 4calls to my closest friends: My best friend was grounded and had no money, my other best friend who I knew had the money was at Enchanted Kingdom, another was out on a date with his gf, and the fourth, a girl, was panicking on my behalf and telling me the guy had no standing in court etc etc etc (I knew this, but there would still be a case, and it would equal sobrang hassle for me). She said she would try to do anything, but she didn’t know if she had the money. We went back to the station then (it had no phone), and she called again on the policeman’s phone, saying much the same thing. I told her to please just get the money.

Sister, Brother, I’m gay

So out of hope, and the asshole prostitute was just saying “Kung di mo ako babayaran, presinto na lang”, I finally called my sister and basically not only outed myself to her but told her I hired a prostitute, was caught by the police and had to pay him off with P15k. Naturally, she went ballistic, she had no idea where to get the money, then I told her to call my brother na rin and ask him. I told them not to tell our parents. (it was only me and my sister living together, my brother boarded in Manila and my parents were in the province). I then waited for her to arrive.

During this time, I wanted to kill myself for doing something really stupid, aside from trying to look for a way to hail a taxi and escape. After waiting some time inside the station I was surprised na may dumating na sargento who apparently was called in by my female friend, and tried to settle with the guy (he was reticent saying na hindi naman daw ung sargento ung magbabayad). After talking with the guy, the sergeant told me that we’d prolly pay half the amount plus of course some additional to the police for keeping it quiet.

When my sister came, she asked both sides, the scum-of-the-earth told his first. He said na:
1. Ako lumapit sa kanya at nagyaya na mag-gimik (I dont even use the term gimik!)
2. He said na sinabi niya outright dun pa lang sa SM na 15 000, and the 500 daw was the price of the hotel room. (I AM NOT DEAF. and you only demanded the 15000 from me as settlement money inside the police station).

Then she asked my side.

After this, my brother arrived. The guy settled to pay at half the amount, and we gave 500 to the police to shut up. Then we went home.

The Confrontation at Home

Pagdating sa bahay, my sister was pissed:
1. She didn’t know I was gay
2. She was worried that something else might have happened and she wouldn’t know it (nasaksak, etc, take your pick)
3. What about diseases?! (I told her I’ve never been F*ed, etc.)
4. Baka habulin pa kami nung guy na yun, extorting more money from us.

Then my brother said na he wont trust me again (the usual) and as I was explaining to my sister, he then said na he doesn’t want to hear my “excuses”. Sabi ko (nagrason pa, thats me!), they are not excuses, they are explanations, kasi nga my sister was asking me. Then he went ballistic and started punching me. Naturally (even in my crying state), I fought back, and my sister had to intervene between us. Then he said I owed him nothing, na kalimutan na ang 6500 that he paid, and never talk about it ever again.

And ladies and gentlemen, this is the story of how I came out to my brother and sister courtesy of a male prostitute by the name of Jeffry Santos (I checked the blotter), lost my cellphone, stayed in a police station for three hours, cried my heart out, was traumatized for life, and realized na konti lang talaga ang tunay na kaibigan (that sergeant really helped a lot).
I hope that this can serve as a lesson to all you guys out there na pumapatol sa mga for-hire.

Thanks for reading,

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96 Responses to “Tragic Coming Out Story”

  1. varga Says:

    i’ve met the guy at sm north. i had no plans to go with him wherever it was he excitedly suggested to go. he gives off a weird fell. yes he gave the same lines, but i felt bad about the whole thing. yes he was bragging na “ang laki laki nito”. yes he was in a hurry. yes, he mentioned abt his tita waiting. he’s moreno, slanted eyes, on the tall side. not your handsome type, but he does succeed in looking very “hayok”. so beware sisters.

  2. harajuku Says:

    kakatakot naman… varga did he also do the same thing with you (yung pinakulong and everything) ?

    Q, I feel sorry.

  3. Kob Says:

    This thing happened to me also but in a different situation. I was driving a car in Malate when a male prostitue approached my car and asked if he’s ok for me. I said yes and had him rode my car. when i started the engine and begun driving, a police mobile immediately approached us and a policeman entered my car and told me that i will be imprisoned and media is waiting in the station. he said that bail will be P15000. i panicked and negoatiated for whatever i have which included 10k, my cellphone and my precious watch (i’m not yet out). This is the first and only time (prostitute in the street) i did this thing and it ended up badly. I learned my lesson and i will not do this again in my life.

  4. inday_garalgal Says:

    i had a similar experience 10 yrs ago at SM north edsa, ang drama ng guy 500! when we got off to a nearby apartel (along west ave) hes asking for 5000 na.. tinakot din ako kesyo mag iiskandalo sa police station so i just settled da case, the worst lahat ng laman ng car ko tinangay pa niya (watch, celphone, cologne etc..)kaya ngayon when itch strikes! i just hire from a competent gay bar i befriend the manager para wlang hassle.. kaloka!

  5. ryan Says:

    what a tragic event…my sympathy!

  6. josh Says:

    Q, pre, so sorry you have to go through this most unfortunate event in your life… and thnx ga million for sharing this story. Madalas pa naman ako punta sm north na yan, not to seek pleasure (still em virgin to those stuff…) just to buy mags. Actually when i go to sm, i dont make eye contact to any person. once im done buying the mags, split na me.

    Got 2 share a similar unfortunate incident that happend to a friend of mine. He also sought manly pleasure and hired a pick-up kid (parang teenager tignan eh) and they did it sa camelot yata. Then they were chasing and he was harassed by policemen until they ended up in AFP hospital in camias. He was apprehended and was thrown in prison in the police station near magsaysay high schl accross nepa Q. Gud thing my friend has enough money to settle for the gogo boy & the policemen. I helped get out from jail by going to hall of justice in QC and get his release papers. And since it was a weekend, monday pa naka eskapo my friend. the medico legal of the gigolo boy resulted in laceration of the anus (which my friend wasnt able to deny). The boy said that he was touchedyata beyond his will. may companion nga pala this boy, in his twenties (i think his manager-lover). But just looking at the kid and his attaire, mukha sya talagang pokpok na lalaki!!! the police just gave all this threat and my friend just tiped all of them (malaking scam to talaga). to make thinsg worst,may media pang dumating (mgaw tabloids) so my friends face and story, a gay rapist, was all over the tabloids…

    that i will neve forget.

  7. andrew Says:

    May ibang parte na magulo dun sa kwento ni Q, typo maybe or some things left out kakamadali, I don’t know. But I definitely get the gist of the story. Nakakatakot talaga. Thank you for sharing it with us, Q.

    Tungkol sa pamilya mo, eventually matatanggap ka rin ng mga yan. The important thing now is that you ‘pick up the pieces’ of yourself again. Bagong simula. You can do it. You are one brave guy, Q.

    I hope you can move on soon. God bless, Q.


  8. Jake Says:

    Sorry to hear that bro.

    This is what I’ve been telling my gay friends…never hire call boys. If you really can’t control your sexual urge, you can just get someone from a gay bar, provided that call boy is recommended by his manager or bar owner. It’s really risky to hire a male prostitute outside gay bars.

