Mark Xander, the Vegan Prince


“Brown skin, you know I love your brown skin…” starts India.Arie’s sexy song. It’s playing in the background while I’m typing this blog post. So timely, I echo it now as I celebrate another authentic Pinoy beauty — Mark Xander Fabillar.

Mark Xander holds the title of Hari ng Negros 2006. What sets him apart though from among the many male pageant winners is his being notably articulate and passionate. For one, he is a prolific blogger (check out his blog, The Vegan Prince). And as you read through his blog, you will notice how he is very passionate about animal rights and going vegan. “Peace begins on your plate,” says one of his posts.

Before going vegan, he looked like this:


“Before and After” pics:

(He lost 30 lbs! Whew!)

And now, lean and mean, here’s more of Mark Xander:


With his mom (how sweet!)


Lastly, going sexy (naughty vegan! Hehehe!)


Now that last photo is really making me consider to be vegan myself! What more with this artistic nude? :)

Seriously, I consider Mark Xander as one of those who is much more than just a beautiful brown face. I wish more of our hunks are as articulate and passionate as him. Xander, the Vegan Prince  digg:Mark Xander, the Vegan Prince  spurl:Mark Xander, the Vegan Prince  newsvine:Mark Xander, the Vegan Prince  furl:Mark Xander, the Vegan Prince  reddit:Mark Xander, the Vegan Prince  fark:Mark Xander, the Vegan Prince  Y!:Mark Xander, the Vegan Prince


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41 Responses to “Mark Xander, the Vegan Prince”

  1. erudite Says:

    ang cute nman ni mark xander. sarap cguro nya! hehehe

  2. Charles Says:

    hi there…i like you and i find you interesting. i hope we get the chance to meet.

  3. neon Says:

    i like the “then” photo, kuya migz

  4. Ian Says:

    yumminess! :)

  5. eric Says:

    is he a model?
    bat me nga erotic pics sya?
    sariling kuha nya ba to?
    me gay vibe kasi ako na nakukuha sa kanya
    articulate, vegan, vain…equals…un na!!!

  6. Gina Cole Says:

    ang hindi ko magets….vegan pero nagyoyosi…..medyo conflicting values yata. i have nothing against smokers here ha =)

  7. Marvin Says:

    Mark Xander is openly gay. =)

  8. mark Says:

    Taray ni ate migs. Special mention sa Blog ni Mark Xander.

  9. Matteo Says:

    That picture with “Mom” is already a giveaway that he’s gay.

  10. lucky Says:

    Migs, nakita ko yung nude pic niya na dark sa blog niya! Sinubukan kong iedit sa photoshop, ayun naging maliwanag ang kapaligiran! hahaha!

  11. diego Says:

    and ian, his photographer, is his bf…get’s nyo?

  12. xhunt Says:

    si mark xander… officemate ko yan sa PeopleSupport… His cute kaso minsan masyadong obvious. sana nagchange na xa. his brilliant though… :D

  13. Sa_totoo_lang_ako _day Says:

    Lucky hi, naging curious lang ako bigla, ginawa ko rin ang sinabi mo using photoshop. Totoo nga nagliwag ang dating madilim na kapaligiran!!!! Nakita ko sa wakas ang dapat lang na tinatago!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  14. monicalewinskiing Says:

    bading na vegan. dami naman cutie sa dumaguete tulad nya. punta kami dun this september para mamingwit…

  15. UchihaMadara Says:

    hayzzz!!! mas gusto ko pa yung THEN pics nya kesa sa NOW! yun lang!

  16. chenelynmarkado Says:

    aaaaaay! super crop ko na si mudra from all my pics. mahirap na! baka mapaghinalaan pa ang juding. LOL! ava ava avanico! at kasama na pala yun sa listahan ng mga dapat ma-pick up ng radar! damn, had i been living under a rock way too long! puwes, mula ngayon, babu na si mudrax. (Anak, pa-picture tayo; Wiz mamita, baka mapagkamalaman pa nila akong joklesh, imbiyer, wa naman proof ang mga hitad) LOL!

