Edward Mendez, wet hunk

Edward Mendez - Cosmo hunk - more pictures here!




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31 Responses to “Edward Mendez, wet hunk”

  1. Mark Says:

    Geez! *hyperventilates

  2. fernie Says:


  3. euge lngpo Says:

    Ahhhh yon naaa!!!! nakakawet nga

  4. nick Says:

    When were these pics taken?

  5. Bim Says:

    Hay ang hot talaga ni eddie!

  6. kurara_chibana Says:

    i’m just wondering…where in the world is he now? the last time i saw him was in the movie “pinay pie”. after that, he just vanished. sayang, ang hot pa naman nya! :(

  7. Migs Says:

    kurara_chibana, andito lang siya sa room ko kagabi. hahaha! i wish!

  8. nick Says:

    He’s really hot in person. Mabait din.

  9. Inquisitor Says:

    hey may I ask -what event did he wet himself with the bottle of water?

    anong event un? ung kasama pa ung ibang hunks..?

  10. dennis Says:

    yeah, eddie is so hot. sayang at he didn’t win MTV VJ Hunt. i used to imagine seeing him on MTV Pilipinas channel all day kung nanalo lang siya.

    i guess the photos were taken sa Cosmo Bachelor Bash… ewan ko lang.

  11. cb3 Says:

    yup, cosmo bachelor bash.

  12. andrew Says:

    I sOoOo have the hots for this guy ever since I first saw him on TV. Parang man boy na hindi mo maintindihan. Nakakapanginig ng laman. *Drooling* Kaya lang somehow mukha s’yang ola (as in ola-ga). But I’m so in love with him, it doesn’t really matter.

  13. kagandahan Says:

    Actually kaya hindi sya nanalo sa MTV VJ hunt because naka 20 something takes sya. He’s really nice but he gained the reputation of being shonga…

    Sayang ang sarap pa man din nya

  14. Bogs Says:

    Wag naman ganun kawawa naman.. hehe’

  15. spss Says:

    ang gwapo nya grabe. may show ba sya sa tv? parang di ko siya gaanong nakikita.

  16. ap Says:

    is he tall?

  17. Gina Cole Says:

    mahal ko na siya!

  18. manila gay guy » Edward Mendez - more pictures! Says:

    […] Edward Mendez - more pictures! With the season of fasting and abstinence all behind us now, let’s feast on one of the most viewed hunks here in MGG! Here are more pictures of Edward Mendez! […]

  19. baldo Says:

    eh nakakasabay ko sa gym cya eh… panay nga ang harap nya at pagpapacute sa salamin ng fitness 1st eh habang nagpapump cya ng biceps nya. kala mo palagi cyang kinukunan ng litrato. nakakatawa nga eh…. hahahahahaha!!!! pero infairness ang HOT nya! and i have his cell number. hahahahaha!!!

  20. Count_Ochu Says:

    I read that he had a role in the movie “Pinay Pie” a few years ago, also they say he’s not “very intelligent”

  21. noel flores stylist Says:

    CoooooooooooLLLLLLLLLL! i love that posed

  22. michael Says:

    he looks hot wet or dry yum

  23. za Says:


    bago kayo mag comment, make sure what you’re saying is true! and for goodness sake don’t diss the guy. EVERY body builder looks at himself in the mirror to check that they’re working the right muscles. DUH! and whoever made that comment about him being unintelligent is untrue. He is by far one of the most intelligent person i have met. Here’s something for you guys to gossip about. Eddie likes to read lots and lots of books especially philosophical and business books. He also likes to debate a lot, with me in particular.

  24. tUtut.. Says:

    hay… sana nakita yung malaki…
    alam nyu nah!!

  25. Count_Ochu Says:


    I seriously doubt that you really know him, but judging by his looks and actions, he’s a typical all muscles, no brains, kind of dude.

  26. popo zaragoza Says:

    he is so wild

  27. fattyacid Says:

    hot hot hot…

    i can sense he’s a certified ENERGYZER BUNNY!

    oh gosh…nakakaloka.

  28. enteng antipuesto Says:

    i love you papa

  29. pony Says:

    he has his myspace acct. uhm, he’s a friend a joey reyes(our beloved film director).. just search him in his friends.. you’ll find eddie, with the same pic as the 1st one. ;)

  30. GLENN Says:

    Oh man !!!

  31. Mom Says:

    i believe in one of the guys here , pls guys dont judge him what i heard is that he was a valedictorian in highschool

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