    Another dangerous spot is the Philippine Women’s University area at night (along Taft Avenue). A lot of male for hire roam the area and my friend was almost killed because the call boy initially asked for P400 then after the sex, he turned into a psycho and was asking for P10,000.

    Huwag sana matigas ang ulo ng iba. Why get a call boy when you can get someone whom you can make love without worrying about anything? Yes, it would take a lot of time and patience but waiting for that right person is really worth it than hiring a psycho call boy who will just destroy your life or worse.

  9. sushi77 Says:

    oh Q, you poor little thing. i do hope and pray that you find the strength to see the silver lining in all of this. i’m 100% sure that you’ll move on from this situation stronger, wiser, and still open to find love…in the right places, of course.

    and by the way, don’t allow this brouhaha to prevent you from smiling. try to keep an upbeat, positive attitude. it may feel silly at first but trust me, it’ll help in the long run. :D

  10. ian Says:

    nakakatakot naman… buti na lang never pa ko pumatol sa ganyan… ingat!

  11. L.A Says:

    That’s s lesson to learn be horny on a right place forget about the libido.

    So kayo guys..mag-ingat na!

  12. Meister Says:

    At least now you know better. A sad coming-out story, but…shit happens.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

  13. krisssss Says:

    dapat kasi wag talaga tayong pumatol sa ganyang mga bagay kaya ang daming namamatay satin diba nagtatangka sa ating buhay marami naman gimikan na ok at maayos diba ika nga nila pag kumain ka ng BBQ sa kanto kanto nag kakatetano ka dapat dun sa mailinis diba…… kaya mga KAPATID wag kumain ng BBQ sa kanto diba…..

  14. AJ Says:

    Oh my. I feel for you Q.

    I’m thinking of conducting an entrapment operation on this guy. If only I had contacts and connections with the authorities and the media. If someone out there who has the connections and the guts to make this guy suffer, please do so. I’m sure he already has had lots of victims, and I’m sure there’ll be more if we don’t do anything…

    I so want to have this guy put behind bars. This is very appalling. Napamura ako while reading.

  15. jun Says:

    nako never hire a prostitute. madaming willing sa bath houses and sa malate and other gay hang outs na you know are decent enough to go with you.

  16. juice_kupo Says:

    magbuo na kasi kayo ng gay mafia at kalusin yang mga siraulong yan eh! hindi sapat ang kulong, i castrate yang mga yan at ipakain sa mga langgam! pero buhayin niyo para iparape sa kabayo!
    hay nako, kaya kayo just do it with someone you know, someone you love, or someone who’s online na lang! sumakit ang puso ko…

  17. harris Says:

    this reminds me of something that happened to my friend a few years back, pero hindi sa callboy kundi someone he met sa chat. They met up, flirted with each other, went driving around and ended up making out sa parking lot across CCP. Nahuli ng pulis with his pants down, kinulong sa presinto sa tabi ng CCP and was asked by the police to pay 30,000 or else a case will be filed against them, indecent exposure ata. Eh yung friend ko hindi out, so he ended up haggling with the police, and paid 15,000 and his chatmate paid 5,000.

    from then on, sa massage parlor pumupupunta ang friend ko.

  18. monicalewinskiing Says:

    grabe naman nyan… eto dapat ang way kung paano mag come out….

    kawawa naman. na profile na talaga siguro sya ng lalaking yun. bat naman pati pulis pinabayaan lang na bayaran un. dapat sinampahan na lang yun ng extortion or something…

  19. writerservices Says:

    The same happened to me when I was just waiting taxi ride infront of Isetann Recto. May guy na lalapit sayo. He looks decent and may paawa effect pa na pangkain lang daw. Ako naman, my Mother Theresa complex, I planned na magkukuwentuhan na lang kami at ililibre sya ng dinner, pero sya ang mapilit na mag-do. Usapan 300 at pagkatapos biglang naging 3000. Tapos he was threatening me pa and anlakas-lakas ng boses para mapahiya siguro ako. That was the scariest thing that happened in my life. Buti na lang, may pera ako at binalik nya yung celfone ko na may cam (kinuha nya yun probably para di ko sya makuhanan ng pic). Just be careful na lang. Dont get someone you met on the streets. I learned my lesson and sana may entrapment nga sa mga taong ganito. They are preying on innocent gays and causing them the unnecessary trauma.

  20. Mugen Says:

    magbuo na kasi kayo ng gay mafia at kalusin yang mga siraulong yan eh! hindi sapat ang kulong, i castrate yang mga yan at ipakain sa mga langgam! pero buhayin niyo para iparape sa kabayo!

    - i’ve been saying this all along. The reason why we’re pushed to the brink is because we’re afraid and panicky.

    sana nung lumabas sila ng motel, naglakad na lang sila palabas or naghiwalay na lang sila ng lakad. Siguro kung sa akin nangyari yun, makikipagsapakan na lang ako bago ako mauwi sa presinto. I’d never go down without a fight.

  21. mcvie Says:

    Can someone who works in the news media (like ABS-CBN or GMA) conduct an entrapment for this Jeffrey Santos (a pseudonym most likely; ano siya, older brother ni Juday?!) para matigil na ang kahunghangan niya? Also, this is why it is best to NEVER pick up strangers. And it is a lot safer if you just go to reputable massage parlors (those of long-standing repute) and bathhouses. At least kung may manggagosa iyo, puwede mong isumbong sa hindi pulis.

  22. julian Says:

    Q, a terrible thing happened to you and we are all very sorry that it did. A few things you must remember:

    1) You will get over this. You sound like an intelligent boy who had a lapse in judgement. You are young and permitted these mistakes to learn from. Dwell on the lesson and not the deed.

    2) These things happen more often than you might imagine. And while our cumulative wisdom has yet to set into our ranks, there is comfort in knowing others have experienced this horror and have moved on to better things. I have, and I am sure you will too. Take comfort in numbers.

    3) Your siblings are understandable in their fit of upsetness. Their disappointment will pass, or if they refuse to acknowledge your lifestyle then you will have to be the bigger man to prove to them that you are worthy of respect. Do well in school, and show them one mistake is not what you’re made of alone.

    4) Be glad that you have good friends you can trust and call on. In the next few days, she will remind you of the ordeal, but in a few weeks, you will grow even closer. Friends like these you do not let go off–and that is a treasure in itself.

    5) You are angry now and upset: at your siblings, the policemen, that scum-of-the-earth prostitute. By sharing your story, you have begun diluting the poison in your system. Right now, WE are all angry at the guy too. We share the burden of your horror. Which is why collectively, we can wish the worst for the guy. Tonight, everybody will say a little fervent hope that the asshole get his just retribution. Vengeance is reckless and unnecessary; but a little ill-will-wishing for someone who has done you wrong, is allowable and much healthier in the long run.

    6) You are probably angry at yourself too. Go ahead and feel down for the next few days. Chain-smoke. Drink Scotch. Cry every night. Eventually the drama gets tedious and you will quit over-flagellating yourself. God forgives the sorry. Really.

