The Queer Cinema of Cris Pablo


The Independent Filmmakers’ Cooperative of the Philippines and Robinsons Galleria Movieworld - Ortigas bring back the landmark movies “Duda/doubt” (2002) and “Bathhouse” (2003), the first and second independent full length digital video movies to be shown in local commercial cinema venues in their original video format.

IFC presents “Con-queer-ing INDIE SINE: The Queer Cinema of Cris Pablo” which is a double feature screening of Duda and Bathhouse on March 28, 29, 30, 31, April 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10.

And to add sizzle to your summer movie visits, Grupong Sinehan presents 15 MINUTE LIVE FRONT ACTS IN THE EVENING:

Duda stars Andoy Ranay, John Lapus, Rey Pumaloy, Paolo Gabriel, Jojo Nones, Bel Clerigo.

Bathhouse stars Jet Alcantara, Ray-an Dulay, Andoy Ranay, John Lapus, Rey Pumaloy.

For inquiries, contact 4369348 or 09273613814.

PLUS: Read Gibbs Cadiz’ review of Bathhouse in his blog.

Duda/Doubt - trailer

Bathhouse - trailer Queer Cinema of Cris Pablo  digg:The Queer Cinema of Cris Pablo  spurl:The Queer Cinema of Cris Pablo  newsvine:The Queer Cinema of Cris Pablo  furl:The Queer Cinema of Cris Pablo  reddit:The Queer Cinema of Cris Pablo  fark:The Queer Cinema of Cris Pablo  Y!:The Queer Cinema of Cris Pablo


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19 Responses to “The Queer Cinema of Cris Pablo”

  1. harajuku Says:

    this must be nice!

  2. babaklabakla Says:

    i watch them over and over again because i both have a copy of them !

  3. babaklabakla Says:

    i look forward for more of this kind of digi films in the future ! i am very glad there is such kind of digi films like something to be proud of locally and internationally !

  4. georgena_oz Says:

    This movies are well crafted and being gay, I am very very proud of it. The scenes were so realistic… I have seen ang pagdadalaga ni maximo oliveros and I can’t help but cry. These are the kind of movies that we, as gays, shold support and patronize…. This movie expresses homosexuality far better than any literature could ever have…..

  5. rommel Says:

    Kamukha ni JC de vers yung nasa DUDA poster..sino yun?

  6. T_Rex Says:

    Both movies are commendable efforts by Cris Pablo to dissect the intricacies of the Filipino homosexual psyche. Though there is ubiquitous room for improvement (particularly in plot progression and some casting choices), both definitely make for a worthwhile viewing experience and quite inarguably recommendable fare even for straight audiences.

  7. josh Says:

    will there be any readers of these blog interested to watch the film specially the live shows??? gud thing these are allowed in cinemas…

  8. krisssss Says:

    hope pag uwi ko may DVD na sya sa market i want to watch it trailer pa lang maganda na diba being BI and Gays like us dapat nating mapanood ito

    andoy GALING MO…….

  9. krisssss Says:

    sana naman may DVD na sya pano naman kaming nasa ibang country where do we get a copy diba….. naka labas na ba sya sa market sa pinas papabili ako dyn

    migs san meron ng copy????

  10. cham Says:

    krissss may dvd na ang duda and bathouse, puede rng ordern online ung international version nung dalawa..

  11. krisssss Says:

    san can you tell me anong wed site pls

    thanks cham

  12. francis Says:

    my DVD ung Bathouse sa Oddyssey..san b merong DVD ng DUDA? wala n kasi ako makita..tagal ko na naghahanap..nakakatuwa panoorin ung really depicts the lives of gay people here in the country..

  13. cham Says:

    hi krissssss sa ka makaka order search mo lng ung title nung film.. and try mo rng panoodin ung isa png film ni drect Cris Pablo ung BILOG/CIRCLES :) TC.

  14. mahaderang_tamaraw Says:

    i think i saw DUDA along with BILOG/CIRCLES and BATHHOUSE sa Astrovision ata sa Robinson’s Metro East…

    off-topic: is it true na si TIM YAP daw ang inspiration ni BITOY dun sa funny song nyang “HINDI AKO BAKLA..TOM YAM..TIM YAP…paki-confirm nga! =)

  15. DavaoGuy Says:

    di ba’t sabi ni tim yap noon na “metrosexual” daw sya…isang malaking HELLER! :-P

  16. andrew Says:

    (Ay, talagang napunta kay Tim Yap? Sige, sasakay din ako, haha!)

    Tama naman si Tim Yap ah, metrosexual nga sya… Di ba ang ‘metrosexual’ eh pinaganda, pinabango, at pinasushal na term para sa nagpapa-mhin-pa’ko-sa-lagay-na’to-kahit-halata-namang-badidang-ako type of guy? LOL! :P

  17. forpaulo Says:

    haha! nice one andrew!! you’re hilarious! hahaha! sana magkalakas din ako loob bumili ng mga dvds na ganyan. haha! meron pa kaya sa mga record stores?

  18. davaoguy Says:

    hahahaha! so true, andrew! :-)

  19. punchkid Says:

    thumbs up to DUDA/DOUBT!

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