Victor Basa, ripped and roaring!

More sizzling photos to make Victor Basa fans salivate on this ripped and roaring hunk (and kapatid! hahaha!) I do think Victor is one of the sexiest Pinoy male models we have today. Enjoy Victor, I hope he indeed makes you Basa, hahaha!










victor_basa-9.jpg Basa, ripped and roaring!  digg:Victor Basa, ripped and roaring!  spurl:Victor Basa, ripped and roaring!  newsvine:Victor Basa, ripped and roaring!  furl:Victor Basa, ripped and roaring!  reddit:Victor Basa, ripped and roaring!  fark:Victor Basa, ripped and roaring!  Y!:Victor Basa, ripped and roaring!


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32 Responses to “Victor Basa, ripped and roaring!”

  1. JP Says:

    aww. He can be the new reason for my coming to the Philippines…sigh. thanks for this..haha

  2. jze Says:

    he’s hot.. and becasue he’s gay.. MAY CHANCE!

  3. banjo Says:

    he has the animal appeal and an adorable face…GAY or not gay , he definitely has ignited the LIBIDO of everyone to the highest level!!!!!! just dont be pretentious……

  4. Jay Says:

    I was at the front row during the Bachlor Bash, bat di ko napansin na ganyan sya ka-gwapo.. Im drooling right now :P~~~~

  5. pio Says:

    sana nagboxers o nagunderwear siya…. mas cute pa siyang tingan pag ganun!sana pinakita niya yung legs niya..

  6. Ang-ang Says:

    he look likes a gay really

  7. jo Says:

    ooh-la-la, definitely GAY!

  8. romevad44 Says:

    yup totally gay hehe… saw him at greenbelt once, in fairness he looks cute in person.

  9. gago Says:

    i think hes very much gay… his answers for “what are your favorite scents for your girlfriend to have” is quite specific… like givency something or kinda like that… the other guys answered flowery or sweet. lol

  10. ERWIN Says:

    ah o.k ka lang,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  11. neon Says:


  12. Jason Says:

    i envy people like him… i saw him a few days ago in a restaurant and he eats a lot! i wonder how do they maintain a body like that?

  13. Little Fish Says:

    YUmmylicious Victor Basa!

  14. Niel Says:

    bading Bading bading…one night stand ni brent javier lolz

  15. tommy Says:

    Really. Brent and Victor? Both are my idols.
    Do you have any reliable proof? Or just rumour. Please reply in English because I can’t understand takalog.

  16. Niel Says:

    well..obviously you understood…and if you can’t understand tagalog…then, too bad. get some dictionary or hire a maid. or better yet….do your own Voom Charat Charat somewhere else lolz yes…brent and Victor are sucking each other’s cock? Understood??

  17. sam Says:

    hi. s victor basa wearing victor jeans?

  18. stanger chic Says:


  19. I love victor Says:

    he is not and even if he is, i dont fuckinn care. he’s still the hottest guy for me!

  20. john Says:

    hello im your idol i think you are very hottest

  21. julio jose Says:

    victor is hot..the hell i care is he’s str8 nor not…it doesnt really matter..i just love simply the way he is…

  22. joaquim Says:


  23. Victor is M-I-N-E Says:

    the way you cuss the guy, as if you’re not gay yourself.

    so what if he’s gay? what’s wrong with being gay? give the guy a break. and i don’t think it’s any of our business to mind (and judge) who he’s been sleeping with, unless he slept with you and gave you crabs or something.

    gay or not, victor is one of the very few talented and creative people in the biz and on ramp. and we should give him credit for that.

  24. acid69 Says:

    If victor basa went to the bed as an ordinary guy to have some fun then he’s bisexual or maybe gay. If he really is a straight guy he won’t even go near places like the Bed.

    The only thing I hate among this kinds of celebrities are such liars.

  25. nikki Says:

    he’s not gay, may ka-live in siya. ka village ko

  26. Prince Monsour Abraham Says:

    this is the real hunk among the hunks.he is so amazing… i love him.

  27. jay Says:

    wow.. guys i vehemently agree,, he’s really make me BASA

  28. Calvin Says:

    hmmm, his face is not my type… :(

  29. bettyerz Says:

    oh no a comrade… stripping clothes?! as in…?!

  30. macky Says:

    are the veins in the lower part of his abdomen is a trick of the light?
    medyo maugat siya ha…

  31. keetthey Says:

    hi naku it makes me horny………..hehehe

  32. kroongho Says:

    OMG that’s so hot. -.,-

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