    7) And finally…trust that you will be able to grow from the experience. It’s really cheesy, I know…but the cliche is true. One of these days you will wake up and this thing will have blown over. You will have the verve to enjoy life again. You will have sex again, but this time in a smarter way and on your terms.

    That day will happen…because the miracle of new chances happens again and again. And if it can happen to me, believe me, Q, it will happen to you too.

  23. Yellow shirt shredded Says:

    Dear Q,
    I am so sorry about your coming out this way. Its too bad you’re isolated and you went out to get contact with someone only to be done in by the police.
    HOnestly, the police are simply part of the scam.

    But besides thatI hope you make friends here.

    A lot can happen and somebody has to watch your back. I don’t mean to be funny, just practical. My friends that I met in this gay choir I have did that for each other. I had only bought the services of this one guy after a friend ( rather a group of friends ) found out he was straight up and up and yes very clean.

    Have a support group Q.

    It might mean life and death for people like us. And I mean life and death the one where sometimes people get killed or kill themselves.

    I used to go to the old shaw manuela often when I got depressed because the guys I wanted, could not be had. But if its affection and understanding you’re looking for the comfort rooms and the malls are the worst place to go.

    We’re here, we’re queer. have you tried contacting the Order of St Aeldred? They have a gay men’s support group, and yes legal function as well. I’d give the number to migs then you can get it from him. The address though is near V. Luna.

    Please talk to us or someone. Don’t let it get you down. Enough men have done that and died. (It might seem dramatic to you but statistics and my experiences add up, people like us go into drugs, commit suicide and yes do self destructive things because of the isolation).

    You’re not alone Q.

    Thank God for people like Migs. Gay blogger keep on the good work.

  24. empress maruja Says:

    Ouch! Tragic! Advice lang, just in case he’d be interested in picking up male prostis (I doubt his name is even Jeffry Santos, and you shouldn’t have used your real name either at the blotter…paano na lang ang NBI clearance?).

    * Play with your own rules. Ikaw ang pumili ng lugar mo (but definitely NOT IN YOUR PLACE), ikaw rin dapat ang mag-presyo (and stick to it). Kung reluctant siya, lubayan mo. Sasakit lang ulo mo.

    * Or better yet, kuha ka na lang ng mga tambay sa parlor. The parlorista are your best reference when it comes to hooking up with payable men.

    I also got a pretty bad experience with the first male prosti I hired (for my birthday, not in SM North though). He made an “OK” sign which I thought meant “P300″, pero pagdating namin sa motel P500 ang hiningi, and then when we were foreplaying P1000 na. I was so pissed, I didn’t even play with much gusto (he was even calling his “ex” through his cellphone while I’m dealing with his limp 3-inch willy). I just let him release me, pay him with a blue bill, didn’t talk to him while we were walking out of the motel. Oh the horror…


    At the same time, nalungkot ako about how you came out with your family. I don’t think you would ever patch up things with your Kuya, but at least be civil and cordial about it.

  25. jhongjhong Says:

    gosh…what a nightmare…pero you know what na experience ko na rin ang ganitong pangyayari hindi nga lang sa SM North kundi sa isang text show sa tv (ung pwedeng magpost ka ng mga messages sa tv) yup i posted my number den may guy na nagtext sa akin and he said pwede daw xa e hire..den i asked his friendster para makita ko ang pics nya ang ang story na rin ng buhay niya…den mukhang OK naman sya sa akin so pumayag ako for 1000. den nagmeet kami sa GATEWAY den un nga nilibre ko pa xa sa KFC para mag lunch den nung pumunta na kami ng apartelle and nakapasok na kami sa room na nirent ko. so un naligo xa…tapos parang pa nahihiya pa xa den sabi nya maligo din daw ako…so un nga first time ko lang kasi un sa mga callboys kaya un nga den after nun habang totally naked ako and wet sa shower room biglang nag knock xa sa door ang ang drama nya ay nagmamadali daw xa at hinihiram niya ang XDA mini ko..pero xempre di ako pumayag na kunin niya so parang gut feeling bigla kong sinabing i need that phone…so un nga after 5 mins. (nakalabas na xa sa apartelle) biglang nagtext sa akin ang loko at sinabing holdaper daw xa at papatayin nya raw ako if ever….den un nga after niya tinext un napansin ko ung wallet ko sa tabi…my gosh biglang naubos ang pera ko at iniwan niya ay 20pesos na lang…shet talaga….den un nagtext ulit na papatayin niya raw ako…so un nga panic mode ang drama ko…sobrang bilis ang pagpalit ko ng damit…i went sa fire exit thinkin na hinihintay niya ako sa entrance…tumakbo ako sa likod ng apartelle dumaan sa mga lugar na parang si spiderman ako…at un na nga nakatas ako or niloko lang ako???

  26. jerogat Says:

    You REALLY, REALLY have to be careful these days. People will do anything, ANYTHING for money! Here’s what happened to my friends, hope you can learn some things here:


    My friend was walking one evening somewhere in the University Belt area, it was already dark, and this guy suddenly came up to him and walked with him. My friend found him seemingly friendly and they started talking. They took a jeep home, well, he already new the guy wanted some fun, and when after they did it, the guy suddenly started shouting things like “bayaran mo ako ng ganitong halaga, binaboy mo ako, grabe yung ginawa mo sa akin!!!” This really surprised my friend apart from shocking and scaring him, since they already agreed to have sex. And my poor friend had no choice since the guy was already threatening him.


    I have another friend who has met guys in malls. Most of the experiences were okay, but there was one really bad one. He was in this mall somewhere in Ortigas when this slim moreno guy gave him the look. My friend failed to scrutinize na from the get up alone, the guy was a real rentboy. They went home, and then lo and behold, the guy demanded a big amount also and threatened even to go to the barangay hall nearby. My friend had to give in… right in the privacy of his own home. What my friend realized was that he should have taken a look at the guy well enough–slim and thin, moreno, and deep eyes, possible signs of drug addiction. My friend has learned his lesson.


    To cut the long story short, a friend of a friend decided to cruise somewhere near Robinsons Galleria. Even if he had a car, he allowed two people in… and before he knew it, he was being held up.

    Be careful guys, learn from the experiences of others. If you don’t feel comfortable about something, don’t do it. It’s better to avoid it now than to regret it later on.

  27. chriscapade Says:

    Dear Q,

    andito lang ako. I will help you to move on and forget everything.



  28. Jake Says:

    I have a feeling na kasabwat ang mga pulis. Again, huwag na kasi kumuha ng call boy ng hindi mapahamak.

  29. Matteo Says:

    My best friend always kid me to stop walking on the wild side but being the most hard headed (in the non prurient sense) that I am, I thought of taking a left turn again, this time at Leon Guinto Street, behind Philippine Women’s University.

    I tried several bath houses already but they’re all the same…what I mean is I came to a point wherein the gay guys clad in white towel and their flecks are illuminated against the blue light suddenly became another mundane image. I just got sick and tired of it. So I went outside and picked a guy on the street.

    We agreed to do it in a motel. I asked him if it’s alright with him if I give him 400 bucks and he was okay with it so off we went. He wasn’t a looker. He wasn’t my type either. I just wanted to release my libido that night.

