Gay Men Loving Women, but…

Sometimes I have this urge to satisfy my intellectual curiosity… and this thus led me to this old (1999 old) article by Annalyn Jusay, a casino executive and Manila Bulletin writer.

She wrote about “Men Loving Other Men,” an article based on a study entitled “Exploring the Homosexuality of Filipino Men in Heterosexual Unions” undertaken by Dr. Romeo Lee of the De La Salle University’s Behavioral Sciences Department.

One question asked by Dr. Lee to his gay respondents was, “What is in your homosexual experience that is not found in a heterosexual relationship?” Some of the answers were enlightening:

“With a man, you don’t have any fear. Nobody will get pregnant. With a woman, especially if you’re not married yet, you’re afraid of responsibilities.”

“It is different when a man performs oral sex on you than it is when a woman does it.”

“I am somewhat a narcissist, an exhibitionist. I like looking at myself in the mirror. Thus, if there is a man who is muscular, I can see myself in him and therefore, I will like him. I cannot see myself in a woman, di ba?”

“With men, both of you work to satisfy each other. With women, it can be one-sided.”

“One thing that a man does not experience with a woman is the so-called male-bonding.There is the buddy-buddy system. You are both lovers and friends.”

Hmmm… I never had a serious heterosexual relationship so I cannot really offer my own answer. But it is quite interesting to imagine how these gay men manage to have their own family, and live in a heterosexual relationship. Parang di ko kaya. (I don’t think I can hack it.) What do you think? Men Loving Women, but...  digg:Gay Men Loving Women, but...  spurl:Gay Men Loving Women, but...  newsvine:Gay Men Loving Women, but...  furl:Gay Men Loving Women, but...  reddit:Gay Men Loving Women, but...  fark:Gay Men Loving Women, but...  Y!:Gay Men Loving Women, but...


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  1. jimg29 Says:

    look no further this homotypist has a wife and 13 yr old son, i adore them dearly and they love me unconditionally

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