Rocky Salumbides, one more time

It’s not the first time I’m featuring Rocky Salumbides in this site — that shows how much I like this guy’s looks. Ironically, while I believe he’s one of our really Filipino-looking models, he actually has Puerto Rican and Chinese blood. Here are more photos of our Pinoy male supermodel, Rocky Salumbides.






In this photo, Rocky Salumbides is the one in the middle. Salumbides, one more time  digg:Rocky Salumbides, one more time  spurl:Rocky Salumbides, one more time  newsvine:Rocky Salumbides, one more time  furl:Rocky Salumbides, one more time  reddit:Rocky Salumbides, one more time  fark:Rocky Salumbides, one more time  Y!:Rocky Salumbides, one more time


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11 Responses to “Rocky Salumbides, one more time”

  1. mandayamoore Says:

    migs, ano ka ba? nasa internet cafe ako. di ako pwedeng magparaos dito. hehehe

  2. bananas choking Says:

    hala! naunsa ka Mandaya? hmmm…that is an attitude of a borekat ha!


  3. FF Says:

    Hey, who’s the mestizo cutie on the left in the 3rd photo? He’s behind Rocky. :-)

  4. Frances Says:

    which mag did you get the first 2?
    nice find

  5. pio Says:

    Ang ganda ng legs mo! ang sarap tikman!

  6. furosaki rika Says:

    rocky salumbides is included int he Leslie Kee ASIAN SUPERSTARS.
    it’s a photobook of famous photographer leslie kee othe rpeopel included int he book are famous jaapanese artists and other artists well known from other asian coutnries.
    the only philippine representative is ROCKY SALUMBIDES. ^^’

  7. joebelle Says:

    kagatin ba naman ang thumb? pero cute ka don ha!

  8. andrew Says:

    Magbabalot ba s’ya talaga dati, Migs? Sana lahat ng magbabalot ganyan kasarap. Pinoy na Pinoy ang hitsura. Nakakabaliw! Nililib*g na naman ako, hahaha!

  9. john_aspen Says:

    He’s got the “I’m an animal” look. Especially the eyes. But I know he’s a nice person. Inspiring story from a documentary I saw.

  10. batutang_ Says:

    sana meron ganyan d2 sa uplb..hehehe

  11. michael Says:

    He is cute He is a hottie

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