    So we did it for an hour. I asked him to do several things (no pun intended), which I wouldn’t dare consign on this posting. I gave him 400 bucks but he turned into incredible hulk and was asking for P2,500.

    His eyes were not as calm as I thought it was. He kept repeating, P2,500 like it was his mantra. At that moment, there were several things going inside my head, I can give him 400 bucks, run, probably get killed. Or, give him what he asks for and still get killed. He wasn’t armed but I didn’t want to get hurt.

    Stupidity is not an excuse. I told him that I don’t have money and that we have to withdraw. As we speak, my guy friend is still fuming mad at me for what I did. “What if he robs you and wants more money since you’re withdrawing money, anyway?”

    So we took a cab and looked for an ATM machine. He was uttering some words that seemed like another language from another distant planet. But I was able to send text messages. He didn’t mind. I sent several text message to my friend living nearby, “Help. Trouble. Go down.” But no answer. I tried calling but to no avail.

    We stopped at the nearest ATM. I don’t have a choice, do I? So I chose, P2,000. The crisp 500 peso bills felt good on my palms. I should spent them on far better things like a good dinner or a nice pair of rubber shoes. Stupidity is not an excuse. A body in need of caress and touch is not an excuse either. I gave the money and he left.

    Under the pouring rain, I was short changed, robbed, and almost got killed. So I hope this will serve as a lesson to everyone out there. Just be careful of male whores on the street, even those working in bars.

  30. DENNIS Says:

    OK lang yun, Q. It may be a better pill to swallow, but you may no alternative but to be careful next time around. And pera madaling kitain. Just try to mend your relationship with your siblings.

    Move on!

  31. DENNIS Says:

    Take 2 - - - (hehehehe)

    OK lang yun, Q. It may be a bitter pill to swallow, but you have no alternative but to be careful next time around. Ang pera madaling kitain. Don’t cry over it. Just try to mend your relationship with your siblings.

    Move on!

  32. Magdalena Falacol Says:

    Mahirap talagang magtiwala sa hindi mo kilala. But then, hindi naman lahat ng nakikilala sa mall esp those “boys for hire” ay bad.

    And for those men na trip tumikim ng kolbam (for experience or otherwise), here are some tips:

    1) Kilatisin mabuti ang lulurki. Natural, trabaho nila yan kaya mega-drama sila. Huwag mong hayaang interviewhin ka, ikaw ang mag-interview. Paikot-ikutin mo ang pagtatanong and you will find out kung consistent ba ang mga sagot o hindi. Hingan mo ng ID kung kinakailangan. At kung kailangang i-memorize mo ang buo niyang pangalan at address, gawin mo.

    2) Don’t disclose your real identity. Gumawa ka ng kwento, magimbento ng pangalan, at magdala ng fake na ID. Kung sila nga may mga alias, dapat ikaw din.

    3) Huwag papatol sa menor de edad. Kulong talaga ang aabutin mo kapag may-i-shout ng harassment si totoy.

    4) One guy at a time lang especially kung hindi mo sila kilala at hindi referred ng isang trusted friend.

    5) Huwag mong iuwi sa bahay mo at huwag mong ipapaalam kung saan ka nakatira. Dun mo dalhin sa medyo secure na hotel or motel like Sogo, Kabayan, etc. (at least kung 2 kayo pumasok, hindi pwedeng isa lang ang lalabas bec the Receptionist will verify)

    6) Huwag mo ring gawin sa mga dark alleys at public places. Kapag nahuli kayo or ipinahuli ka niya, makakasuhan ka talaga.

    7) Ipaalam sa isa or dalawang close friends kung nasaan ka at sino ang kasama mo, and remind him to keep checking on you. SOP yan. Iparinig mo din sa kolbam na nagtatawag ka ng friends mo. Magdrama ka rin na kunwari pinapasunod mo ang friend mo at hintayin ka paglabas nyo. Better yet, magsama ka ng friend kung mamimili ka ng por kilo sa palengke. Iba din yung may resbak ka kung saka sakali.

    8) Be simple at huwag ipangalandakan ang mga expensive items. Natural, kapag nakita nilang sandamakmak ang valuables mo, yan ang makakatawag pansin sa kanila.

    9) Except kung may pre-booking ka sa isang male starlet, model-modelan or high-class gigolo, huwag magdala ng limpak limpak na salapi. Yung fit lang sa budget, at isang ATM lang na hindi karamihan ang laman (for emergency use).

    10) Kung nasa place na kayo, secure your belongings. Itago mo sa ilalim ng kama or dalhin mo sa loob ng banyo kung maliligo ka.

    11) Magdala ka ng sharp objects like paper cutter (i.e. school/ office supplies), or isang maliit na can ng baygon or hairspray. Itago mo lang ng maayos, at kung magkagipitan na, may panlaban ka. Makasugat ka man lang bago ka mapatay ng walang kalaban laban.

    12) Kung after the encounter eh may-i-drama si actor ng additional talent fee, keep calm. Hintayin mong makalabas kayo ng place at may taong makakasaklolo sa yo. Saka mo ilabas ang itinatago-tago mong paper cutter. At kung saktan ka, medyo matalim naman ang cutter so makakasugat ka rin kahit paano. Or magsisigaw ka ng holdap. Syempre eksena yun, so magugulat din siya, at may chance ka nang mag esquierda. Sindakan lang yan. Kapag nauna kang masindak, talo ka.

    13) Kung madala ka sa presinto at ireklamo ka, huwag mag panic. Alamin mo ang karapatan mo. Hindi ka pwedeng ikulong ng ganon ganon lang. Alamin mo ang kasong isinasampa sa yo at tumawag ka sa mga friends mo (or lawyer).

    14) Tama si Empress Maruja “BE IN CONTROL”. Ikaw ang magbabayad, then ikaw dapat ang masunod - place, price and performance.

    15) Pero ang pinakamaganda, kung kinakati ka, sa bahay ka na lang. In 5 minutes, nakaraos ka na ng libog mo within the comfort and security of your own bedroom or bathroom. And why pay for sex when you can have it free (or sa isang boteng gin lang). Gamitin ang ganda at abilidad, likas na katangian ng mga bading yan.

  33. riCh Says:

    you would need to come out sooner or later..
    but it should be on ur own terms..when ur ready..not the way it happened..

    its difficult enough to live the kind of lifestyle we have..we could only wish for more sensitivity..but even that is an expensive commodity coz mahirap talaga ang buhay..

    u learned a lesson..dats what counts..

    i had my share of guys approaching me sa malls..masunget ako sa labas e..

    pag lumapit na sila at naramdaman ko na “kriminal” to..sunget mode na ko. kadalasan..unahan lang ng takot..mauna ka ng manakot..and my media id helps..pag lumapit..pakita ng id..sabay tawag sa guard..sabihin ko hina-harass ako.

