William Thio, gay or not?


William was in the cast of “Intermates,” a film about the Filipino gay lifestyle. No wonder many people think this cutie is gay. Then someone actually posted in the internet how he saw this William sashay his way in a mall, with his bading talkies and all. Well, gay or not, he is a beautiful face.



William did the Close-Up TV ad in 1996 when he was in Manila on a break from school at Menlo College in Atherton, California, where he majored in mass communications and psychology. In June that same year, William was launched as a member of ABS-CBN’s Star Circle Batch 5, with Baron Geisler, John Lloyd Cruz and others.


Occasionally, William also pinch-hits for host Rosa Rosal on the public service program, “Damayan” on NBN 4, without any talent fee. He does this for public service and has even volunteered as a spokesperson for the Red Cross.


Let me just say he looks so much of a queen in this last pic! Hehehe!

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38 Responses to “William Thio, gay or not?”

  1. br0wn_c0w Says:

    He’s actually kinda cute, and I’m not the one who goes for boy-next-door guys, but he he looks like he so desperately wants to be in the showbiz scene, as in reality shows left and right. Kahit 40 Days ng GMA before pinatulan. Ewan ba kung bakit hindi sumikat sikat, wala kase siyang X-factor.

  2. Tobal Says:

    X-factor or not. Gay or not. I still like him. Hee, hee.

    ~ Tobal.

  3. mediaprince Says:

    showing the face and nearly hunky body(in his case) is still incomplete and lacks expression of sensuality to attract audience but showing some other parts might make a BIG impact lol!

  4. landor Says:

    He works out in the same gym as I do. He’s cute in a twinkish kind of way. Just the kind of guy you would want to bend over and serve you. Seen his bulge in the locker room, he’s not big, just average lang.

    Karamihan ng mga ka gym mates nya don, mga discreet closet queens din.

  5. anonymous Says:

    I used to watch the reality show he was in sa channel 5, Single yung title. The show’s premise is to actually find him a girlfriend. At first, I thought he was gay din pero I think he’s just really soft or too prim and proper or too refined because of the way he was raised. He grew up in a really rich sosyal family, so I think that’s it. Anyway, gay or not, I like him.. he’s smart and hot.

  6. Showbiz Intriga?Get It From Boy! Says:

    wait till you hear him speak..it’s so gay!

  7. argo Says:

    Metrosexual he is… but not gay…

  8. Ian Says:

    If he goes to the gym, I think he needs to work out a bit harder, as the results are not there.

  9. erick Says:

    hi!!! migs ………….
    gay or not his cute….

  10. landor Says:

    All he does in the gym is cardio stuff. Biking, stair-master and stretching. I’ve never seen him lift weights so talagang di lalaki muscles nya… :D

  11. duh vinci Says:

    And the guessing goes on…

  12. jake Says:

    worked with him for a project he is a nice guy.. i have his cellphone number

  13. chico Says:

    i would like to meet him. would you share his number?

  14. bastardo Says:

    i’ll tell you guys He’s gay… he just courted me.. believe me…. unfortunately he’s not my type…

  15. koussevitzy Says:

    he’s gay.. its pretty much known in the dog show scene where he’s an active exhibitor of pomeranians, boxers and a few dobes.. but yah.. the poms are pretty much give a away.. the boxers and dobes hmm prolly a front? haha jk

  16. hell Says:

    No comment..Everything is normal. Remember, once you said something inequal to normal things, then youre somewhat like or at par to what you said.

  17. jigz Says:

    from the look and from the way he raised his eyes brows..he is..and look at the way he posed..anyway,no big deal..

  18. WT Says:

    nice comments =)

  19. WT Says:


  20. glenn Says:

    no i believe that he is a gay

  21. Jimbo Says:

    Kamukha niya si John Ryan Yutuc ng california ha!

  22. harajuku Says:

    i wish he is gay so that i can have a chance haha i wish… hes cute though, in a refined kind of way..

  23. harajuku Says:

    oh yeah and what he lacks is that x factor.. those blank emotions in his pics will not take him somewhere

  24. inigo xtreme Says:

    o he is gay… saw him once at starbucks 6750 with two other cuties… i was with my ex and some of our friends that night… he is gay and i think the other he is with that night is his BF… bat ko nasabi? e terno po kasi sila ng suot that night… same color ng shirt, parehong nakakhaki shorts, parehong nakaleather slippers… samantalang yung isa nilang kasama, nakashorts din pero iba ang kulay ng top… and besides, nung umalis na sila, the guy wearing a different shirt went the other way, samantalang si thio and “his other friend” went the same way, papuntang shangrila… nakacheck-in ata sila dun that night…

  25. leander Says:

    im not judging him or something but hes gay just like the other guy here commenting about his sexuality…

    hell we care right?lets leave the guy alone..

  26. nikki whale Says:

    i like him very cute
    wala akong pakialam kung ano cia

  27. criselda xi Says:

    hi handsome….

  28. Lyndon Says:

    well i dont like hm he is just a typical man…
    and i dont care if he has a bf
    who cares!!!

  29. jason Says:

    i usually saw him at starbucks 6750. those weren’t cuties naman poh. both his companions were short and ugly. not cuties at all. i think one is his interior designer and the other was his ugly friend, hairy ugly short hobbit friend.

  30. marie curie Says:

    hehehe nakita ko rin yun. Totally parang si Orlanda Bloom si Mr Thio with 2 hobbits. Baka nga dwarf yun isa. Pangit. I wish William would have better taste naman than those two imps.

  31. tin Says:

    grabe tagal kong hinanap mga pics nya ha dito lang pala!! i love his cock! does he shave his pubes??? ayoko kaseng malago eh! hahaha!!

  32. chi Says:

    napakagwapo niya

  33. ronan fidel Says:

    he is not gay! i like the way youu kiss. let us do it again at the lavatory of Boieng 747.

  34. michael Says:

    he is still cute

  35. pekpek Says:

    wanna see him? he goes to coffee bean salcedo often.

  36. kyle Says:

    BADING siya. palagi nakatingin to sa short ko. hehehe

  37. deborah Says:

    bottomesa ang lola mo…

  38. from1fagtoanother Says:

    live and let live. can this ‘who’s gay and who’s not’ stop already. respect the closeted, they have their own reasons. (in effect i’m saying he is hehehe)

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