On Loving

Loving could be a lot like watching a 20-minute fireworks display — exciting, emotional, romantic, sweet, memorable. But it always ends as dramatic as it began; it fades slowly into thin air, and as much as you want to keep watching, there is nothing to make it stay. In the end, all there is left is the starless night, and the fact that in this life, some good things never seem to last…

Do you agree?

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20 Responses to “On Loving”

  1. jholou Says:

    nah stop making statements about love…instead act and enjoy about it…

  2. Ace Says:

    There is a solution to this longing, this yearning, this loving – just love more often. Love will look like a series of dots, but if you connect the dots it will appear like a long line of continuous loving. :) That’s my happy take on loving but we all know than in reality, many times, it blows.

  3. Rye Says:

    I’d say that’s almost true. ALMOST. Coz while no fireworks show can last forever, some romantic episodes actually do. And if ever they don’t, the memories left with you are more real and less faint because they have been experienced by all the senses, as opposed to only having seen and heard the fireworks display.. from afar.

  4. sapphire Says:

    no no no no no

  5. wrestler Says:


  6. chriscapade Says:

    how sad naman.. but its true. come on.. lets face it people.

  7. jo Says:

    As I’ve always shared - “LOVE. AND WHEN IT HURTS, LOVE SOME MORE!”

  8. juan Says:

    i think people confuse LOVE with ROMANCE. the love could still be there even if the romance has diminished

  9. McVie Says:

    Sabi nga sa classic cartoons na Wait Til Your Father Gets Home: “Love spelled backwards is EVOL!” ;-)

  10. khalel Says:


  11. eponine Says:

    is that last line taken from barbra streisand’s song? hehehe

  12. josh Says:

    in my life, never felt dat love from others… but from God…

  13. chuchu caracas Says:

    i think if it was real in the first place then it never has to end.

    i once fell for a guy whose dad told him that love has no boundaries, cannot be measured by time and is unconditional regardless of religion, age, distance and gender.

  14. rommel Says:

    How true.. the only love that never fades is love from God. its an endless Display of the best fireworks…

  15. Kurt Says:

    if Dead Stars was a novel instead of a short story, the quote above would be the back cover blurb

  16. my yellow shirt mended Says:


    we’ve heard all of it before.

    but I think that true love? Is like the sun and the moon.

    It can warm and bring out colors and it can give mystery and rest.

    I’d like to believe that infatuation and yes, sexual hunger can bring out the best passion. But love requires more space than just a one night blast.

  17. Boyd Says:

    if you want to make it last, work on it. it will fade if you don’t do anything about it. it will die out if you don’t let it. ultimately, the decision rests on us.

  18. chester Says:

    well, maybe gay love is indeed like fireworks… grrr…

  19. HouseWife Says:


  20. Zeeke Says:

    I do agree … That is why we should always give our 100% best in everyting that we do … Life is so short! :) Nothing seems to last forever and when that time comes atleast you will never regret on things you should have done.

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