  34. gay blogger in the closet Says:

    Q and everyone, hindi ko na uulitin ang mga nasabi na. here’s my two centavos:

    -sabi ng mga kaibigan ko, ok daw ang mga boys sa marikina. as in pakainin mo lang, bigyan ng a few hundred, magpapa-bottom pa. and no problems with the police. i think the fact that pink is the color of marikina has something to do with it =)

    -put the phone number of a gay advocacy group on your phone. danton remoto has been known to rush to police stations spouting legalese, and getting mistaken for a lawyer. he, or someone like him, could have done the same for you.

    -finally, try to save some “f— you” money. maybe your family will eventually accept your sexuality. but just in case they don’t or it takes a very long time, it would be good if you could safely strike out on your own and say “f— you!”

  35. what_boys_want Says:

    i’ve heard of this modus operandi many times before. why do this keep on happening? it is highly probable that the police are part of this game…

  36. Xerendipity Says:

    God! Is this happening? Sisters, let’s be careful always to what ever ventures we are in to. This is shocking! I’m glad that ok ang mga guys dito sa neighorhood ko. I get them for free at sometimes, nagbabayad ako ng “bente” hehehehehhe…. pangsigarilyo lang ng mga keke.

    I can’t imagine the depressing story! It’s so hard to lose a cellphone and to be brought to the precint with that stupid moron keke would be terrifying!

    It seems that it is more on the modus operandi! Mag-ingat nalang tau next time…Kilatisin muna yung mga keke before the fun! I suggest magdala ng papel at least something to sign in with both parties. It’s funny, but at least, may hold tayo if magreklamo yung mga keke!


  37. Little Fish Says:

    Ang dami ng na-biktima sa ganitong modus operandi…..pati police kasabwat.
    Damn it!
    It’s high time for us to do some actions.
    Laban! Fight!
    Let us all unite and fight this scam!
    Damn it!

  38. Luke Says:

    Q, what struck me more than the tragic experience is this statement :

    “I am 18 years old, studying at one of the top universities in the Phils, chinese features, and not that attractive (except to chasers) coz I’m overweight. As such, the only sexual release with other males I usually get is either through chasers or through prostitutes.”

    That’s how I view myself for the longest time. Maybe because I’ve been rejected so many times by people who are shallow enough to judge me only by my looks. You have to look and act a certain way in order to be even considered “likeable”. And it took me a lot of heartaches to disprove my thinking that it is easy to be loved and accepted by “people like us”. I also resorted to hiring prostitutes and cruising for sex when I was younger. Though, I admit that lust plays a major factor in those elicit activities, I also realized that my low self esteem lures me to these compromising situations. Sa mga lalaking bayaran - walang judgments, walang rejections, wala silang pakialam sa itsura mo - basta may pera ka, they can pretend to like you. I was lucky enough na wala akong experience na kagaya ng sa iyo, but my first time was also a disaster. Ninakawan rin ako ng 3,000 cash sa wallet ko. But that didn’t stop me, at times na down na down ako at depressed, balik pa rin ako sa ganitong gawain. Now that I am much older, na deal ko na rin ang mga insecurities sa life ko. I am now more focused in improving myself, not for the reason , but to feel good about myself.

    To Q, thanks for sharing your story. Just keep in mind that you can’t find good and meaningful relationships in the wrong places. Find pleasure in your relationships with your friends and family; these are the people that really matter in your life. I really hope you can recover from this experience. I also pray na maayos mo ang relationship mo with your siblings. I guess sa sis mo, di ka masyadong mahihirapan. Ganyan naman talaga eh, it is our mothers and sisters who can easily accept na gay tayo. Sa brother mo naman, just give him time. Just show him na ang sexuality mo ay walang kinalaman sa pagiging magkapatid nyo and earn his trust again by proving that no such incident will happen again. At pag hindi ka pa rin ka nya ma accept, pabaya-an mo na lang sya, buhos mo na lang energy and time mo sa mga tao who can accept and love you for who you really are.

    Sa mga readers, I know one way or another we have rejected persons solely by the way they look, sana next time bago natin gawin ito, mag-isip muna tayo. Parati nating pinagsisigawan that gays are being discriminated by the “straight” society but come to think of it, tayo ang pinaka harsh sa sarili at sa mga ka uri natin.

  39. josh Says:

    Xerendipity, u know it actually passed my mind also, na b4 u and ur catch do it, both of you have to sign on a piece of paper para walang reklamuhan :)

  40. pbottom Says:

    i think that call boys will always be part of gay life. Q had his reasons for resorting to paid men and i’m sure a lot of closeted gay men share some of the reasons.
    (closeted nga eh, mas delikado pumunta sa bar or bath house–baka may kakilala)

    mas mahirap naman pilitin sila mag-out…

    what to do?

    whether out or not, keep an advocacy group’s number fro reasons stated above.

    learn to read if its an extortion plan or not, if it is, hold your ground, usually they thrive on our fears–fear of eskandalo, fear of being outted, fear of trouble , etc.. a closeted friend of a friend got caught in a bar, he told the police that he didnt have any money kasi mahina ang kita ng parlor, they let him go. show fear and they will eat you alive. be confident, know your rights and lok as if you’re ready to fight it out.

    and before you even think of sucking cock:
    a lot of stuff happens to us gay men, simply because of what society thinks of us, mahina, mapera, madaling maloko ng titi. so before anything happens, play out the scene in your mind, ask yourself what will you do in the worst circumstances you can imagine, so you’d be prepared if ever you should find yourself in a situation.

  41. noel Says:

    Thanks for sharing, at least aware na kami sa modus operandi na yun, pero IF I WERE IN THAT SITUATION? ID DENY IT RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE POLICEMAN that I never Hired that IDIOT and i will threaten to call My lawyer Cousin… unless obvious ka tlgang bakla at hindi ka na nag deny”? Anong ebidensya nya? Its your word against his…kesyo pa may resibo ng hotel yun edi sabihin mo hindi ikaw yun… sometimes just using your head and being street smart hindi ka mabibiktima ng mga ganyang scam…

  42. Q Says:

    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for the sympathy :D

    Re: Noel, I denied it nung una, pero he threatened na magmedical >__

  43. inday_garalgal Says:

    hey Q! Now ur smiling! can i be ur frend? God bless

  44. andrew Says:

    Hey, everyone, it’s Q! :)

    Ei, Q, I hope you’re doing better now. Kaya mo yan. You’re really brave. Don’t forget to pray. Sigurado malalagpasan mo ‘to. :D

  45. MsNinja Says:

    Dapat sa mga lalaking ito ay lumpuhin, samahan niyo hantingin natin.

    Hindi lang sa ating mga jokla nangyayari ito, pati na rin sa mga lalaki na kumukuha ng prosti, HULIDAP ito, kasabwat cgurado ang mga pulis. Hindi ka naman bibigyan ng resibo pag nagbayad ka ng 7K o 15 K sa presinto diba!

  46. sushi77 Says:

    hey Q! it’s great to hear from you again.

    as you can see, everyone here is definitely rooting for you to get over this tragic situation and emerge stronger and wiser than before.

    and tulad nga ng sabi ko, always try to keep an upbeat attitude. don’t be afraid to look at the positives in any situation.

    smile! stay fabulous! :D

    P.S. that jeffrey santos is a real low-life piece of scum! i hope karma bites him in the ass one of these days.