  17. mark Says:

    Pano i-edit sa adobe photoshop? I tried ala pa nangyari hindi kasi ako sanay sa program na yun. pls help? thanks

  18. josh Says:

    OMG! amigo mark! ur a star here! tnx mgg, i am a fan of this guy, i can say he has been a real mentor to me in d world of blogging! :)

  19. isobel Says:

    oo nga he seemed hotter in the “then” pic.

    i’ll be cynical ha. is veganism really about being an animal lover? im sure they’re related, but i find it rather silly. i thought it’s more about having healthy lifestyle, and definitely not being obsessed of body image and guilty snacking. and i think animal rights activism is another separate thing.

    does he have a pet? i think that the true test.

    at naku ha… before it’s too late, he should check the symptoms for aneroxia. he could be idolizing models that are naturally skinny.

  20. Mark Xander Says:

    Hi Migs.

    Goodness, those aren’t my best pictures. LOL. Anyways, regarding the “nude” pic, I just wanted to clear it up that no matter how you photoshop it, you won’t see anything. My privates were covered with a dark piece of cloth. (Try it on photoshop, you’ll see the piece of cloth)

    Sorry to disappoint lucky and Sa_totoo_lang_ako _day.

    And to xhunt, if you really are from PS, what account was I? And who was my supervisor? And oh, the next time you leave a comment, have some balls and post your real name, ok?

  21. Mark Xander Says:

    @isobel: I am amazed at the little knowledge you have on the subject of Veganism. Please do a Google check first, before you start blabbin’. Veganism is NOT “vegetarianism” shortened.

    Wikipedia defines veganism as “a philosophy and lifestyle that seeks to exclude the use of animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose. Vegans do not use or consume animal products of any kind. The most popular reasons for becoming a vegan are concerns for animal rights, the environment, or human health, and spiritual or religious concerns. Of particular concern are the practices involved in factory farming and animal testing, and the intensive use of land and other resources required for animal farming.”

    The real test? Do I have a pet? Haha. I have 3 dogs, 7 hamsters (and one just gave birth to six more), 6 fish, a turtle, and a parrot. I do not consume animal products because I know first-hand that they can feel.

    I have written 27 articles about pets and pet care on my blog and these are just some of them..

    About “idolizing” models that are “naturally” thin.. I don’t idolize them, I don’t even know their names. You don’t read my blog do you? I leave for Macau next year because United Colors of Benetton is signing me up. Therefore, I have to keep my weight down for now.

    I was a whale before I went vegan and everyone who has EVER SEEN ME knows I am easier on then eyes now.

    And please, the rude comments on my blog don’t shake me. :) Karma’s gonna get you soon.

  22. lucky Says:

    CONFIRMED! Hahahah!

  23. empress maruja Says:

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  24. lestat Says:

    gay pala si vegan prince….cool…siya kasi ang reason kaya nag start na rin ako mag blog…saka mabait naman yan…pero ngayon bad trip na sa kin yan dahil sa “constructive criticism” ko…pero oks lang…idol pa rin kita…vegan prince

  25. mark Says:

    Empress Maruja, as what Mark Xander posted, and I quote “Karma‚Äôs gonna get you soon”, well i guess this is one of your karmas we wont VOTE for you , kaming mga inaaway mo sa previous posts/comments sa page ni ate Migs.

  26. mark Says:

    @ Mark Xander, you dont need to defend yourself. You’re obviously HOT and intelligent. Ganyan tlga pag marami naiinggit sisiraan ka. Just keep up the good work!

  27. chester Says:

    to lucky, Sa_totoo_lang_ako _day, xhunt, and other detractors… JUST SHUT UP AND STOP SHOWING YOUR STUPIDITY…. screaming faggots like you have no place in intellectual discussion boards like MGG.

