Massage for Gay Men

In recent years, there has been a heightened sense of the need for well-being among the general population. Along with this trend, a proliferation of different ways to pamper one’s self, including through massage. Now for gay men, there are different ways to get pampered through massage.



(The Spa, Discovery Spa, Nurture Spa, San Benito Farm, Sonya’s Sensuous Spa, City Lifestyle, Sanctuario Spa, etc.)

This is the most expensive and extravagant way to get a massage. Charges start at 720 pesos for an hour-long massage, some establishments even charge more than 1,500 for the same treatment. They mostly employ female masseuses, although some offer the option of male masseurs. Those establishments that employ masseurs are aware and wary about some of their masseurs doing sideline hanky panky stuff with their clients — because even in some of these supposedly ritzy places, some of these actually do happen. Ask Mcvie. Hehe!


Massage Parlors

Even before the advent of spas, massage parlors already are in existence. Most of these places cater to horny, dirty old men, but a good number specialize in providing services to the gay community. Examples are Datu, Big Men, Blue Palm, Lakan, Mr. Earth, Utopia, etc. I have not been to any one of these establishments although from feedback I hear, most masseurs don’t really give good massage. Apparently they specialize on “extra service” and the massage is just a front. If this is true then those looking for a massage should be looking elsewhere; those interested in “extra service” then you know what to do - hehehe! A note of caution: some of these places have been raided due to the reported illicit activities happening in their massage rooms. Go at your own risk!

Home Service

Browse through any newspaper’s Classified Ads and you will definitely see advertisements related to “Home Service Massage.” Some of these are legitimate, however, most are not. If you read, “Massage by Paquito, handsome well-built masseur, call 987-6543,” I’m sure you know what Paquito is *really* offering, right? By the way, I thought of putting another little note of caution here: never bring in a stranger to the privacy of your house, especially with the gay killings that have happened recently, allegedly done by hired home service masseurs.

Blind Masseurs in Shopping Malls

If my memory serves me right, you can get a 15-minute backrub for just 50 pesos. For the weary shopper, this is a quick fix. I tried it once, and thought blind masseurs are a bit more intense than normal. I left his massage chair black and blue.

I recommend…

So where do I recommend you get your massage? Well, if you’re really up for a good, relaxing massage, those reputable spas would be best. My two favorite places to get my massage are: The Spa in Bel-Air, Makati (Php780 for an hour of massage, common room, masseuses only) and Sonya’s Sensuous Spa in Tagaytay (Php600 for an hour of massage, VIP room, option for masseur). for Gay Men  digg:Massage for Gay Men  spurl:Massage for Gay Men  newsvine:Massage for Gay Men  furl:Massage for Gay Men  reddit:Massage for Gay Men  fark:Massage for Gay Men  Y!:Massage for Gay Men


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10 Responses to “Massage for Gay Men”

  1. mandayamoore Says:

    ang mahal naman. P200 lang ang isang oras na masahe sa davao city.

  2. bryan Says:

    sa bulag, 20 lang.

  3. jc Says:

    eh di mas mura kung sa bulag at sa davao ka magpapamasahe…hehehehe

  4. becks Says:

    tiisin mo nalng libre pa. ching!

  5. Yor Says:

    Ha ha ha!

  6. rafaEL Says:

    hi d naman cguro lahat kc na try ko sa spa magaling naman mag massage,isang oras talaga.unlike sa iba d marunong mag massage.

  7. Prince Monsour Abraham Says:

    maraming salamat sa mga payo nyo.mahilig pa naman ako mag-pamassage eh.ok, na ganyang presyo.hindi naman mabigat sa bulsa ang 780 pesos,nuh!akala nyo ba madali lang magmasahe?mahirap e roll mga kamay lalo na pagmataba,hingal talaga.kc nasubukan ko yan d2 sa abroad eh.minmasahi ko mga UN na black american super duper hingal ang bakla kc nga matataba.pero ok lang sulit naman ang pay eh.imagine, sa isang oras kong masahe eh USD50.00 at pag-ikama ka pa, eh mas malaking pay.unawain naman natin mga masahista,ok?

  8. scuu Says:

    san yung big men?

  9. Unicorn Says:

    san po yung Mr. earth massage parlor?

  10. patrick Says:

    pag napunta kayo sa bangkok,thailand try nyo pa massage sa bonny massage.straight massage at cute thai boys.walang extra service.magaling silla mag pilipinas na try ko na sa Lakan.walang kwenta.mabigat ang kamay at hindi nakakarelax.hindi rin malinis ang kwarto.1st and last ko pumunta sa try ko din sa nga lang kelangan makakuha ka ng magaling medyo iilan lang ang gwapo.ang vip room malinis.may toothbrush na libre at toothpaste,sabon at malinis ang towel,malamig ang aircon.ingat sa ibang massage parlor kc parang mga holdaper.mahal ang masahe pati extra service mahal Datu friendly,malinis at nakakarelax.

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