  47. josh Says:

    Hey Q, from ur story i believe that ur frm UP diliman (schoolmate). Keep up the spirit and this holy is a good way to recharge esp. our spiritual side.

  48. D Says:

    Dear Q,

    My heart goes out to you. Be strong. Learn the lesson in all this, lick your wounds and tomorrow will be a new day.

    Be very careful next time. There are a lot of alternatives to scratching the itch.

    God loves you, remember that.


  49. Q Says:

    hehehe. Natruncate ung message ko nung una. kaya, heto, im typing again. Josh, Im not from UP :P Although most of my friends go there, trinaydor ko sila because Im flying blue. Gay blogger in the closet, Danton Remoto was my teacher. I had his number sa phone ko, pero Im not out sa school. Since nawala nga ang phone ko, sobrang limited lang ung options ko on who to contact then. To the guy who said na delikado sa NBI clearance, pinablotter talaga namin yun in case he runs after us, para ipakita namin that that jeffry guy is extorting na. If i remember ryt, Jeffry said pa na kinuha ko daw “puri” niya wtf. Yung isang policeman kept repeating it pa. I really wanted to say na if i was just 1 year younger, statutory rape na laban sa kanya, no matter what I do. And definitely, we had no ass action/forking, so what “puri” yung sinasabi niya? to yellow shirt shredded: yep, i heard about the order of st aeldred, I watched a thesis-film about it. Thanks a lot talaga for all the comments and helpful suggestions, I hope na wala na talagang mabibiktima ng guy na to and I hope he rots wherever he is,

  50. sushi77 Says:

    Q, atenista ka? interesting… ;)

    i wonder if you attended ateneo high school before going to your current college. baka kilala kita…

  51. Q Says:

    sushi no i didnt go to ahs. i went to… uh.. damn. makikilala ako if i say my HS eh :P lets just say na karamihan ng HS batch ko went to UP dil/ manila/ lb, then the rest went to ateneo, then ung tira-tira naglasalle (hehehe). why u asking? u from ateneo high?

  52. juu Says:

    Q *hugs* You know who I am (and that I’m really not supposed to be here, because I’m not a guy XD).

    I really wish I could’ve been there for you. (Although I know wala akong matutulong in way of finance, LOL — alam mo naman ako, laging walang pera.)

    That was a really sucky way of coming out to your siblings, and I understand that your brother is probably hurt and confused about it. Give him time and space, and LOTS of those, and he’ll understand you as well and where you stand in all this. At least hindi ka tinaboy ng sister mo.

    Looks like you’ve got a lot of supporters, Q. Keep your head up and be the proud bastard you’ve always been. XDDDDDD

    And don’t forget, I’m always here for you. *hugs again and regrets it* ^_______________^

    P.S. Yes, trinaydor mo kami *pouts and goes into emo mode* DID OUR TWO YEARS OF FRIENDSHIP MEAN NOTHING TO YOU??? (You could’ve gotten more dirt on me sana if you went to UP, LOL.)

  53. Xerendipity Says:

    Well Josh, you’re right! at least they cannot go againts the deal!

    Q, I’ll recommend to bring a pen and a paper next time…just to be safe, sis!

  54. neonego Says:

    I agree na wag dadalhin sa bahay. I remember what happened to late PINOY DREAM ACADEMY producer. Be safe!

  55. neonego Says:

    sorry for that!

  56. chismoso Says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your story, Q. I empathize with you. A lot has been said, good and bad advice (mostly good). Q, you’re smart enough to know which advice to take :) With regards to your brother, he will mellow down, given some time. My brother was furious when I was suddenly outed (it’s a whole post altogether.

    For the rest of the guys, if something like this should happen, it’s important to have presence of mind. I believe Danton Remoto wrote something in his column about an incident like this.

    First and foremost, keep your head on straight. Panicking will get you nowhere. Look around, assess your situation, and assess your surroundings. Get names. Identify people involved in the situation. If they believe they can intimidate you, they will. Unahan lang yan sa gulat.

    Second, keep the following in mind:
    1. it’s his word against yours. tell him to press charges. with any charge, the burden of proof is on him. How in the world can anyone prove that they were given a blow job?
    2. extortion is a crime. you can file that against both of them. get the name of the police man and tell him proper action will be taken

    Third, name drop like hell. Pretend that you know so-and-so. Call a friend on the landline and ask for the number of Tito or Tita so-and-so (who can pass for a relative of yours).

    We should be brave enough against people like these because it can happen to anyone with any given situation.

    Huwag magpapauna sa takot


  57. fernie Says:

    guys, try to report this incident sa XXX on abscbn. email niyo to, i’m sure they’d be interested with q’s story… para naman mahuli na ung jeffry santos.

  58. londoner Says:

    That was terrible Q. I’m deeply sorry but at the same time i was pleased that you shared your story to all of us. I hope each and everyone of us can learn something about it. And to those police and prostitutes the hell with you lot! I’m sorry but i cannot believe that this things are really happening. My advice would be…. just go to massage centers or bath houses.

  59. noel Says:

    Hey Q thanks for your reply.. If they threatened you na mag memedical sya, edi why Not? diba bl*wj*b lang nangyari? and kung mag medical man sila edi sabihin mo silang daLAWA nung pulis ang nag s*x.. what you shouldve done was to get the hell out of that place right away or better yet call friends then go. kunin nyo name nung pulis parA Matakot at sabihin mo may kilala kang congressman o senator….. wala sila magagawa … Its just their word against yours…and since edukado ka ikaw ang paniniwalaan ng mga tao…. Im sure mabait ka in person and gullible kaya ka naloko ng ganyan =)…nx time ingat ingat maramaing buwaya sa pilipinas.

  60. sushi77 Says:

    yeah Q. i am from ahs. kakagraduate ko lang there 2 years ago. wala lang, baka kasi kilala pala kita and i could have helped na rin.

    grabe, almost 60 replies na ang naaabot ng post na toh. tama yan, tulung-tulungan tayo when tragedy strikes. gay men unite!

    anyway, good luck na lang in the future! smile and stay fabulous! :D

    P.S. mag-reply ka naman sa tanong ni inday_garalgal! s/he’s asking if you two can be friends. uuyyy! ;)

  61. rj Says:

    im sure that only trhu xperience that u will learn,,, bsta try mo din ung straight acting gay. my love p. db db…

  62. andrew Says:

    Related: What happened to the PDA producer, Neonego? Sorry, wala kasing TV sa boarding house namin, so medyo huli talaga ako sa balita. Details naman, to whom it may concern. TY.

  63. mickey Says:

    it’s a sad thing what happened to you. Anyway, move on ka lang. Life goes on. Next time alam mo na gagawin mo.

    Pero sana naman next time use common sense and intuition. Sometimes kasi you can feel it if it isn’t right or something is wrong with the situation you are in, then prepare to back down and not proceed.

  64. Pathfinder Says:

    Ang hirap naman…. Sana kasi post nyo na lang kung sang massage parlors at bathhouses puedeng gumimik when nature calls

    Be strong Q.