    Kaya kayo nakikialam sa buhay ng ibang tao dahil walang kabuluhan ang mga sarili niyong buhay ngayon… you better mind your own lousy lives than messing up the lives of others.

    gays like you who are “ALL MOUTH BUT NO BRAIN” are the lowest life forms on earth… ang mga madakdak na bading na tulad niyo ang dapat lait-laitin in public… ganyan ba kayo pinalaki ng mga magulang niyo?…

    palibhasa, puro TT laman ng isip niyo… kaya miserable mga buhay niyo dahil imbes na iniisip niyo ang kinabukasan niyo, sinisiraan niyo pa ang ibang tao… SHAME ON YOU BRAINLESS SCREAMING FAGGOTS!

  28. KittyQT Says:

    Ang say ko, as Ate Guy would sing:
    “Bato bato sa langit,
    ang tamaan, ‘wag magalit.
    Masaktan man ay pangit,
    walang butas ang…..’

  29. leo Says:


    Well, pag mabunga ang mangga, pinupukol. Just go on with your present endeavors. Surely, they would reap favorable results for your own good.

  30. Kris Aquino Says:

    Yes guys..i knew this mark.. he does emceeing jobs anywhere..bongga ever..and somebody sez his bf is ian..he is right..d guy’s family name is casocot..the’ve been together for ages already (charuz)..ian is an awardee in our place for some literary chu chu..o divah..want more infos? :)

  31. Hikaru Says:

    Kung kilala nyo man si Mark, should we be proud of his achievements rather than kasiraan? Bakit pag me featured person ang una laging tinitingnan yung panget dun sa tao? I know we are entitled to our own opinion but we should be responsible enough not to hurt other people’s feelings. Since nababasa at nakikita nung mismong tao yung mga comments ninyo konting pasintabi kung baga. Hay.

  32. KittyQT Says:

    Well according to Mark Xander in

    “First things first. For the benefit of everybody, yes I am openly gay and have NEVER hidden that fact. (Laughs) Being gay does not mean having to wear a dress (although there’s nothing wrong with that - diversity, anyone?) and the reason why I competed was because of the prodding of people who wanted me to stand up for all the gay men in the Negros.
    Secondly, yes, Ian is my partner and we’ve been together for four years now. He accompanied me in all of the rehearsals, functions, etc at the pageant. The organizers were aware of the situation. I even introduced him as my partner to my fellow contestants and they were FINE with it”.

    O, ayan naman pala. Brave siya, telling the world he’s gay. Go girl….

  33. leo Says:

    Nagngingitngit ang ibang tao dyan dahil obviously MARK is way above them all. He seems intelligent. Hahahahaha

  34. Kris Aquino Says:

    I agree..Mark is intelligent..and he’s got a long time partner(ian fermin casocot, a relative of cristy fermin? heheee) and he is good looking..and he spoke with eloquence..ano pa ba?..nababaliw na ako..some people just have all the luck..charuz…

  35. Paulo Mirasol, Hari Ng Negros | manila gay guy Says:

    […] Paulo Mirasol is a 19-year-old Bacolodnon who won this year’s Hari Ng Negros, a male pageant. This broad-shouldered hunk (complete with washboard abs) is the successor of Mark Xander Fabillar. […]

  36. Glenn Says:

    the last photo was really hot… way too hot.

  37. jhepy Says:

    parang si piolo … paminta

  38. sachi Says:

    Hi migs!!! Great blog.
    I just read mark xander’s blog yesterday and I was so impressed, overwhelmed even. The guy has the cutest smile. He is so articulate and smart too.I also like bettas, turtles, and cockatiels mark. I also know the guy who gave you a cel phone,he is really an angel. Don’t get irked on the slightest provocation though mark. Everyone has a say on everything, negative or positive. As long as you’re fighting for a cause, even if i am not vegan, i will stand by you…

  39. michael Says:

    mark is cute

  40. pepron Says:

    Yup, He’s got the personality to be in showbiz.

  41. Jason Avila Says:

    BAck then before Hari ng Negros, Mark posted a naked picture of himself in Friendster! Yes..Friendster. He is well endowed, but obviously, he was marketing himself as a Gay For Pay dude. He is cute, but his morals is questionnable. But oh well, to each his own.

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