Zaturnnah ze Muzical - 5th run!

Zsazsa Zaturnnah is going to zoar once again in its 5th run! Why would people run and buy tickets for this musical? Well, well, well (said while holding a wine glass between ring and middle finger, palms up, swaying left and right, chin up, with attitude) here are some reasons!

1. Eula Valdez will continue to play as Zsazsa Zaturnnah - but this time, she will have an alternate. It is none other than…. K Brosas! K is the lead singer of the group K and the Boxers, which was formerly known as Gladys and the Boxers with K, and also a former lead singer of The Crucibles band. I think it is a good match, can’t wait to see K as Zsazsa Zaturnnah!


2. There will be three hunky Dodongs that will alternate each other: Arnold Reyes, Lauren Novero, and Janvier Daily! Wooo-hoooo! (I’ll watch at least 3 shows just to catch each one of them!)

(Photo above: Janvier Daily)

3. Vince de Jesus, the musical director himself (and MGG reader!), will alternate with Tuxq Rutaqiuo in the role of Ada. It would be interesting to see Vince perform his very own songs. Will definitely plan to see a show with Vince as Ada!

(Photo above, credit to:, Vince as Ada on the right)

4. This 5th run will be the last run of the musical. Rumors have it that Carlo Vergara is about to launch the 2nd installment of Zaturnnah’s story. Exciting!

The 5th run of the Zaturnnah musical will take place in the Carlos P. Romulo auditorium of the RCBC Plaza in Makati City, from June 15 to July 1. Word is that there will also be Thursday night shows, for a total run of 18 shows. Several groups have bought entire shows and are now selling tickets. For ticket inquiries, call Tanghalang Pilipino at 832-3661 or 832-1125 locals 1620/1621. ze Muzical - 5th run!  digg:Zaturnnah ze Muzical - 5th run!  spurl:Zaturnnah ze Muzical - 5th run!  newsvine:Zaturnnah ze Muzical - 5th run!  furl:Zaturnnah ze Muzical - 5th run!  reddit:Zaturnnah ze Muzical - 5th run!  fark:Zaturnnah ze Muzical - 5th run!  Y!:Zaturnnah ze Muzical - 5th run!


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19 Responses to “Zaturnnah ze Muzical - 5th run!”

  1. Little Fish Says:

    Give us updates and where to buy tickets.
    I’m gonna fly to Manila just to watch this….Janvier as Dodong, a MUST!

    Shit! Tinitigasan ‘ata ako just thinking of Janvier as Dodong….putcha!

  2. JD Says:

    hello! some tickets can be avail through tanghalang pilipino and some through show buyers. tanghalang pilipino could give out the numbers of the show buyers.

    anyway, here are some photos and vids of zzz’s 4th run: ;)

  3. clarice Says:


    I’m selling tickets to the show.

    Dates are:

    June 16, 3PM
    June 24, 8PM
    July 1, 3PM

    Contact me: 0915-5060093


  4. L.A Says:

    Hmmmp…sa ginanapan din pala ng PBA ‘07 gagawin yan.

    Manonood na ako nyan ngayon kasi my pera na ako nyahahaha!

  5. empress maruja Says:

    Hay naku, ubusan na naman ito ng tickets. Magbebenta na naman ako ng laman para lang makakuha niyan. Hmp!

  6. Kishster Says:

    hmmmm… i hope could watch Arnold Reyes this time around. he is such a hottie. i think he’s a bottom hehehe…

    moderator, can u feature Ito Kish, the interior designer. super crush ko sya as in!. is he gay? i hope he is.

  7. Trishia Says:

    In which slot is Janvier appearing?

  8. fan of ZZZ Says:

    I’m sure this is going to be a great hit again like the last reruns, I’m very excited kasi maraming bago, the last show I watch twice pero bitin pa rin, I’m excited to watch Janvier this time, I heard na mas maganda preparation nya for this rerun..Janvier ohh Janvier… :)

  9. antonio moreno Says:

    Can someone please send some pics of Ito Kish. I watch his show sa cn 2 and he is really HOT. Saw him sa rockwell with a kid and the kid called him he married?

    moderator..please feature him naman. Thanks

  10. Angelo Bryce, Fita Boy | manila gay guy Says:

    […] Angelo with Eula Valdez as Zsazsa Zaturnnah. […]

  11. Glenn Says:

    ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzikal

    Date: July 1, 3pm
    Venue: Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza

    Ticket Prices:
    800 - Loge and Orchestra Center
    700 - Orchestra Sides
    500 - Balcony

    Call me at 0917-8303706

  12. rem Says:

    can you pls post the show sked of arnold reyes!!!dami kami manunuod pls..pls..pls!!!

  13. arnold Says:

    June 22, 23 July 1 - 8pm
    June 30 - 3 pm

    See you there!

  14. dorky168 Says:

    I saw Janvier Daily’s performance this saturday afternoon. My GASH!!! He seemed bangag the whole time. Was he bangag? First, we couldn’t hear his voice (he was wearing lapel microphone already ha). Second, he would come in late sa mga scenes (it’s obvious because Didi adlibs “Ano ka ba Dodong? Hindi ka na naman pumasok sa eksena mo!” Third, he had no energy at all, nilamon siya ng mga co-actors niya. Even the koro people were much, much better than him. Fourth, the voice! The giys simple can’t sing — even to save his life! Ang balita ko pinaghandaan niya daw itong show na ito? Parang hindi naman. I was seating pa naman on the third row orchestra level. Sayang ang P800. So disappointing. I thought he would be a good Dodong because of so much hype and yet there was nothing interesting about him.

    Sana si Arnold o si Lauren na lang napanood ko. Magaling si Kaye Brosas, yung bagong ada at didi nakakatawa at nakakaiyak. Bow ako.

  15. play_it_again_sam Says:

    I saw him perform. Wala nga siya sa tono.

  16. dorky168 Says:

    me i’ll watch again next week. okay daw yung lauren.

  17. kilig_ako Says:

    may part two na ba ang zaturna musical?

  18. khentutz Says:

    lauren sang well, he is such a hottie too. the cast was superb for the july1 playdate

  19. Yaj Says:

    oh my god picture-perfect cast except the ada. sana wag na sumali si vince dito. hindi sia pleasing tingnan! parang pinilit lang kasi sia ang composer. dream come true ng isang baklitang mag ada!. i know may voice sia at maganda ang mga songs. but wala talagang looks to be Ada. sorry just saying the truth. nagulantang ako (not in a good way) nuong nakita ko iyong isang pic ditoh!

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