“Only One Name Touches My Skin…”


Feeling Regine! Hehehe! A gay friend recommended this Pore Minimizing Facial Wash. I have not tried it yet, but he swears to its effectiveness. I was telling another girl friend that while I did not want to whiten my skin further, I did want my pores minimized, para smooth. She blurted out with big round eyes, “You have pores?! What pores?!?!”

Oo na, smooth na ako kung smooth ako, but I still I want “Star white skin” - oha! Hehehe!

“Only one name touches our skin… who touches yours?” Taray! (Eh kung sagutin ko kaya ito ng: “Well most recently, it was Mr. Basketball Player — and oh was he yummy.” Hahaha!)

Seriously, who here has tried this line of products? Effective ba?

P.S. I’m still using Olay Total Effects+ (on my 3rd bottle na!) and still very much happy with the results I’m getting. Thanks Olay! (mag-”Thanks Belo!” din kaya ako sometime soon? Abangan!)

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21 Responses to ““Only One Name Touches My Skin…””

  1. rico yan Says:

    first. hehehehehehe

  2. avp Says:

    not you too.. youre not turning into a product ‘press release’ whore are you? its enough we have lucy torres doing it on her column in the guise of beauty tips…

  3. buboy-boy Says:

    This Belo thing is pretty good stuff whether you wanna get fairer or not.

  4. whocares Says:

    hmm i wanna try..

  5. ThatsTHE wayAHAaha Says:

    i tried it… i got pimples..i guess not for my skin type… BODYSHOP is still the best!!

  6. dowell Says:

    Olay works for me. Mauubos na yung second bottle ko. Migs, you can try yung Biotherm products para sa facial wash mo and for your exfoliant. Yung pore refiner ng Flawless, effective din. If your blood type is B, and if to correlate effect to blood type is valid, since naging effective sila sa akin, I can assume na magiging okay din sayo yung mga products na sinabi ko. Yung soap ng Belo, nakakairritate ng balat sa arms ko. :(

  7. anton maton Says:

    may plugging? ano kaya next product … hmmmmm baka naman Datu Puti Suka o kaya Caronia Nail Polish … isama na rin ang YC Bikini Brief at Seiko Wallet!

    Naalala ko tuloy si Pia Moran and La Germania Gas Range … niyahahahaha!

  8. sardonicnell Says:

    ow wow, didn’t know doc belo has her own line now. but im happy with good old mild soap, water and aveeno moisturizer. it does that trick for me =)

  9. vince Says:

    cetaphil’s a good cleanser for me–leaves the skin really soft. philosophy’s hope in a jar (available at beauty bar or through amazon) is a great moisturizer, along with olay total effects and pond’s age miracle.
    for those irritating fine lines and splotches, strivectin SD is effective–originally a cream for stretch marks, but works wonders on the face. (if you can, get it from the states–comes out cheaper than getting it from rustan’s.)

  10. riffraff2000 Says:

    ok, that’s Regine and Zsa-Zsa. Who’s the 3rd chick? Chanks!

  11. Raymond Says:

    I just started using Olay Total Effects this week, and I must say, omigosh, what a fantastic product!!! It’s like my skin was rejuvinated instantly. It’s quite strong, though, so for those of you with more sensitive skin, probably the gentle formula is advisable.

  12. mao Says:

    That’s Lucy Torres-Gomez. And I’m actually using the Pore MInimizer Wash right now but I don’t know if it has effects on my face. Maybe I’m too busy to check. Hehehe… Nga pala Migs, you have the price for the Brazilian Slipper? I wanna get one sana.

  13. James Says:

    I use the complete line. The soap for my body, face wash with pore minimizer then lotion with spf 15. Oks cumulative ang effect

  14. pao Says:

    maybe i should try it, my overpriced Clinique facial cleanser doesn’t work eh. hmm. tapos i tried Neutrogena, di rin then nagNivea ako, waley. haha.

    connection to Mao, how much are the Braziliano Praias? please and thank you!

  15. Andrian Says:

    You have no idea about how much i been experimenting with the right products and such. Price range varying from the most cheap to the most expensive. Presently, I am quite satisfied with my Biotherm Homme. I am known to be a “pizza face” before but after using Biotherm, I have immaculately improved.

    These are my usual products that I am using:

    1. Biotherm Homme Hydra Detox (Cleanser)
    2.Biotherm Homme High Recharge (Moisturizer)
    3.Biotherm UV Detox (Facial Sunblock SPF50)
    4. BareMinerals (foundation — better than Menaji)
    5. Anthony Logistics Deep Pore Cleansing Clay (Mud pack for my combination to oily skin)
    6. Biotherm Age Fitness Night Recharge

    I tell you with all these synergy of products, I feel pristinely beauty personified. LOL!

  16. jessz Says:

    this works… really works…even pimple scars could be cleared by this product… i must tell you maganda siya…galing! sm supermarket meron yan…

  17. Tony Says:

    I always didn’t like looking too fair (I know, its not really a problem). I personally like myself tanned (I also like my guys tanned with some rough edges rather than immaculately fair and blemish free) but with the rainy season here…I’m getting too fair again. Sigh.

    I used to use Total effects but have since moved to Biotherm Homme because, with total effects, I felt my face was getting too fair and had that “geisha” look going.

    @mao and pao: those particular style of praias sell for around 990PHP. Some branches of Traffic has started to sell them if I am not mistaken.

  18. MsNinja Says:

    I find OLAY oily, and remember the golden rule, “oiliness is next to ugliness”, pang 4 season country ata ito. I use Ponds age Miracle, the cream. Superb for my type of skin, oily na lubak lubak!

  19. burn Says:

    amen to ms ninja. age miracle works best coupled with the detox cream. (i mix the two together on my fingerpads, then mix them prior to applying to my face.) instant glow without the pastiness…

  20. maggie yu tan of chinatown Says:

    hi migs! hi all!

    what’s a good body bath? i’m a bar soap user until my sister brought home from hongkong this body bath olive oil which works soooo well. it saved me time and money coz i don’t have to apply baby oil or lotion after bathing. it’s also great on my face. the problem: it’s not available locally, we’ve searched everywhere. thanks!

  21. maggie yu tan of chinatown Says:

    kung ang tawag sa mapute ay fair, ang tawag ba sa maitim o moreno/morena ay unfair? corny hehehe

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