Marc Nelson says “World Peace!”

July 16th, 2007 - Posted on July 16th, 2007

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More About Migs

July 16th, 2007 - Posted on July 16th, 2007

As committed, here are more answers to submitted questions for Migs. Warning: this podcast is a little bit more serious — listen at your own risk! Hehehe!
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July 15th, 2007 - Posted on July 15th, 2007


Recent pics of one of my favorite bloggers — the Coconuter. I previously featured this Fil-Am cutie here, in fact multiple times. I am inspired by his very different way of thinking. Not that I agree with all his decisions, but there is something to be learned in this guy’s life.
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More Jay and Janvier

July 14th, 2007 - Posted on July 14th, 2007

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Ada’s Dream Come True

July 13th, 2007 - Posted on July 13th, 2007


Now that we’re on the subject of gay guy + straight guy love affair, let me inject this piece. For those lucky souls who were able to catch Zsazsa Zaturnnah ze Muzical in any one of its 5 runs, the following finale song should be familiar.
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Gay Migs + Straight Guy

July 13th, 2007 - Posted on July 13th, 2007

What is happening to the world?!?! Even Migs is involved with a straight guy! Hahahaha! Listen to this very short podcast to know the scoop!
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Gay OFW + Straight Tambay

July 12th, 2007 - Posted on July 12th, 2007

Here’s a letter, a cry for help from one of our readers, asking for advise regarding his situation. In summary, he is an OFW Nurse in the United Kingdom, in love with a Philippine-based, soon-to-get-married bum back home. I think this is one good proof that when one is in a sticky situation, the circumstances seem to be much more complicated than they really are; and when we are the one watching someone else stuck in something, it seems the situation is so simple we wonder why he chooses to remain stuck. Read on, and feel free to share your thoughts.

* * *

Dear Migs,

i have read a lot of stories on the homo-confused section of the manila gay guy website. i know my story is quite common but i want an answer for my own problem.

i must admit that i am gay. i felt this feeling since i was in high school but never entertained it and even when i was in college. all my friends are straight and everybody in my community respects me. alam mo naman sa provinces mataas respect nila sayo if degree holder ka and you keep your feet on the ground so lahat ng friends ko and kumpares are either tricycle drivers, tambays and sunog-baga. i had 3 gf’s before, had sex with them but i enjoy more when im having sex with men. my first sexual encounter with a guy was when i was in saudi.i will not discuss the relationship into detail as he is not the subject of my problem.

i am an ofw nurse in uk, and 35 years old. i have this friend of mine, 27 years old (tambay nga) back home. he is one of my drinking buddies. we drink everywhere and go to beerhouses everytime im on my vacation. i have a crush on him but obviously i couldn’t let him know for the fear of rejection and humiliation. everytime we are drunk, i always put my hand on his shoulders or my head on his lap pretending that i’m very drunk and so at least my elbow could feel his cock. my friends sleep in my room from time to time including him.
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Magic that Love Can Do

July 11th, 2007 - Posted on July 11th, 2007

Have you read the book “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry? Oh I love that book! Here’s an excerpt, which talks to me about the magic that love can do.


“Nothing’s perfect,” sighed the fox. “My life is monotonous. I hunt chickens; people hunt me. All chickens are just alike, and all men are just alike. So I’m rather bored. But if you tame me, my life will be filled with sunshine. I’ll know the sound of footsteps that will be different from all the rest. Other footsteps send me back underground. Yours will call me out of my burrow like music. And then, look! You see the wheat fields over there? I don’t eat bread. For me, wheat is no use whatever. Wheat fields say nothing to me. Which is sad. But you have hair the color of gold. So it will be wonderful, once you’ve tamed me! The wheat, which is golden, will remind me of you. And I’ll love the sound of the wind in the wheat…”

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