  65. patrick Says:

    Hi Q,

    Life is about survival.

    You survived this one.

    You had the courage to face it.

    Let the pain help you grow stronger.

    It’s good to make mistakes, it’s the best way to learn.
    This may not have been the best way to learn it but is has taught you and everyone else who read your story.

    My hat is off to you, as a show of support for a man whose experience we can all relate with.

    Finally i give you a hug.
    We all need one in times like this even if it is from distant individual.

    Patrick from New Zealand

  66. shawn Says:

    Q. just be careful the next time… kanya kanyang trip talaga ng pagpaparaos… i remember the few times that my OFW-friend wanted to hook up w a callboy, apat kaming kasama niya sa may PWU (never mind na siksikan kami sa car on the way home).. the brighter side now that you are out is you can go ‘mainstream’ hooking up - friends, acquaintances, referrals, online.. but sad to say a great majority of the guys trying to hook up online are specific with shape, looks, weight and demeanor…

    true.. if you can afford to pay for a callboy… sa massage parlor ka na lang pumunta.. its a tad safer.

  67. Q Says:

    Lol. Sushi, ka batch tayo in college, methinks. And im sure na we’ve got lots of common friends kasi andaming mga AHS sa college, where you studyin ba? Thanks for reminding me, Inday Garalgal :x friends tayo hehehe. Noel, I just get gullible pag person of authority (police/parents) yung derederechong nagiinterrogate sa akin, and kasi feeling ko then I was in the wrong, kaya.. well, nahirapan ako to defend myself, although I was already thinking about the extortion/blackmail thing then and there.

  68. Gina Cole Says:

    Be aware…whether malls or bars…mangyayari at mangyayari iyan…kahit saan..kaya it’s better na sa mga Blue Bar like Fahrenheit na lang magpunta…atleast wala ka ng iisiping bills after kangkang dahil bayad ka na sa entrance.

  69. Gina Cole Says:

    What I recommen is..baka naman kailangan nating pag-aralan ang mga batas para alam natin ang karapatan ng LGBT against harassment. Para hindi naman tayo nagmumukhang suspect sa presinto….manghingi tayo let’s say ng para-legal training from an NGO para alam natin ang ating karapatan..kasi from my experience, the mere fact na nagpapabayad…that’s prostitution iyung case..pano kung with consent…sumama sa iyo after ninyong mag-EB or accidentally nagmeet kayo sa bar or mall…at wala namang pinag-usapang presyo…di ba mga sistahs?!

    For example, a guy told you: “Nagpapabayad ka ba?” Sa statement pa lang niya…misleading…either tinatanong niya kung “bayaran” ka or “customer” ka.

    Kaya mga gays, makipag-date na lang kayo sa mga kakilala ng mga friends niyo…mas madali pa iyon…mas safe.

  70. josh Says:

    the whole day concentrated on pabasa, and i nid to recap all the replies here, im glad na Q has found friends in MGG.:) Andrew, musta date nyo angelo? If im not mistaken yung Pinoy big bro na producer na “minasaker” sa haws nya happend during the teen edition. He lived sa heroes hills (at the other road of the houses of ka satur, bingbong crisologo, my boss’s haws & Kitchen. Dami nga daw tao dun the morning they passed by the place. Try mo seach sa mga past issue ng inquirer & star and read his story. kawawa naman:(

  71. Count_Ochu Says:

    To Q:

    Does this guy have a friendster or something? is his name spelled “Jeffry” and not the typical “Jeffrey”?
    does he have a friendster, have u searched for him in friendster,myspace,etc?

  72. zidro Says:

    Thanks for sharing Q. Be strong.

  73. sushi77 Says:

    Q, i’m an incoming junior at UP Diliman. :)

  74. harrystone Says:

    All of you out there — please be careful. If you think you are immune to stuff like this, think again. I didn’t think it could happen to me and boy was I proven wrong.

    I’d been routinely picking up guys at Quezon Memorial Circle. I’d been doing this for years and totally felt safe. The drill was I’d pick up, drive to a hotel, take care of business, check out, and even drop off the guy back at the Cicle again. (Yes I was that nice.)

    That is, until the time I picked up this young cute guy a few months ago. I pulled over and went thru the usual questions (magakano ka etc), and he got in my car. I hadn’t even driven a few meters when all of a sudden i look at my rear view mirror and see a police car tailing me with sirens blaring. I was totally horrified. As soon as I pulled over the guy got off my car and ran. The cop got me to get off my car and started to “arrest” me by asking for my drivers license and everything. He asked me for “bail,” and gave an exorbitant amount. After some negotiation he settled on P20,000 which luckily I had in my ATM account. I had to drive to the nearest ATM with the cop riding on the passenger seat of my car. Soon as I gave him the money, he made me sign some makeshift disclaimer he had scribbled into his little notebook. I gladly signed it of course. I just wanted to get the hell out of there. I shudder to think at what might have happened if I didn’t have the money to bail myself out. To this day, only I know about this incident and I will probably take it to my grave.

    Guys, I’m telling you, it’s not worth it. I was lucky. Some of you might not be lucky if it happens to you.

    Feeling ko lang magkasabwat yung cop and the prostitute. But whatever the case, I’m just glad I escaped unscathed. Pera lang yon, I can earn that P20k back easily. I kept my dignity and that’s what’s important!

  75. Q Says:

    its “jeffry” I checked friendster. didn’t check myspace though. Sushi, kabatch nga tayo lol. :P

  76. julian Says:

    So were you able to find this “jeffry” guy on friendster? Post his site so we can bash the guts out of him when we see him!

  77. taklesa Says:

    looking at the silver lining, at least di ka sinaktan physically. emotionally naman, just charge it to experience. the best thing i see in the experience, is that di mo na pro-problemahin ang pag-out mo sa iyong mga kapatid. have the patience for your kapatid to let it sink in.


  78. noel Says:

    O nga ano website address nung jeffry na yun para matakot at magtino!

  79. john_aspen Says:

    Q, may parang ganung nangyari na rin sa akin pero hindi kame humantong sa presinto.

    Guys, be very careful going to PWU area.

    Iniisip kasi ng mga katulad ni Jeffry na ang mga katulad natin ay madaling takutin, madaling utuin, gatasan ng pera. Mas matalino tayo (I do think most gays are smart) kaya dapat maipakita natin sa kanila na wala na sila muling malolokong mga gays. Feeling ko nga, kahit maging physical pa ang hahantungan, may laban pa rin ang mga gays (it’s our advantage that they think we are weak). At saka, nasaan ang tapang ng mga bakla?

  80. sam Says:

    AJ, pwede ireport yan either sa ABS CBN or GMA7 like we can approach veteran broadcast jounalist like Mike Enriquez or Arnold Clavio and they will really help para mahinto ang modus operandi ng hassler na callboy na yan.

    I think forward nyo lang yong letter na sa GMA7 and they will understand and do something.
    Kasi if we let this thing happen, marami pa ang mabibiktima ng walanghiyang callboy na yan.

  81. juzteen Says:

    Nabiktima din ako ng ganyan. He told me 300 ung charge nya. After doing it, sabi nya 2000 daw ang price tag nya. Hello? he was not good-looking enough to recieve 1000 pesos!!! grabe he even told me na magiiskandalo sya if i dont pay him 2k. I told him na wala nakong cash. Last money ko na yung ipapambayad ko sa kanya. I was forced to go to the pawnshop. Sinangla ko yung cell phone ko. :(

  82. Q Says:

    *i mean i checked sa friendster, but didnt find him.

  83. Mimi Says:

    what an experience, Q! i hope you’re now moving on from that totally bleak encounter…..kaya ako i’m just waiting for my ‘The One’….hehe

  84. pirena Says:

    Q…first of all tnx for sharing this to us…i’m really scared when reading ur story…anyway lesson learned do not do something like this after a negative incident(LOST OF UR CELL FONE)…just charge it to experience and be happy remember this is not the most tragic situation that can happen to anybody of us…so to all of us be careful…AJA AJA FIGHTING….

  85. jazzie Says:

    hay naku grabe na talaga ang mga nangyayari sa mundo natin… although i haven’t experienced picking up guys-for-rent pa naman beacause 1 i think i’m still young.. and 2 haha!! asa pa eh wala atang ganun dito sa sulok ng daigdig na kinalalagyan ko…. pero thank god na lang talaga at nabasa ko itetch… at least i have the idea not to strike through any one nah hindi ko kakilala… to be honest at first i do casual sex pero parang natakot din ako so ang drama ko ngaun wiz muna sex after ma meet ang guy… naku nakakailang date muna kami (with no strings attached) bago mag-do… edi mas nakikilala ko na xa… and tama ung mga sayings ni magdalena falacol…. it helps me a lot…. grabe i love this site na talaga… thanks sa lahat ng mga bading and mas maraming thanks sayo migz…. hahaha!!! more power sa sang kabadingan!!!

  86. AP Says:

    It sucks what happened dude.. I wanna say “you had it coming” but that would be mean.. so ill hold my tongue..
    but dude.. its almost like you were .. you dint have your phone and you still went to a strange motel with a stranger.. not just any stranger BUT a male hustler.

    A dsiffrent matter all together.. you allowed this guy ( again the MALE HUSTLER- a prostuitute) to shoot in your mouth.. Dude.. have you got a death wish? you looking to get mugged, get HIV or both?

    Being GAY is a wonderful thing.. it really could be gay.. but only if youre smart about it.. If you keep thinking with your dick.. then thats a diff story..
    I know someone whos 37 na.. but everytime I see him (like once in every 6 mos or so) he walways has a horror story.. kesyo na MUG ng callboy.. na nakawan ng cell phone.. and the like..

    It sucks what happened.. but dude.. LEARN from it.. its a cliche pero damn.. there are lotsa liars and generally bad ppl out there.. and these guys can spot a target a mile away/. so dont get spotted. thats all.

  87. chuvachienes Says:

    i’m so sorry to hear the story of Q. Talagang grabe.

    when I was in the Philippines, hindi rampant ang mga pabayad. i used to hook up sa mga sinehan pero mga college student kami - - at hindi bayaran.

    pero mukhang iba na talaga ngayon. when I went home in 2001, may nag-approach sa king waiter ng restaurant - - tapos biglang ang tanong eh ‘magkano’. deadma - - leave lalush ako..

    i was really surprised. ingat sana tayong lahat.

  88. blonde Says:

    tnx for the story q. and tnx for the other comments.. i learned a lot.. i mean, i havent done anything, i havent swallowed c*cks or somethin like that and after hearing this story, i dont think i will ever want to..

  89. monicalewinskiing Says:

    the best way to get boys is really to hang out with the right gay friends… yung mga magnet ng mga rent boys. i just thought there was no need to pick up strangers in malls anymore since uso naman ang networking ngayon…

    but anyways, come to think about it, my current boyfriend, na meet ko sya habang naglalakad sa daan, pinick up, gay rin pala and so it was a nice pick up ng stranger…

    mahirap malaman naman talaga kung hustler. may warning signs pero minsan dahil cutie at hot ang guy, di na napapansin ang signs.

  90. Count_Ochu Says:

    To Q:

    Malaki ba talaga ang nota niya like he says?

  91. Xerendipity Says:

    I just wish all of u sisters a happy gay life! I’m quite contented with my cute kekes around na palagi kong tinitreat halos every month! Duh, but xempre, pa-gurl ang drama ng lola nyo! So far, I’m contented but of course willin’ to explore a total gayness venture! WHy not? Mag-ingat lang siguro. Hay… buhay akla bien so saya!

  92. Mig&Hunter Says:

    Q, I admire you for your courage. Trust me 10 years from now, you will be DEMANDING. YOU EXPECT NOTHING BUT THE BEST and YOU WILL TELL YOUR CALL-BOYS TO SATISFY YOU otherwise, you will have them brought to the STATION. You are young. You are expected to be reckless. But God Bless you for sparing you from further danger. Trust me honey, you will empower yourself. Give yourself time. It will come! (Been there done that, I’m 33)

  93. Happy Anniversary MGG! | manila gay guy Says:

    […] actively participates in each discussion. This community has helped me through hard times, when my letter was first published here way back, I was surprised at the number of responses it got. These responses helped me get my […]

  94. Joshua Says:

    Q, shet!,

    Ngayon ko lang to nabasa, “It” happened to me last night. Almost same scenario. I was walking in SM North, eye contacted with this guy, asked me if gusto ko daw gumimik, and eventualy went to this hotel in Caloocan. Is this the motel kung saan may police post sa driveway nung motel? If it is, dun na nga.

    I really don’t want to feel yung nervous na nangyari sa akin last night. He’s asking me 40,000K. And bullshit, ang galing umarte nung police na yun, kunwari mediator siya namin. Damn Modus Operandi! Tangina nila. And to settle the issue (coz the prostitute shouting at me na), we went to the atm machine nearby) and when he saw my account balance, he want me to withdraw all my money! Bullshit!. Buti nalang unavailbale pa yung kakpasok ko lang na paycheck this week. It ended up na i gave hin 19K. (but stil anlaki pa rin nung amount )

    Akala ko, mabubulgar na yung “the real” me sa media at sa family ko. Hindi na ako nagmatigas and i really wanna settle the thing immediately kaya i gave in na rin.

    Q, i want to talk to you in person. Sobrang natrauma din ako sa nangyari. And alam mo yun… pinaghirapan mong trabahuin yung money, tas mawawala na lang na ganun ganun nalang. email me Q.

    I also feel the sentiment.

  95. bumble-bading Says:

    Tragic man o hindi…at least nakapag out ka….hindi tulad ko…closet pa din sa relatives….

  96. stranger Says:

    how stupid are you guys? to give these boys such big amounts??
    if he agreed with 400 why the hell do you give them then about 20000?? strange to me.
    if he is making a scene maybe give a tip 600 or 800 all it all. but please not more.
    they will do it again and again otherwise, if they see that it is so easy…

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